Plea For Community Unification

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Well if you are not already aware, most of us came from a site called before 8wayrun was created.

That site has been ignored for years now, is completely riddled with spam-bots, and is not maintained/updated at all.

In addition, when we tried to log on 4 members at once, the whole site crashed for 15 minutes.

The tragedy in this is that when people google Soul Calibur, they get directed first to there because of the traffic it had years ago.

With a new Calibur on the horizon, I think it will be very detrimental to have new interested players worldwide being directed there. We are on the cusp of a huge surge of new players and community members, and we must grab and hold them when that interest arises.

That said, I have set up a plea with them to close down and redirect people here, for the better good of the Soul Calibur community as a whole. Here is the link:

I ask that any old players who remember that site and are known there help and support this idea. The more weight we put behind it the harder it will be to ignore. A few words of support in the thread over there will go a very long way.



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Is there anyway to have 8Way come up on the search engines first whenever someone searches for Soul Calibur, SC5, or whatever? How much would it cost? How is that handled?


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Well, the relevancy score of those key words (search terms) to 8Way has to be really high to begin with.

The reason why caliburforum is 1st on search is because it already is an established site that has (or in this case, had) a high relevancy to anything calibur. IE: Back then, whenever calibur was searched, this would be the site that most people click on and stay on. It doesn't matter that they're less active now - their relevancy score has already been established.

Unless their site closes down or we catch up (via more people searching for calibur and clicking 8way) or 8wr runs a pay-per-click campaign to further advertise the site, caliburforum stays on top.

There's a lot more factors than that, but that's the simple gist of it.


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When I search for "soul calibur" (without the quotes) on Google I get 8wayrun at 15th and caliburforum at 27th.


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Depending on the keyword that you use, CaliburForum will come up as the top search result. The problem is that someone new will be directed to a site that the community doesn't use and constantly has server issues. It took me 20 tries just to create one post.

I also don't want to see people split between two sites or lose people who go to that site looking for answers but get no response or assistance. I also want to see this rift repaired and have one unified site that the whole world goes to for Calibur. Having this split still existing is not going to do us any good in the long run.

Whatever happened back then happened before my time, but I want to see it resolved and for people to move on and look ahead to the future.

It's a very difficult thing to do. But when you think about what the future holds, it is something that needs to be done. We'll see what happens. And if anyone can lend support or help right wrongs and let whoever make amends and move on, it would be much appreciated.

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The site was workin regularly until yesterday so maybe all the traffic is messin up the server.
I'm pretty much the only person left over there.

I started there (almost 8 years ago now) and still have a thread (I don't post much in) in which me and about one other person post in (but others many may be watchin).
If a new person over there asks or I see them I have directed them here.
In that way you could say I'm helpin this site by still bein over there.

Until that forum goes down for good I will have a thread there (if only cause I'm stubborn).
Before WC said the license won't be renewed so that it would expire and the site would go down, although it still hasn't gone down and I don't know who's keepin it up.


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I had no problems with it if I am the only person on the entire site that's viewing it. We had 4 people on the site at one time and it crashed and gave database errors. I had to type my post into MS Word because of how often the site crashed. This isn't good, especially for new people coming across that site which has been dead for a long time now.

Talim JP

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It was OK until yesterday.
Ya it was dead though.

Maybe they disallocated a lot of the resources cause no one was there- now that people are probably goin again it's crashin the site. Whoever's keepin the site up will have to do something.

I think it's been runnin with a minimum of upkeep and maintenance for a few years now.


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Well there are ways to get to the top but they involve paying for a limited time. Since this site isn't designed for profit I dont know how much that would cost or if its even worth it, but if some how affordable, we could time this upon the month or two of the games release. The hits from that should put us ahead anyway since calibur forums wont update.


Well, I have read X_A comments and it seems unlikely at the moment. How was that site "steamrolled" to the ground?
There is a long history of the creation of 8WR. Back during the SC2 days, this community was on the forums. Sometime during SC3, Namco took that website away from us because they wanted to use as the official website for SC4. After this, was set up in order to keep our community going. I was an admin on caliburforum, and I spent a lot of time maintaining the forums each day in order to prevent it from crashing. Unfortunately, the website was set up pretty much illegally on the backend servers owned by Namco, so we didn't have the ability to perform actual maintenance on the hardware; but we were getting a free server with free bandwidth.

The website always ran poorly, and then the week SC4 came out, CF was pretty much dead. The servers did not have the ability to keep itself running; the time we needed the website the most, management failed to keep it running. So I motioned for a new website on a new server. Unfortunately, the old CF regime took major offense to this; they felt it was a power grab by myself, and they were afraid I was seeking to overthrow them. After a long drawn out battle between myself (and ChaCha) and the CF regime (mostly Chicago, Ohio and Oklahoma), we both quit our positions on CF and decided to start our own community and do EXACTLY what they were accusing us of doing (overthrow them).

For the first 5 months of the game, CF continued to steamroll us; so honestly I have no idea what X_A is talking about. We really had no chance to compete against 6 years of proven community and search engine optimization. Then, on December 3, 2008, CF crashed. It crashed hard, for 3 days straight (I can see a massive spike on that day on 8WR traffic, thats how I know the exact date). For those 3 days, people were FORCED to come to 8WR instead of CF. During this time they got to see how much better run 8WR was. By the time CF came back up 3 days later, the people decided that 8WR was better and never returned to CF.

The only people who stuck around on CF were the old regime members from Chicago, Ohio and Oklahoma. Its why even to this day, you barely see a presence on these forums from members in that region. After they abandoned CF themselves, they chose to stick with instead of integrating into our community. They just held a grudge that bad. Even now, they are trying to pretend that caliburforum is still relevant instead of doing WHATS BEST FOR THE COMMUNITY and shutting it down... we don't need two websites for Soulcalibur, our community is just too small.


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^Thanks for that history bit, that actually makes things clearer for me. I remember being part of forums (under a different name), then; I always wondered what happened. Then the crash, and then I came to this site. A pity to see what CF has become, even the skin is ugly (the brown one was cool).


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so I try to go back there now and I get this message:
"Problems today? Evidently! We are currently working on the site to fix the issue - sorry for the delay! Give us an hour."
yeah I bet they are v_v

so jaxel the following quote:
"the website was set up pretty much illegally on the backend servers owned by Namco, so we didn't have the ability to perform actual maintenance on the hardware; but we were getting a free server with free bandwidth."
if this is still the case (which I would assume), and the people in charge of caliburforum refuse to cooperate, maybe we could email Namco about it and namco themselves could bring down the iron fist of justice!!!! sure namco doesn't like losing money it doesn't have to


if this is still the case (which I would assume), and the people in charge of caliburforum refuse to cooperate, maybe we could email Namco about it and namco themselves could bring down the iron fist of justice!!!! sure namco doesn't like losing money it doesn't have to
No, this is not the case anymore. The current CaliburForum I think was set up by X_A.
jesus h christ. That thread went to straight shit.

I felt like I just stumbled on the DeLorean and went back in time.

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Well all the TV shows at this time of year look back at the past year (or farther).

Nice to reminisce sometimes.
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