Patroklos A+B Glitch (SCV v1.03)


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Basically this glitch works by inputting A+B, releasing it, then inputting and holding it again. Inputting the 2nd A+B from frames 2 through 17 results in getting a full-charge A+B's damage with the speed of regular A+B. When the 2nd A+B is pressed on frame 18 or 19, it does two hits for 88 damage. I've also managed to get 92 once but I'm not sure how.

I'm not sure who to credit for discovering this (it wasn't me) but I felt like this should become common knowledge now that Evo is over (and because it needs to be fixed if there's another patch).


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works with aGI. If you get the 88 damage version it combos with 236K for 113 damage from anywhere in the stage (not techable- but apparently you do have to be close enough for the second hit to connect, won't work at max range).

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Well, if Mitsu's meterless 236B BE is any indication, y'all better get on the gravy train while you can.


62 damage is easy to get, just double-tap and hold A+B.
88 damage is kind of like hitting a Just Frame, I don't quite have the timing yet. I can get it, but I don't know what I'm doing.

Still, if you could perfect 88 damage ver, that is half-life off of one guess. Insane.


JF A+B will not wallsplat, so there's that.

JF A+B hits high twice, 46+42 damage. Seems like you have to sit on your charge for a little to get access to it- try waiting until the green light goes away. (I seem to be getting it more consistently now.)

Try this- charge your A+B, but release it prematurely (after the green light vanishes). You only do 42 damage right?

Seems like if you charge, release, then press and hold A+B you trick the system into thinking you launched another A+B which is why it hits twice.

I wonder what Parti-san thinks about this.

Just for funsies, JF A+B, CE tech traps back and right (weird timing) for 179 damage.


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This has to be the easiest 113 dmg ever, I hit it almost every time even without practice.

Now we have B+K super TC and A+B aGI both kill half a bar, it's insane. They better not guess wrong :P


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Funny thing. I know about the Mitsu glitch, which was related to a charging move. Now I know about this glitch.

... None of this charging nonsense seems to work with Astaroth.


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Is this now his best post GB combo? Does more damage than usual and doesn't cost any meter.

Also GB like the charged version in 6.


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Are you talking about the 113 combo? The standard is still 90 + okizeme, the opponent can still tech out of any A+B combo okizeme followups.

What move are you using to break?


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Goddammit Slade stop finding exploit for chars dammit (SwiftRage)We dont need another one of Xoul's Abominations...Also slade, that Xouls char combo? 66B>(combo loop)x5 (YES 5, rebuilds meter)>3b does 323 DAM.

*head asplodes


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Goddammit Slade stop finding exploit for chars dammit (SwiftRage)
I didn't find this though.

Anyways, A+B (88 damage version) knocks down in a way that guarantees several followups.
A+B(88) → 236K - 116 damage, nearly half a bar of meter gained.
A+B(88) → 66A+B - 117 damage if first hit whiffs, 128 if both connect. Builds roughly 1/4 of a bar.
A+B(88) → 2A+B - 113 damage
A+B(88) → B+K - 129 damage, catches back and front tech for 148 and launch but the B+K followups whiff. Can sometimes be escaped by back tech. Can always be escaped by side tech.

Also, the 88 damage version (because it causes the 42 and 62 damage versions to hit simultaneously) CANNOT be just guarded. Attempting to JG it will JG the 42 damage hit but not the 62 damage hit.