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Sorry my memory only has 10 slots for Japanese names and 8 of those belong to women.

*Deep breath* Well it *is* his personal space, he could have any console hooked up there, but he CHOOSES the superior gaming experience offered by the Xbox360 console with it's excellent suite of community tools and it's exciting new world of peripherals, such as the Xbox 360 kinect, 8 million units sold. Xbox. Jump in.*

Yes. Yes it does.

smh.... well.. at least it makes you happy...

Seriously though I bought a Ps3. No joking. You can hit me up on "Ghengis John" there, or is it "Ghengis_John"? Try em both. Odds are you will see me playing Demon's Souls if you see me. Occasionally I check something out on the net with it or watch a blu-ray. Yeah sorry I haven't been around or saying what's up man. This site was bombing my computer with spyware/malware whenever I'd visit so I was afraid to come back. 4 times bitten, 5 times shy.

you know, i just recently started making an effort to play my ps3 again.. back when i was on vacation, i just sat there and played video games and hung out with friends and MY GOD! it felt nice... but i got all these games i need to beat before i die so.. i'm trying to "actively" play video games on my free time.. admittedly, that's not a lot. but i'll keep that in mind and send in the friend request when i'm online. madnis, does not play games online.... save for fat princess.... every other game is either off line mode or bust. just so you know.

In the interest of keeping things real things are decidedly unwell amigo. A while back I was arguing with my brother (cause you know I love me a good argument) and he gets mad, stands up and breaks my leg. Letting shit slide is what brothers gotta do. So I lost my job, I don't have the money I planned on having to go back to school and my campaign to get back in shape is halted. And it's a shame too, cause all xboting aside I was actually getting some muscle tone going in my posterior region thanks to that kinect. But I can't be jumping around, or running on my treadmill or using the bike I meant to use when I was watching tv or playing a game. Can't go looking for a new job yet or driving. Trying to get the state to help me with medical bills. Looks like I gotta pay 1200 dollars with no job somehow. So that's that man. On the bright side I quit playing wow like three months ago. So there's that.

way i see it dude, it could always be worse. and from what i'm reading, all you can do right now is wait. if that's the case, use that time to plan out your next move after you get well. therefore you can jump out the gate with a good stride in your step. don't worry about bills yet, understand they're piling up but just handle what you can handle and don't worry about the things you can't handle until you can handle them. then you go tackle that shit.
easier said then done, i know but that's life dude. meanwhile, shine up the resume, boot up the puter and start looking at the potentials. and don't worry... because it could be worse.

But. BUT. You man. I've seriously wondered a couple times how things are over there on the street in South Korea, with you there and all. (yeah, yeah I do worry every now and then homie, and hey the world would be a darker place if someone nuked Girl's Generation.) Glad to hear you guys take Kim's threats as casually as a way to set your watch. Also, look at you a professional and everything. Nice work. If you were just animating the Cleveland Show I'd be worried, hahaha, but it looks like you're set up pretty well, some resume. I remember when you would post some of your sample animations/renderings on the soul calibur.com forums man. Nice to see you made something of that, I'm kinda ashamed I'm not doing so well but I'm happy for you at the same time. Seems I been feeling that way a lot lately. Okay Berto, stick around man and send me your address. How's the Mexican food situation coming along anyhow?

yeah, we're not worried.. to quote a movie..
says S.K to N.K: "I don't think you got any bullets in that gun..."

still... it's something to keep your head to the ground and your wits about you etc etc... luckily, i'm registered with the embassy.. if shit goes down i get a message on my phone. and i'm on the next flight out of korea... work be damned. my life is more important then my job. can always get new jobs... no second life. this ain't no video game. ha. yeah, wish i could go into more details about what projects i'm working on exactly but.. non disclosure agreements... thumbs up.


which reminds me.

we got taco bell now in korea.

I'm good right now. sittin pretty even.

PS. I'm gonna edit that message where I mis-identified a certain dev. It might not be a good thing if someone from his office came by and saw that for some reason.

do you.


so...i was drunk as shit last night, and messing around on facebook, evidently. anyways...FML.


i don't even remember posting that...


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Damn Lobo, black out posting huh? I worry bout you holmes!!

HRD's Words of wisdon for the day........

