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Assuming they haven't changed it in 1.4, you can also do 2B+K (even if you absorb an attack, but only so long as you don't aGI) and a basic 7_8_9B+K without it removing the lethal hit marker because those aren't registered as attacks.... Updraft can occasionally be a decent gimmick, but both of them are pretty risky lmao

Thanks for that, I was wondering about 2B+K but forgot to test.
Updraft didn't even cross my mind, I can confirm in the new patch 2B+K and 7_8_9B+K still dont reset the lethal hit marker.

Atleast there are some things tira can do without removing the lethal hit marker but as always it's still risky and gimmicky even with mix ups and playing pretty smart.

I added a TLDR to my 1st post about 1.40 changes for Tira because I just go on far far too much when I get started lol.
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I find it annoying how in the most recent balance patch notes, the updates talk about Amy being a "late bloomer," and she can become one of the strongest characters in the game after getting all her roses.

It's probably just my matchup knowledge against her, but whenever I fight Amy online, her perception is maxed out by like round 2 loooooool whereas getting into gloomy coda for Tira is usually a very last round type of thing, if you even achieve it at all.

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It's much easier to farm roses because red is pretty much guaranteed after all knockdowns and white is guaranteed after all launchers.


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The 2 returning girls as DLC, Amy and Cassandra, got way better soul chronicle stories than Tira did lol

I completely understand that Tira has much less going on in her story during this time period than Cassandra, but Amy didn't have a lot either previously and they still created a good story for her.

Really isn't that big of a deal, i'm just finding something to complain about, but it's only cause i love Tira and want the best for her :))))


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Can anyone else not use her new soul charge 4b,k during gloomy coda???

Yes for some reason you cant use her SC 4b,k In GS+ only.
If you are GS+ aswell as soul charged it will let you use it (or if soul charged in jolly or normal gloomy of course)

Seems strange it is the only gloomy available soul charge move that isn't available in GS+, maybe unintentional by the devs ?

Part of me thinking maybe it is intentional to have that locked to soul charge only because it's good and is available in jolly aswell as gloomy, but there are meaner SC gloomy moves that she can use for been in GS+

So I really don't know, just hope they notice it if it is unintentional.


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ok i know this is random, but i really think the devs should do away with Tira shouting "genocide" with her 66B


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Happy New Year Gents! Stopping by with a quick question. Anyone else notice that if JS 4BBB shifts to Gloomy after the attack throw, neither of Gloomy's Gestopft follow up cause a Lethal Hit?? Are they dev's aware? I've landed that way to often for it not to grant me and Gloomy our sweet, sweet, LH.

Also I just captured this screen on Xbox Live from a "Perfect" (only inflicted self damage) but didn't know where else to share it and thought it looked cool