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[13] Hero
Thanks for your feedback, brucege! I've been looking forward to it. I'll expound on a few points you brought up.
- You'd be surprised how popular Japanese names are in the Philippines these days, but that has nothing to do with why I named this CaS Kenji. I just wanted a reasonable pseudonym that resembles my real name.

- The white border on the pocket sticker is so frustrating. Using a low-resolution image is one thing, but we didn't have this problem in SC5. That we have it now in SC6 implies we somehow went backwards.

- Regarding Yuugen and Soul (the floating space spirit CaS from SC5), I'm quite fond of Soul's design, too, but I wanted to put in more effort than to just make him again in SC6. The frayed, drab brown robe is a deliberate choice; it's a counterpoint to the more cerebral and fantastical theme of the cosmos. The character that developed in my mind was a monk (all the scientists back then were monks, go figure) who had become so consumed by his cosmological studies that he ceased to exist as himself and became some kind of semi-tangible cosmological entity; I guess I can call it a "spirit," for lack of a better term. With regards to giving structure to the body, my approach was actually in the complete opposite direction; I was sorely in need of amorphous shapes and fuzzy textures. That was why I chose the goat feet; the fur, though not used as fur here, gives a cool visual effect when used with dark colors that lends itself well to ghostly designs.

- Regarding Sprezzatura, shape is by far the most important facet of her design, even more important than coloring. Her being a water elemental, I wanted to express the concept of water currents. As you said, Tira's shawl came in very useful for that. The Rococo Skirt has very floaty physics; combined with Xianghua's movements, it sometimes becomes very reminiscent of a whirlpool. Despite all that though, maybe the design could benefit from having something else on it besides water.