Red on the head, Like a dick on a dog!!

ur welcome



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the best position to have sex?

not laying down or sitting but in a standing position from the back. have her face down, ass up. stand up on your tippy toes so you'll be coming down at a 45 degree angle. this ensures you'll not be flush with her vagina, because you have to remember, the vagina curves up on the inside... so from this position, it curves down. and you'll be shifting organs while poking at the wall.. stimulating her in a way you probably never felt before....

and when you reach the pleasure spot... remember..

there is a god.. AND HE'S WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!



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i'm the head of the military nigga if you want that beef... i'll give a long ass speech then put that ass to sleep.


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I'm in a ranting mood... and i feel like this is keeping me from my sleep so i'm going to say this here..
it's random in the sense that you know... it's a rant.. but it's related to this.. call it more of an editorial.

you know.. it's great that things like twitter can give you direct access to these developers but it brings up an interesting thought... is there ever a line drawn in which they say "fuck it, you'll have to either follow my vision of this game or fuck off", or do they acquiesce to the basic demands of the fans. and by basic I mean the overall consensus of what the fans want in the game. which then brings up a question on my mind.. does this make us fans of the franchise? or fans of the developer?

take for instance, soul calibur. it started with the idea from the producer and his team. it evolved and it grew. it became this thing... and then the producer left and with him his vision.. and then it went and became someone elses vision. what he/she saw this game to be. where it needed to go.. and now we have this fuck. who's on twitter. listening for ideas from his fanbase, who aren't really his fans... but fans of the franchise itself. does he have no vision? does he have no ideas of his own to bring to the table? or is he doing this simply to stroke the cock of the fanbase and get that paycheck? I kind of want to see what he's going to do with soul calibur. what HE believes soul calibur to be. what he's actually doing, i don't know. i can't speak for the man. he's doing what he believes is right and I can't fault him for that. but at the same time, i can't help but feel like the fucker doesn't know what he's doing. I call him a fucker because I don't know his name, and i don't care to learn it. he could be a very cool guy for all i know and doesn't deserve to be called a fucker but ey, it is what it is. he's fuckin with my franchise and i expect him to fuck up horribly. but I do expect to be proven wrong. but that's going beyond the point..

i wonder if that happens anymore.. where people are like, this is my vision. this is what i see it to be. and you'll either like it or fuck off. which then makes me wonder, are you a fan of the franchise? or a fan of the man behind the franchise? do you respect the person's vision of the game? or are you simply happy that it's soul calibur so fuck who's developing it, so long as it's soul calibur i don't give a fuck who's making the game just bring me soul calibur. you know it's cool that they're willing to listen. to hear what you have to say. but is there ever that point where he sits back and says.. "you know it's cool that you see it this way.. but that just doesn't fit with what i see as soul calibur. I just don't think soul calibur really needs that."

probably does happen right? he's not a spineless fuck right? he can make the game the way he sees fit right? it is what it is... people say this industry is lacking in innovation.. i think it's lacking in vision. I think people are so focused on the money that they give two fucks about the actual game. which is why we have nothing but established franchises and the like simply because all they have to do is cater to that fanbase and they're guaranteed capital. I think it's also part of the reason why some games don't change very much simply because of fear of losing that fanbase.

you know what? I think the guy behind heavy rain has the right idea.. He wants people to look forward to his next game. his next vision. versus fans of his games...

Is there any reason why people trust in Team Ico or in Naughty Dog, Bungee, Insomniac, Blizzard. these are actual companies that people eagerly wait for their next game. Not just the sequel... but whatever new IP they come with. people trust in their vision.

I think I'm a fan of vision. I wanna see what they come with. with what they bring to the table as their idea for an awesome game.


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I feel like learning something new. I stuck my toe in the waters of C++ one semester. Was pretty easy. How much harder can it get amirite?


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I feel like learning something new. I stuck my toe in the waters of C++ one semester. Was pretty easy. How much harder can it get amirite?
Well, how far did you get? Polymorphism mean anything to you? If you could just pick that up being new to programming in one semester I think that's pretty cool. If you think you're ready for hard mode, try straight C. It should really see how solid you are with pointers and memory management.

C++ compilers originally just converted the code into C, so it's not like you'd be gaining anymore functionality. Infact, you'd have to implement features native to C++ in C yourself. So maybe it might be a waste of time, but I'd say if you're bored try writing code for polymorphism in C. Shouldn't take too long.