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I told myself I wouldn't make a CaS thread until I reached player level 99 and unlocked all of the parts. Well, here we are. Feel free to be as critical as you can; I appreciate constructive criticism much more than sugar coating.

Table of Contents
Celia Lucida
Pascusio Excelsius
Jack McClellan

Old Regular Characters
Cassandra ver. 2
Female Hwang
Li Long
Seung Mi-na
Talim c. 1607
Female Yun-Seong

Don Quixote
Manny Pacquiao
Mike Bison/Balrog/Boxer
Mr. Gangnam
Chie Satonaka
Yukiko Amagi
Teenage Nanako Dojima
Mitsuru Kirijo
Alicia Melchiott
Selvaria Bles
Parappa the Rapper
Black Mage

Just For Fun
Bathrobe Samurai
Guy Dudeman
Captain Fabulous
Captain Fabulous: Dress
Captain Fabulous: Cowboy
Captain Fabulous: Pride Parade
Captain Fabulous: Kitten
Captain Fabulous: Japanese
Justice Man!
Japanese Pyrrha
The Gorton's Fisherman

The Battles of La Naval
Armando Castillo de Gonzaga
Wilhelmina Gelens Merten
Javier Santa Cruz
Clara Lucia Brillante
Mariano Nicolas

Regular Character Joke Alternates
Uncle Samtroklos
PKMN Trainer Z. W. E. I.
Clumsy Maid Pyrrha
Cheerleader Natsu
Jetpack Algol
Pyrrha Omega: So Red
Mickey Mouse Leixia
Professor Viola
Crazy Bird Lady Tira
Elysium: Pat's Oedipus Complex
Emo Siegfried
Ivy Poppins
"Alpha" Patroklos/Fratroklos

Short Trunks (KING) Experiments

Regular Character Recolors
Alpha Patroklos Blue and Gold 1P
Alpha Patroklos Blue and Gold 2P
Raphael Blue and Gold 1P
Pyrrha Blue and Gold 1P
Natsu Blue and Gold 1P
Cervantes Blue and Gold 1P
Leixia Blue and Gold 1P and 2P
Pyrrha Omega Blue and Gold
Alpha/Patroklos (White-Blue, Black-Gold, Red-Gold, Omega, Irish, Black Ice, Desert Gold, Thalassan)
Leixia (Sea, Flame, Snow, Rose, Leaf)
Pyrrha/Omega (Alpha, Black-Gold, Sophitia SC1/2 1P, Hellfire, Cassandra SC4 1P, Elizabeth/Alice, Sophitia SC3 2P, Cassandra SC3 1P)
Raphael (Black-White, SC2 1P)
Pyrrha Omega Nightmare Colors

UPDATE 1/27/12

Not really much backstory to this one, I'm afraid. Whenever a game has a custom character mode, I usually make a self-insert character. I guess I just thought of what I'd look like if I were a swordsman in the late 16th-early 17th century and had it fit with my main fighting style.

Design Notes:
- Credit goes to Gatsu for the use of Feathers of Strength as shoulder armor. The idea was stolen from his Trishna chracter, seen here:

- The Student's Coat and Leather Wrap combine together to create an open longcoat loosely bound together at the waist

- The eye sticker's bump mapping is used in conjunction with a pair of Rabbit Ears to create a collar for the Long-Sleeved Top.

- The tie was colored white to complement the wings sticker around the collar and front.

- The denim pocket sticker was used to impart a shape to the coat that cuts off midthigh and tapers to a lower point towards the back.

- Wings stickers on either side of the Leather Wrap are placed behind the denim pocket sticker to give the appearance of wings peeking out under the coat on a second layer of cloth.

- Subtle patterns on the Long-Sleeved Top, the Yoga Pants, and the Rocker's Gloves give texture at close distances while blending into solid colors at farther distances and in-game.

