Online leavers : something needs to be addressed

Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by Gokudo, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. acefrost

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    AceFrost xx
    It's even worse when they rage quit because they are losing and then they say that you're the one worried about you W/L ratio. You can't even argue with people like that...
  2. Supa

    Supa [06] Combatant

    People that are this concerned about someone else quitting are just as petty as the people that are quitting.

    I don't need to pad my own stats by defeating someone with padded stats. I'm OK with who I am. And doggonit, people like me.
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  3. Filmedin3B

    Filmedin3B [03] Disciple

    Just because the ranking system is broken, doesn't mean it should go. That's like saying take out 8WR because of all the game play bugs associated with it over the years.

    Most fighting games mess up ranked. It's just a mode that developers need to put more thought into. Don't forget, most of the major fighting games have only started offering online play in this current generation of consoles.
  4. Williamsova

    Williamsova [06] Combatant

    I think if they made it so that you couldn't see someone's record(or at least, it wasn't all in your face like it is on ranked) some people would be less inclined to quit. I could play player matches from 7AM to whenever I get bored in the evening(on weekends anyway) and face maybe one or two ragequitters. Today I've played about 15-ish matches on ranked and had people ragequit on me four times and counting.
  5. DrakeAldan

    DrakeAldan Follow the rules!

    Ranked is such a grind. I don't even know why I want steak sauce. Randoms are so boring. Ragequitters just make the grind worse.

    I had more fun playing sets against a fellow 8WRer than I did all night playing Ranked.
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  6. JDub

    JDub Mmm. Pie.

    Rank is where I go when Closseo has "Network Errors". Maybe the patch will fix that. But I get bored with all the chatty Cathy's in Colosseo too so I go into the Random Matches there. Awe hell, I just bounce around a lot.
  7. lain

    lain [08] Mercenary

    It's really funny to see people touting playing IRL or just meeting up with 8wr people on PSN while promoting player matches and shitting on ranked. I see one thread here for online meetups, and it's almost never posted in. Ever. No one ever, with any regularity, posts that they are hosting a room and for people to come in. I guess the cliques have already been established or whatever, but if that is the case probably don't recommend people go to "8wr player matches" when there's literally no representation here on the forums of them.
  8. LordMarvXIII

    LordMarvXIII [06] Combatant

    I never really play ranked. Lobbies are the place where the fun is at for me.However, due to this game not having host migration, there are frustrating moments when the host leaves and everybody you just had a nice chat with has to reassemble .
  9. Slade

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    Lord Slade
    There's always the 24/7 stream lobby.
  10. lain

    lain [08] Mercenary

    Doesn't really address what I said.
  11. ZeroSmoke

    ZeroSmoke [01] Neophyte

    People are quitting now in player matches you can't escape the rage quitters anymore.
  12. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    People complain about taunts? Grow up
  13. IdleMind


    When people have publicly listed PSN's and XBL gamertags, there is no excuse to complain about cliques. It's called a message. Use it, idiots.
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    Don't be shy. If there is anyone you want to challenge, you can see their PSN/Xbox handle right under their avatar. What you do is log onto your console of choice, then host a room and invite them. Make sure you limit the number of people in your room though. I recommend you send a message first explaining who you are, like "Hi I'm Iain from and I noticed you post there too. I'd like to play some matches with you".

    Alternatively you can take the initiative and start a private conversation with those individuals that you are interseted in and arrange a match there.
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  14. Frostheart

    Frostheart [10] Knight

    This is why people started migrating to player matches. I played Ranked the first couple of weeks to find good players to add, got to B3, and never went back ever since. Anyway I don't get why some people are so concerned about their W/L ratio. It's just tarnishing their own online reputations when people challenge a 90% individual thinking that he is good when he suddenly leaves when losing a battle. It's like trying to make yourself look good but ending up looking like a scrub. It's a weird complex that I don't understand.

    There's this one guy who I played in SCIV who always quits before he loses a battle. So after a while I just cancelled match when I see his name appear because it's a waste of time playing incomplete games and then he pm-ed me "How rude!" and initiated a morality debate(!?) with me. Just saw the same guy again in SCV Global Colosseum with a W/L ratio of 94%. Hmm...

    Usually I just ignore those quitters or send them a message titled ":/". I know some people who don't just leave right before I win, but send me something like "Fucking spammer" or "Noob" or "Cheapass RO" after that. That's when I reply ":)"
  15. darkfender

    darkfender [07] Duelist

    does anybody knows why some players refuse any ranked match?
    there are really many lately...i don t play ranked that much so i really doubt they are avoiding me.

    i don t care if people leave as they lose...but at least play :|
  16. DrCrimsonRain

    DrCrimsonRain [06] Combatant

    I find it funny i said this in the XBL ragequitters thread and got attacked so hard. Shit was funny.
  17. Reave

    Reave [13] Hero

    Still missing the point.
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  18. DrCrimsonRain

    DrCrimsonRain [06] Combatant

    Anywho, the SCIV system was still worse because for a month or so while my internet was spotty, i lost many, many rank points.
  19. JDub

    JDub Mmm. Pie.

    I figure quitting is like welching on a bet. Agreeing to match some one is just that. An agreement. Quitting shirks your implied responsibility of seeing the match through win or lose. Plus, you're wasting my time and not giving me any say in the matter. There's a lot of people here that I lose to every time. Oh well. I agreed to the match.

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