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Inori DWF

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These aren't that recent but I still want to post em.

R.I.P Taku. Vocalist of Heisei Ishin.

He died at the young age of 21 years and it was 1-2 days before his 22nd birthday :( You were a favorite of mine...I will miss you.

R.I.P Jasmine You. Bassist of Versailles.

He died of some sort of illness that was never given out to the public. He wasn't very old (somewhere in his 30s) so it breaks my heart to see such talent taken away from the world. You will be missed.

Inori DWF

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They die in the tsunami/earthquake?

Nah these are kind of older. Taku was on December 2010 and Jasmine was somewhere in August 2009. Like I said they aren't that recent, but I just wanted to post because I was a big fan of both of them. This topic seemed to be the best place to show my respects.

There is actually a list of all Japanese bands that are reported safe from the Japan earthquake/tsunami. All the ones I know are safe from harm.

Hope that clears it up lol.

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Macho Man.........NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!! One of my childhood fuckin heros yo!! *pours 40oz out on curb*

This happened 10 years ago, but still gets me to this day.

10 years ago yesterday (5/19/11) was the 10th anniversary of one punk rawks greatest heros. He wouldve been 60! Also known as the godfather of punk, Joey Ramone passed away. All this weekend is a celebration of his life and music and random akwardness that he struggled with. Pour a 40oz on the curb for this OG and bump some Ramones all fuckin weekend!!

Ill give a dollar to anyone who can tell me how the Ramones got thier name. Ill give you a hint, thier last names.....arent really Ramone!!


Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
they copied paul mccartney.

i accept payment in cash or GOOSH GOOSH.

Ill give you $.50 cause you got it half right.

Paul Mcartney used to check into hotels under the name Paul Ramone. Hence....The Ramones!!

after the KKK took his baby away, he went and beat on the brat, while being all sedated, then someone put something in his drink, then the KKK brought is baby back!!

RIP Joey!!



i used to get room service tickets for a "Juan Hung-Lo" at the W.

it was eddy griffith. lol. he stayed w/ us like once a month and always checked in under that name.
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Great, just great. Another legendary wrestler dies. I used to watch him wrestle on TV when I was a little girl.:(


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As the newsroom's resident wrestling fanatic (and encyclopedia), first thing I heard at work today, "We all feel your loss."

RIP Macho Man. Say hi to Miss Elizabeth for us. I'd like to think graduations all over the U.S. will be paying tribute to the Madness.