- A few of my proclivities can be seen in this CaS. One was already mentioned; I'm a fan of Victorian/Colonial American/ceremonial military-style wardrobe. Navy blue is my favorite color and the blue, gold, and white color palette is my favorite color scheme. The wing and feather designs reflect my fondness for the air, the sky, and flight.
UPDATE 6/5/12

Design notes:
- Back in SC4, I picked up Cassy as a main, so I went and made a CaS for that fighting style, too. I based it on a genderbend of my main CaS, so some of the color scheme and design ideas are similar between her and Pascusio.

- Motif 59 was used to create a vest-skirt divide and as a figure-flattering technique.

- The bottom of Isis' Breastplate stickes out of the Nurse's Uniform, so I colored it to blend in and stuck a white, upside triangle sticker to the exposed part by view.

- Motif 22 was used on the front of the cape, with the left wing covered by a white square, leaving the right wing exposed.

- This design is heaven-themed, so I messed around a little bit with Goddess' Feather Brooch.

- I stuck that sticker to the inside of the cape to give a little bit of an illusion that she had angel wings, furthering the heaven theme. I wanted it to be a subtle touch, but unfortunately, it's so subtle that they're hardly noticeable in battle. It still feels nice to know that it's there, though.

This design is actually my cousin's. As such, I can't give any background on this one, either. It's too nice to leave out, though.

I'm glad I was able to talk him out of a red-and-black color scheme. As you may have seen already, I'm quite partial to blue, but I think the blue-and-black works well, here.

He wears a wristblade on his right wrist.

That's it, for now. I still have some missing cast and more originals I want to share. I've given one set of the originals their own setting in the Soul series universe. I'm still writing things out for that one, though. I'm not even sure I should share the writing and just post the characters with some brief background, instead. Either way, that will all make its way here via a later edit, so stay tuned.


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20 images per post? That's too bad. I could've kept this thread nice and tidy.

Missing Cast: Part 1

UPDATED 2/7/13

Design Notes:
- During the Soul series' storyline, it's inferred that Amy and Raphael became vampires. Then, in SC5, fanon dictates that Viola is Amy, just with amnesia. However, we don't see any vampiric characteristics in Viola's character, so if we are to believe that Viola is Amy, she must've overcome her vampirism somewhere down the line. This design is my attempt to depict an Amy who has regained her memory and has ascended her vampirism.

- I took Viola's color scheme and lightened it up a bit to show the theme of ascension that I mentioned before.

- Note that the flowers are white to denote purity, instead of the usual red that denotes blood.

- I wanted to use the shawl that Viola has, but with the hood down. That's what I tried to construct with Jun's shawl and the bat wing special equipment.
UPDATED 2/7/13

After giving myself a headache trying to recreate her SC4 1P, I decided to switch directions and try for something inspired by her SC3 1P. The result is a classier Cassandra that still has her trademark moxie.

Design notes:
- The Congratulatory Shirt is split into a jacket, a shirt, and a vest. The top layer is sectioned off from the lower two by the denim pocket sticker.

- Two Turtle Shells with metallic scale patterns are used as the shoulder armor.

- Unfortunately, the skirt from the Congratulatory Shirt sits too high up to be used by itself as waist equipment without significantly increasing a CaS' slut factor. In light of this, I used the Mini Dress to add some cover to the waist and hips. It's patterned with Basic 5 in gold and blue.
UPDATE 8/4/12

Out of the remaining cast, Leixia's style is the closest to Hwang's. However, a male Hwang with Leixia's animations just doesn't sit right with me, so I thought it would better to make a female version.

Design notes:
- Hwang has tall, spiky hair. I thought the closest thing to that in the females' hair set is Natsu's 1P hair.
- You might not be able to see it, but I patterned the inside halves of the arm guards to look like bandage wraps.
UPDATE 2/7/13

Design Notes:

- This design draws on elements from Kilik's SC4 1P and 2P. The shirt and Pareo are colored similarly to blend together into the 1P's coat, while the armored pieces are a nod to the 2P.
UPDATE 8/4/12

Design notes:
- A soft oriental cloud pattern runs across this design's Changbao.
- The second pair of nunchaku on the left hip is made of two scrolls and a chain.
- A jeans pocket sticker and a square sticker on striped arm bandages recreate's Li Long's arm guards.

