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After playing Mi-na a decent amount of time, I've decided she's my favorite character to play. I've been practicing with her, and I've noticed the two things I really need to work on: interrupting and ranged, which are very important (at least, I'd think so). So, after some screwing around in Training, I've found a few moves for each. I'd like some input from more advanced Mi-na players on which moves are good and bad.

6A K
-This seems to be the fastest move I've found, and it doesn't have too bad of cooldown. The main issue seems to be that the kick is high, so it could be ducked and punished.

-Seems about as fast as 6A K but with less cooldown. Unfortunately, this is high again.

-Same as 4B

-Decent speed, but easily stepped. Not my first option.

-Decent speed, I usually follow it up with a 1B

-Seems to work more than it should, maybe I get a lot of sucky people

-Seems to work well when they run at you, since it hits them before they can get you, and stops any attempts at slide kicks

-Same as above

33_99A A
-Seemingly has good range and decent speed, plus it knocks them back out a good ways.


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6A+B is not a good move by any means. Good for making people eat it, or get CF'ed I guess, but even then, I think you can GI the third hit. Not 100% tho.

I like K for quickness, and + on hit is nice. 3bK is also a quick move.


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Yeah, 6A+B is useless outside of online, and even then it's not that great. 3bK is i14 or something, but it's really lacking in range and it's unsafe. RO's forward, I guess.

As far as interrupting goes, 4A is really awesome because it's a fast, low poke that retreats. 1B is fast and has a mildly useful mixup after it. B4B is also good because the second hit is like 4B, but Mina steps back on guard and NH as well as CH.

Most of the ranged moves you listed aren't too great. 44B is super easy to see coming, you'll usually eat bad damage if you try it against anyone that knows anything. 66B is fast, but high and really linear; I only use it after a 3B launcher. 6A+B is crap. I like 1A, knockdown at tip and people don't seem to see it coming; nothing you want to abuse, though. Mina's 2 and 4 A+K (I think 1A+K is the same as 2A+K, right?) are really slow, maybe good for post GI. 33_99AA seems useful, but the second A has less reach than the first so it will whiff at max range (which is the only time you ever want to use this move), so I find myself rarely using it.

2A+B is great because it has deceptive range, and you can always cancel it to leave Mina in FC, which is where she really shines. If you have an overzealous stepper, A+B is good if used sparingly, as is 8A+B (at midrange).

EDIT: 3bK is i15. Eh.


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8A+B and 6B+K are my main go-to moves if I want speed and (decent range)

I'll also throw in AAB since in hasn't been mentioned yet. It cant match 6B+K for speed, but does more dmg on counter-hit. Correct me if im wrong but isnt it also safe cos of the pushback (I dont know that much about frame data)

A+K is also a relatively fast tech jump moves that catches step, 30 dmg as well im pretty sure.

Also if you play mina alot, you should always bind a shoulder button to A+K, as this way you have easy access to A+K, 2A+K, and 4A+K without having to bother to get you fingers into that horrible awkward position. Also inputing 6A+K (you have to press your A+K shoulder button twice) will give you a 6AK so thats another good reason to do this. Sorry if this was already common knowledge I just thought id post it in case anyone was unaware.


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I'd like to add plain ol' 3B launcher. It has some range, it comes out fairly quick, and if it's a running opponent, chances are he/she will get launched when trying to attack. Mina can follow it up with some stuff like 66B and then FC1B to recover distance.

Not to abuse it, but at least to add an alternative.
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