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    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    post pics and videos here

    here is jaxel vs computer raph

    im going to analyze this video and post comments
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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    6AB baby!
    SEB from neutral!
    prepA from neutral!
    juggable/GB 33K:B!
    4A is BB safe!

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  2. Windstar

    Windstar [12] Conqueror

    Looks like Raph has his SC3 speed and a lot of new SC5 flair. Pretty cool.
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  3. Nightterror92

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    Cervante's gun shot or Ezio's gun shot!?
    Which will win!?
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    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    OK guys

    from what I can see Raph looks much improved and its pretty obvious namco has been listening to me all along about what he needs

    0:40- Raph now has a BBB but with regular BB speed it seems this is great it adds an element of hesitation to raphs BB which makes him more threatening to disrespect his BB which was a major problem in SC4 as his BB was -2 on hit

    0:45- raph still has 3B and it combos into prep AB it looks like. Prep AB is like his 6A combined with a sped up SEB B at the end but no NH stun

    0:46- after prep AB he transitions into SEA and does SC4 SEB A from SEA, It looks about the same speed as SEA A from SC4 hopefully it kills step just as good

    0:50- Prep AB is unsafe and punished by 2A an expected move a safe CH fisher would be stupid

    1:05- PREP A IS DONE FROM STANDING: this change is huge in my eyes raph lacked a good mid CH fisher in SC4 which I felt he needed to punish people for not hesitating and this change makes me feel namco was listening to my rants about what raph needed. later in the video it seems to give kinda a knock down that looks like a late break from SC4 on CH Ill comment on that later

    1:18-22B still exists no idea if it still goes into VE he doesn't seem to transition at all in the video

    1:21- theres the stumble from SC4 prep A CH looks to give a lot of frame advantage and push back

    1:24- B throw is still in and with ringouts being buffed raph may have a decent RO game

    1:26-33B's push back on hit looks amazing, I am really excited about this change

    1:27 -BE 33KB gives a combo now and looks like it transitions into prep as it combos into prep BB unless he got his SC3 6BBB series back

    1:37- I believe thats SC2 WR A+B( I didn't play SC2 its awful) it looks to have fair range but kill step. This is awesome raph in SC4 couldn't fufil his role as a zoner against some characters as it was too risky to zone against some of the cast with strong whiff punish.

    1:38- 4A is back no idea if CH stun is as well

    1:39- SEB K can be done from standing and combos into his SC3 11B. SC3 11B is an awful move hopefully its bette fleshed out in this one

    1:58: 8A+B looks as useless as ever

    1:51-1:52 prep A 66B BE looks like a force block and 66B BE seems to give a lot of frame advantage as well

    2:00- no Idea what input that may be but it looks like the first hit of his SC2 BB

    2:02= 44A(B) is back and looks faster : AWESOME CHANGE that move was great already this is just over kill

    2:04= SEB B also looks like it can be done from SEA and looks amazing on block

    2:15 66A+B looks slowed down or slow for the pace of the game oh well

    2:30 WR B is still in =D!

    2:44 4B back as well

    2:46: HOLY CRAP 4A+B aGI follow up from FROM PREP I have no idea if it's a standalone move or part of prep B series but either way it will be strong:
    lets say it's a stand alone move: prep now has a threatening mid
    part of prep B series: strong CH damage!

    what do you guys think


    Edit: some general stuff:
    raphs NH damage looks pretty good
    raphs movement seems pretty good
    60 damage or so NH from 3B prep aB
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  5. Koz

    Koz [10] Knight


    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    raph gets his WR A from step
    strange low from prep looks kinda sucky
    he has VE K from prep
    1A is back
    236B is still in
    2A looks like more range then a regular 2A
    4A no stun on CH at least looks +
    66B>sucky low from prep looks like a combo
  7. nokkio82

    nokkio82 [08] Mercenary

    Nice write up. But SC2 AWFUL!? I felt that was Ralph's geatest moment!!!
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    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    he was low tier in sc2 from what ive heard

    him and yun were the worst
  9. Freaky

    Freaky [09] Warrior

    He looks very similar to SC4 Raph to me. Hopefully he doesn't have the same issues. I would really like him to be the conditioning character he's meant to be.
  10. Mandritti

    Mandritti [09] Warrior

    I saw SC 2 WS B. I missed that. (That's what 2:00 is) And confirm current WS B still exists in FC! Alright!

    4A from SC 2 (8wr), and we have current 4A somewhere. I don't know if I like the super step kill easy button. It has its spin property on normal hit, but looks like not a lot of advantage (could even be minus). It will depend on steppability in the game at large.

    What I see is, the Brave Edge / Critical Edge system looks like it is a boon for Raph, both in power and in design inspiration.

    Right off the bat BBB is totally sexy.
    [/first impressions]

    Reply to Signia: Yeah . as in, why does it want to stand right in front of the assassin? o_0
  11. Signia

    Signia [12] Conqueror

    Great analysis Warui. I always wanted his Prep A to be useable like Mitsu's 3A.

    Raphael has some horizontals to work with now, and step G is hopefully less safe or effective, so I'm happy.

    I like to play extreme keep-away or aggressive spacing but it all depends on good his movement is... would it kill the computer to backstep?
  12. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    I was wondering this myself

    I want to see his backdash because in SC4 it was terrible
  13. Inori DWF

    Inori DWF [10] Knight

    Inori DWF
    Raph's 66B looked to be a GB now. That's a nice upgrade for a char like Raph.
  14. crow_winters

    crow_winters [11] Champion

    he was low tier in a game where it didn't matter if you were low tier. if you put sc2 yun in any other sc he'd be high tier, real talk.

    that being said, i look at the info pouring in just from what we've seen thus far on raph and yeah.. i'm getting that old twitch. can't wait to play as raph.
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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    prep's low (probably prep A+B) looks like it has insane TC frames and a useful backstep.

    His SC2 4A returns (high horizontal), hopefully its safe, as that move has healthy reach.

    Prep K (old VE K) looks useful as long as it doesn't magically whiff
  15. NeclordX

    NeclordX [12] Conqueror

    Well, in general he looks more like a fencer and less vampire, that's good news.
  16. RT0wn

    RT0wn [10] Knight

    Maia 2174
  17. Azazel

    Azazel [12] Conqueror

    Prep A+B is low! humm interesting
  18. Windstar

    Windstar [12] Conqueror

    Below Cassandra (who was staunchly mid tier) but in no way was he as bad as Yunsung. His biggest problem was lacking good horizontals to stop step, but there was a good number of tools in his arsenal that kept him up. He had SCCs and an SCUB which really played well with him.

    In otherwords, he was lower-mid, but not terrible.

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