Originally, I had her wear a Cropped Jacket over her Tight Shirt. It worked really well, but this design approximates the original much more closely.
UPDATED 7/11/12

Design Notes:
- This is a recreation of Sophitia's SC3 2P.
- Pattern European 18 is used to loosely recreate the midsection tie.
- Two square stickers are used on the Pareo to recreate the main skirt and the front cloth.
- A gradient pattern was applied to the Pareo to give the effect to the front cloth.
- A jeans pocket sticker is used to recreate the left hip part of the skirt.
- Another jeans pocket sticker is also used on the Princess Gloves to make them look more like armored gauntlets.
- The Motif 24/butterfly design sticker is used on the front of the skirt for detail.
- The cogwheel on the hips is meant to recreate the belt from the original.
- The hair isn't accurate, but Sophitia doesn't need to be Princess Leia, anyway. Her trademark loosely braided ponytail looks much better.
UPDATE 2/7/13

Design notes:
- The problem with Taki is that her plain, solid-color bodysuit makes up an overwhelming majority of her design. I've chosen to circumvent this by using large pocket stickers to break up the suit while still keeping solid colors.

- Rabbit Ears tucked into arm circlets make good shoulder armor. This construction is an allusion to her SC2 3P.


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Missing Cast: Part 2

UPDATE 2/7/13

I'm doubly fond of Talim, not just because of her fast and fluid style, but because she represents the Philippines, the country of my heritage, in the Soul Series.

Design notes:
- The necklace is patterned with gold-colored Oriental 2. The centerpiece was constructed with a red circle and yellow moon and circle stickers.

- The gold stripes on the vest were made with two pocket stickers superimposed onto each other, the top one being smaller than the bottom one.
UPDATED 2/7/13

Design notes:
- Xianghua's twin tails are reconstructed here with patterned beetle horns, colored to match the hair. A pair of horns are used here as hair ornaments.

- There is art of Xianghua's SC4/BD design that has her with a fan in the offhand, so I decided to include one here.
UPDATE 2/7/13

Again, the same problem as Hwang in that the closest style in the game has some distinctly female animations.

Design notes:
- Yun-seong has spiky hair, like Hwang, but it isn't as tall as the latter's. I used Natsu's 1P hair on my Female Hwang design, so to keep the parallel of the understated alternative, I used Natsu's 2P hair in this design.

- Xiaoyu's dress, Leixia's 2P breeches, and Ivy's 2P gloves are all used together for their furry bands as a nod to Yun-seong's SC4 2P.

- The Ring Pants underwear will poke out through any pants item that cuts short (e.g. knee pants, cropped pants, etc.). Here, I used that to build boots combined with the exposed part of the Ring Pants, the shoes, and fur from breeches.

- A Bolt and an appopriately-resized helment ornament combine to make a dagger. This is an allusion to SC3, where Yun-seong's style was included in the Thief class for CaS.
UPDATE 8/4/12

There isn't even a decently good moveset approximation in SC5 for this poor guy. I just went with whichever style had a weapon that looked closest to a scythe.

Design notes:
- I couldn't figure out a convincing way to recreate his SC3 1P, so I decided to shoot for his also-badass SC4 2P.
- A gold patterned apple recreate's Zas' left eye.
- You can't really see it, but an ornate crescent moon tattoo lies just to the side of his left eye.
- One zipper sticker set at an angle was used to recreate the crossed chains from the torso of the original. A gold Bolt special equipment helps it remain faithful to the original.
UPDATE 8/4/12

