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Just wondering but those of you who played Tira during the beta or before, what did you do with your meter whist in jolly? I found myself only using it for CE whiff punishes or combo enders and more used it just for the 100% mood change as getting to gloomy a bunch of times seems to trigger her perma soul charge. anyone get any better uses out of it?

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Soul Charge is good in certain circumstances. Jolly gets SC5's 236kBE, which has a really high chance of mood change. She also has SC5's 66bBE, again with a high chance of mood change. It's just about using it at the right time.


Tira can't kill herself with gloomy attacks if her health is low, or just 1hp? I'm not sure. B+K can still suicide but in my (shitty 6 am drunk) gameplay, you can see the penalty for using attacks that previously would damage you. I dont remember if this was a thing in sc5

Well this is much better.


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Well, overkill got you extra points in Soulcalibur IV's arcade mode. Obviously this means that Bamco endorses beating your opponent's unconscious body.


Well, overkill got you extra points in Soulcalibur IV's arcade mode. Obviously this means that Bamco endorses beating your opponent's unconscious body.
But look at the nonsense VI does now. Hit your opponent at the end of a round and they fly to the end of the stage and there's no time to run and hit them. :(


@Violent Vodka @WingsofDespair and anyone who played Tira a lot in the beta.

Hey guys, so I'm working with a YouTube content creator called @Scallywag-93 to make beginner introductions guides for SC6 and one of the videos that's being worked on is a introduction profile of each character to hopefully get it out near or on release date.

Looking just to get abit of info from you guys aswell to ensure the Tira part of the video is accurate.

I appreciate you guys have only had a limited amount of time with her but if you could
please answer these questions: (doesn't have to be in detail) it will be a massive help.

1. Her stand out strengths?
2. Her stand out weakness?
3. Any important stand out moves and why these are important?
4. Easy/Intermediate/Hard in terms of execution?
5. Easy/Intermediate/Hard in terms of gameplan and complexity?
6. Overall archtype / what kind of player the character will suit?

Thanks again.

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1. I'd say her strengths are a well-rounded, though kind of weak, Jolly state balanced with the strong Gloomy state. Her GS+ seems like an amazing situational advantage (though I see that being nerfed 'cause people are lame and will complain nonstop).
2. A weakness is definitely range and safety. Jolly's horizontals are usually unsafe, making her weak to step, but the 6A.B_A mixup helps with that.
3a. Jolly moves: 4K (probably Jolly's fastest attack, chance of mood change for combo), 1B (useful quick low), 2A (quick S-Mid horizontal), maybe B+K (useful to help change personas, but obvious drawback being HP loss).
3b. Gloomy moves: 4K (knockdown, able to combo), 1B (semi-quick low), 1K (quick low), 2A (quick S-Mid horizontal), 4A (quick high horizontal, combos with 66K)
4. I'd say she's hard in terms of execution because you have to be able to react to her random mood changes and act accordingly to secure damage outputs.
5. Again, I'd say hard in order to get to GS+ as fast as possible and still win the match, you have to get inside the mind of your opponent. That and her distance game still suffers, so characters like Ivy are a rough matchup.
6. People who enjoy complex, sometimes lengthy combos would enjoy her. Her persona changes can allow for extensions and breathtaking combos. People who don't want the simple matchmaking setup, similar to what Mitsurugi would have in terms of gameplay.


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It's not always neaded, but is helpful nonetheless.
Oh no i was comparing it to nightmares where he gets moves out of soul charge when in that purple haze state (dont know what his is called). So for nightmare you always want to have that state ready. I see tira trying to rush changes to get gloomy coda. And it seems easy to do to. With baiting and getting your opponents to do it for you. i played some rounds with my bro and in one instant i changed states 3 times in round one and got the Gloomy coda in the beginning of the next.

And when my brother saw me trying to change states it was easy to change even further with gi's and 2K and blah blah

Oh yeah once you get Gloomy Coda you have it for the rest of the match right?