Patroklos Video Thread


[08] Mercenary
Critique would be appreciated. Pretty new to this game. Saion89 and NiceAsRice wrecked me. haha



[13] Hero
Saion isnt as good as he was in 4 and he falls to gimmicks rather easily. Dont know the other guy.

Anyway, you need to stop throwing out unsafe crap like 3B and 236B and 236K and 3A and.... I can go on but I think you get the picture. Also, MOVE YOUR FEET! Stop standing still, you're pat its not like you cant move in. Use 1K more. More 66B. Stop Getting Hit.
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[08] Mercenary
Yeah i don't know why i do so much unsafe stuff. I think i do 236k a lot because i never get punished for it. Also Movement is the one thing i still don't understand in this game. I'll use 1k and 66k more. Thanks


[10] Knight
Here is a match with me as a Creation Patroklos.
I think there were MANY things during this match I could have done better. (I'm a scrub-veteran that's still so bad, I think it has been proven that even if someone spams on me, I STILL have a hard time) *facepalm*
Could anyone who views this vid help out with some hints?