Design notes:
- Tiger pauldrons; two raccon tails on either shoulder; the short, torn cape; and two dark wings stickers comprise this attempt to recreate the fur shawl from Rock's SC3 1P.
- A scale patterned Holster recreates the torso chains from the original.
UPDATE 1/9/13

Design Notes:
- The Chiton was chosen because it shows a lot of skin and it has a built in scarf/half-cape, which I used to simulate the unused sleeve on Setsuka's SC4 1P.
- Naturally, the Chiton and Pareo are physically separated. I corrected for this by inserting a pair of horns into the midsection to cover the gap.
- Two circles, placed by view from the top-down perspective and a third circle on the ribbon define a tied belt around the Pareo.
- The majority of the Chiton is colored with a max size square and a circle placed by view from a top-down perspective.
- The front hair knot is a flattened Apple patterned with the tricolor stripes pattern.


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UPDATED 2/7/13

Before, the only way I would settle on a short jacket was the use the cropped jacket available only to females. I've been experimenting with rebuilding jackets, since then, and I'm pretty satisfied with what I have, here.

Design notes:
- Like anywhere else, the collar feathers are simulated with raccoon tails. I used to not really like this piece, but I've been experimenting with it a lot lately and have come to accept more as part of a CaS maker's toolbox.

- The buttoned pocket sticker achieves two things here: 1) adds detail to the vest and 2) helps to visually tie the sleeves and shoulders of the shirt with the vest.
UPDATE 7/21/12

This is a recreation of the RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam.

Design Notes:
- I suppose the only thing that isn't too obvious from the picture is the use of Earrings over the eyes to give them a more robotic look.

Just For Fun

Sam is a 26 year-old male who lives with his mom and dad. In the daytime, he helps out at the local comics and hobbies shop as their manga & anime specialist. His dream is to one day move to Japan, where he will instantly fit in because of his extensive knowledge of their comics and animation. Being an avid anime fan, he has picked up a good bit of Japanese, enough to form broken sentences interspersed with English words. He is also a dedicated Kendo practitioner, believing that it is the ultimate martial art, surpassing all others.

One evening, after a long day of hard work, he slips on his favorite bathrobe after having taken a shower. But this time, something is different. For the first time in his life, he is filled with a sense of mission.

Having contemplated the many evils that plague our world, he grabs his bokken, dons his flip-flops, and decides something must be done about it. He becomes the Bathrobe Samurai, a ronin wandering the countryside (the local neighborhood) dedicated to correcting injustice and living out the Bushido code.

Genericus, the generic dark demon knightwarlord, is a dark knight who blahblahblahblah, you know the drill. I tried to follow all the appropriate no-no's and don'ts with this one.

Ridiculously huge man in messy armor. Red-and-black color scheme. TWO pairs of bat wings, both of different sizes. Evil-looking overcompensation blade. This CaS is better than your CaS.
UPDATE 2/7/13

Whenever a game has a character creation feature, I'll make one that's supposed to represent me. Since Pascusio already does that within SCV's setting, this one is meant to be a current-day version. This is what I usually try to look like on a casual outing. The problem is that modern-day practical fashion often comes out looking plain in Creation mode, so you really have to look out for ways to give your design details that stand out without making them look like they came out of a Japanese video game. It's very easy for modern-day design that are supposed to look sensible to instead be overdesign or boring and plain.

Design Notes:
- The design on the shirt is Basic 2 at a very small size with very similar colors in the black range.

- Slacks given zigzag patterns and dark denim colors go a long way in making a nice pair of jeans. The calves were narrowed as much as possible to give the jeans a slim, tapered look.

- Black boxing shoes with white laces and a sticker placed by view make for pretty good knock-off Chuck Taylors.
Are you easily offended? If so, we're both probably better off if you don't view this CaS. This is a warning.

For the record, I don't have anything against gays, but stereotypes are funny, as long as you can tell the difference between imagination and reality.

It's too bad the foxtail from SC4 isn't in SC5. It works much better than this Calligraphy Brush.
I'll be back later with the cast for my own "mini-story" in SC5 and maybe some more detailed pics of CaS already posted here.


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SC3 Sophy's pretty cool. Alotta ppl use a raccoon tail to approximate Squall's fur collar. Captain Fab's like totally troll.


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Thanks for enjoying them so far, guys. I'm not used to sharing any creative works, so I'm glad people seem to like them.
Alotta ppl use a raccoon tail to approximate Squall's fur collar. Captain Fab's like totally troll.
I'm not a big fan of the raccoon tail. To me, it looks less like fur and more like a fuzzy mess, especially at bigger sizes. I guess I should at least give it a try, though. And yeah, I enjoy some light trolling every now-and-then, haha.

And now, I present a mini-storyline I've been working on. At this stage, it's less a story and more a general concept. If you read my notes for my Talim CaS, you'll see that I have a huge appreciation for my Filipino heritage (though I really do try to keep it low-key). PS took out the Filipino character, so in response, I'm writing a story set in the Philippines. I'm no historian or writer, I just have a little bit of an imagination and access to Wikipedia, so I'm not even sure I should follow through with writing a completely fleshed-out story, but I wanted to share my character concepts and their background. So, without further a due...

Soul Calibur V: the Battles of La Naval
Setting: Concurrent with SC5, late 16th-early 17th century. Manila, Philippines during Spanish colonial rule. With Spain and the Dutch Republic currently engaged in the Eighty Years’ War, the latter nation’s navy is poised to strike at the Spanish colony. Spain has recently secured Soul Calibur, while the Dutch Republic has obtained Soul Edge. The meeting of the two swords will culminate the Battles of La Naval de Manila.
Lawful Evil. Born into a Spanish military family, Armando had received strict training from a young age. Upon graduation from the academy, he had already gained a reputation as the best swordsman in the Armada and was assigned to retrieve Soul Calibur, which the Spanish Crown believed to be in their colony. Having only rumors to go on, he did indeed find it in the islands. As this was the sword destined to defeat Soul Edge, the sword rumored to conquer the world, nothing can now stop the Crown from exerting its rule over the nations beyond the horizon and across the waters.

Design Notes:
- Snowflake-patterned armor and ice blue earrings over the eyes denote possession by Soul Calibur.

- UPDATE 6/19: switched to Cervantes' 1P coat, Sea King's Gambeson, and Leviathan's Pauldons. Ice-colored scale pattern on the coat and ice-colored snowflake pattern on the pauldrons conserve possessed-by-soul-calibur theme.

Chaotic Evil. As a youth, Wilhelmina lost her friends and family in a Spanish attack on her hometown. The sudden shock drove her insane with rage and sorrow. With no one left on whom to depend, she moved to the city, where she scraped out a hard living as a petty thief. One day, she attempted a routine theft from a Naval officer who, instead of seeing her arrested, recruited her. She became known for her ruthlessness as a soldier as she rose through the ranks with surprising speed. She was assigned to the Pacific theater of operations to retrieve Soul Edge and use it to eliminate Spain’s presence in the region and, later, their entire empire.

Fire-colored irises on dark sclera indicate possession by Soul Edge. The Dutch Flag-emblazoned warrior's shoulder was made by placing white stickers over the unimportant parts of the pattern.

UPDATED 5/27/12

Neutral Evil. Javier grew up in a farming village just outside of the capital. He was stubborn, but hard-working and a genius. His intelligence allowed him to work on the business side of the farm at the capital, where he became rich enough to buy the land from the landowners. Working in the capital, he made many connections and had heard the rumors about Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. He didn’t like the idea of either the Spanish or the Dutch ruling his country, so he entered the business of information trading, where he sold intelligence to both the Spanish colonial government and any Dutch scouts and spies. When the swords finally meet, he will let the wielders destroy each other, then take the swords and the power they wield for himself.

Design Notes:
- I wish they would release a Soul Edge & Soul Calibur weapon for Cervantes' style so I could use it with this character.

5/27/12 changes: Rabbit Ears were used to form the lapel-thingies on the vest, then the area between them was colored with an upside-down triangle sticker to simulate what would be the open part of the vest. Cervantes 1P hat added. Guardian's cloth removed. Knickerbockers changed to Patroklos' 1P pants.
UPDATED 5/27/12

Lawful Good. The daughter of a politician and a business owner, Clara Lucia grew up wealthy in one of the fastest-growing international trade hubs. However, because of her family’s place in society, home life was strict and suffocating. Her family held her to high standards, made sure she always acted like a proper lady, and would never let her out without supervision. One of her few joys at home was practicing the art of the sword that had been passed down in her mother’s family for generations.

One night, her father hosted a party for other people of high stature at their house. It was here that she overheard a rumor one of the guests shared with her father about the conquering sword recently found abroad and how it may be headed to this country, next. Seeing this as an opportunity for adventure, she snuck into her family’s armory, retrieved their heirloom sword and set out to investigate on her own.

Design Notes:
- The costume was styled in accordance with womens' popular dress at that time, but with a little bit of that Soul series edge.

- 5/27/12 changes: Shoulder cloth was taken off; it looked awkwardly bulky. Hair flower was colored yellow in keeping with her theme. Kung fu shoes patterned with with the buttoned pocket stickers make for interesting dress shoes.
UPDATE 2/7/13

Chaotic Good. They called him “Habagat,” because was like the monsoon; wherever the reckless youth went, it often looked as though a cyclone had just passed. As an orphan, he was part of a band of thief children, but after hearing that the wind priestess of the neighboring village just returned from a grand adventure, he begged her to take him in as her disciple, saying he wanted to grow up to be a hero. Talim became a big sister to the little boy and over the years, trained him to become a cunning warrior.

One night, while in town, he overhears rumors of the two swords. He saw this as his big break to become a hero. While sneaks back home to steal Talim’s blades, he is caught as he about to leave. She tells him that she sensed the presence of the swords from the wind and that if he is planning to defeat the swords, she won’t stop him. Ashamed for having been caught, yet thankful to his big sister and teacher, he sets off on his adventure.

Design notes:
- Since he's not from the capital or Europe, like the rest of the cast, his attire was based on Muslim Filipino and Tribal Filipino designs. Striped patterns are popular in these styles.

- The hunting blade was re-colored to have a carved wooden handle. The tiger stripe pattern imparts wood grain.

- The basic checker pattern is obscured by a very large square, exposed only along the inner edge. A single tribal-style sticker was placed along the front, styled to look like lightning, a reference to this character's speed and namesake (lightning is common with tropical cyclones).

- The tiger stripe pattern with both component colors made identical impart dirt and grit onto a surface. This is seen on the Knickerbockers, which I assume he stole from a Tailor's shop in town.

- The feathers, plucked from the wing plumage of a Philippine Eagle, are colored with a brown-white gradient.
UPDATED 2/7/13

Neutral Good. Mariano’s family owned a tailor’s shop that had a reputation for good quality around the local neighborhood. Thus, his parents were able to send him and his siblings to school. Aspiring to serve his country, he entered the naval academy after his schooling, where his natural talent at fencing first became apparent. Being one of the top students in his class, he was immediately hired as an officer after graduation from the academy.

With news that a new enemy might be on their way to their country’s shores, all high ranking officers were called together for a strategic briefing. After the briefing, he overhears that the higher-ups have found the sword that will conquer the world, Soul Calibur. He becomes suspicious of his superiors, their plans, and the sword, but pressed for time, he goes to make preparations for the battles ahead.

Design notes:
- The martial artist's shirt is used as a military shirt instead. A subtle zigzag pattern gives texture to the shirt.

- The zipper sticker was used to create the cord decorations seen on military shirts. Admittedly, it's not as convincing up close as it is from afar and in battle. The token on the headband is actually a gold-colored scroll.

- On his sleeve, his mother stitched an embroidery of a tikling, a brown bird that is known to bob and weave in and out of farmers' traps and hence has become a symbol for freedom.

That's it for now. Hope it wasn't too painful to look at and/or read. Next, I'll either be making CaS of groups not represented in the Soul series (e.g. Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Middle Easterners, etc.) or maybe participating in some of the challenges currently going on in this forum. Le_Bello's Talim challenge has me especially intrigued.


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I love a good, honest, entertaining CaS thread ;)
Your bathrobe samurai is an instant favorite! XD As for Fabulous, well, the only thing stopping me is the lack of a dress >;) Lol, good collection, I'll stay tuned.


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I love how you designed your characters to fit within their historical context - they're all very credible characters. Except for the 'just for fun' ones of course, but they did amuse me!
Castillo particularly caught my eye.


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Hey, everyone. No new CaS tonight, but I've received a request for some formulas, so here they are. If you ever want any of my formulas, just ask for them in the thread or by PM. It takes a while for me to gather and organize all the information, though, so don't expect them right away. If the formulas are unclear, let me know and I'll reorganize it in a more helpful manner.
Height 3/Normal
Face 1
French Braid
Eyebrows 12

Bong-seon Circlet
Triangle Bikini
Tight Shirt
Chef's Tie
Adept's Sleeves
Thigh Highs
Engineer's Long Boots

Rhombus Rod

Skin: 2:10, 1
Hair, Facial Hair, Eyebrows: 4: 3, 26
Eyes: 3: 5, 18
Tops: 8: 21, 15
Hips: 7: 19, 17
Neck/Back: 7: 1, 11
Arms: 8: 21, 15; 7: 1, 11; 6: 10, 22
Socks: 9: 0, 0
Shoes: 9: 0, 0; 9: 7, 7

- Motif 3 x4: 0: 0, 0; view, adjust sizes and placement until chest and back are covered
- Motif 49: axis, see pic for position reference
- Motif 2: 7: 1, 11; hip; axis; size and position such that both sides of the triangle peek out over the pareo slit

Weapon Color: 9: 1, 15; 0:0, 16; 9: 8, 14; 9: 1, 15
Height 4/Normal
Face 5
no hair
Eyebrows 3

Mad Eye Patch (change to golden eye later)
Sleeveless Top
General's Armor
Scaled Fauld
Death's Cloak
Tiger Lily Gauntlets
Warlord's Pauldrons
Silver Knight's Greaves

Asty, The Master

Skin: 2: 5, 19
Eyebrows: 0: 0, 31
Eyes: 1: 38, 22
Undergarments: 0: 0, 31
Upper Body Covering: 1st and 3rd: 0: 0, 31; 2nd and 4th: 5: 7, 21
Bottoms: 0: 0, 31
Hips: 0: 0, 26; 2nd and 3rd: 0: 0, 31
Neck/Back: both 0: 0, 27
Arms: 1st and 3rd 0: 0, 31; 6: 9, 14
Shoulders: 0: 0, 16; 7: 8, 8
Shoes: 0; 0, 31; 6: 7, 12; 0: 0, 21

skin: motif 54: head, axis, flip horizontally, place on left side of left eye
Height 5/Built
Face 11
Long Waves
Eyebrows 8

Tiger Hood
Boomerang Brief
Fur Vest
Voodoo Fauld
Medium Bandages
Fur Pauldrons
Wrapped Legs
Ashigaru Greaves
Long Horns: chest, H27/V34/B12
Helmet Ornament: Pirate: head, H13/V12/B-13/W0/L50/D0/RV90/RH18/A90 (these coordinates clip through the helmet's ears, so you might want to mess with them yourself)

Great Maul

Skin: 4: 5, 7
Hair, Facial Hair, Eyebrows: 9: 4, 29
Eyes: 1: 38, 22
Head: all 9: 0, 0
Undergarments: 8: 34, 27
Upper Body Covering: 9: 0, 0
Hips: 2: 9, 1; 9: 0, 0
Arms: 5: 37, 8
Shoulders: 5: 0, 14; 3: 0, 2
Socks: 9: 0, 2
Shoes: 9: 38, 3; rest are 0: 0, 31
Height 3/Normal
Face 2
Jagged Layers
Eyebrows 21

Noble's Dress
Flight Necktie
Merveilleuse Gloves
Thigh Highs
Sorrowful Boots
Bow: head, V-27/B-25
Turtle Shelal: shouldera right and left, V-21/B-6/W-50/L-50/D-38/RH180


Skin: 1: 9, 0
hair: 4: 8, 2
eyebrows: 0: 3, 30
eyes: 3: 35, 20
undergarments: first two: 9: 62, 26; 9: 63, 18
tops: 1st and 4th: 8: 42, 13; 9: 0, 0; 9: 10, 19
neck/back: 9: 0, 1; 7: 58, 14
arms: 1st and 4th: 5: 34, 3; ethnic 14 (2: 0, 14, very small); 9: 0, 26
shoes: 1st, 2nd, 4th: 7: 34, 1; 9: 43, 16
extra 1: basic 6 (0: 0, 31; 9: 8, 22), small, angle to horizontal
extra 2 and 3: ethnic 14: 9: 36, 4; smallest

upper body equipment
- motif 72 (both 9:10, 16), upper body, view, flip H and V, adjust size until top is at lowest point of v neck and bottom aligns with gold waist line
- motif 55 (9: 10, 16), upper body, view, flip H and V, see picture for size and rotate reference

weapon color: 9: 0, 10; 9: 60, 11; 3: 0, 22
Height 1/Normal
Face 1
Eyebrows 21

sleeveless top
embroidered drawers
training belt
large stone necklace
leather armlets
straw sandals

natsu, the master

skin: 5: 9, 4
hair, facial hair, eyebrows: 0: 0, 31
eyes: 9: 7, 24
undergarments: european 18 (1st and 3rd: 9: 39, 6), 9: 3, 10, biggest size centered along the midline
bottoms: 9: 0, 0; 9: 1, 15
hips: 9: 41, 8
neck/back: 9: 2, 18
arms: 9: 1, 15; 9: 0, 0

- motif 4: 9: 0,0; upper body, axis, place on back, size big enough such that the sides peek out on the front
- motif 3: 9: 63, 21, upper body, axis, place such that bottom coincides with bottom of necklace
- motif 3: 9: 0, 0; upper body, axis, place such that bottom comes to 2/3 way down on necklace
lower body equipment
motif 2: 9: 41, 9, hip, axis, flip V, place and size such that it covers the crotch area
neck and back equipment
- motif 12: both 9: 12, 16; see pic for size & rotation reference
- motif 11: both 9: 12, 16, see pic for size & rotation reference
height 3/normal
face 21
eyebrows 8

arabian vest
kung fu pants
leather armlets
kung fu shoes

chained sickles

skin: 2: 11, 5
hair: 4: 5, 27
eyebrows: 7: 3, 31
eyes: 1: 2, 25
tops: (1st and 2nd: oriental 3; 9: 6, 16; 9: 5, 16); 7: 18, 22; 7: 31, 31
upper body covering: 6: 4, 25
bottoms: basic 3 (9: 6, 31; 9: 7, 28; smallest size), 7: 24, 5
arms: both 6: 7, 24


[13] Hero
you have an excelent gallery!!!! in SC universe... zasalamel was awesome!!!
I loved Genericus... but... If I could choose only one to my gallery... it would be Armando Castillo de Gonzaga... that creation was fantastic... my favorite
I would like to fight this warriors... except for Captain Fabulous... I prefer not having any physical contact with this guy


[10] Knight
Loved all your creations, but you are making a very common mistake sometimes... too much saturation. Besides that, there are lots of awesomeness in this thread.

You Gundam is ma favorite XD