Resident Evil 6 Mutha fuckas!!!

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by TagYouRPregnant, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    OMFG!!!!! Chris AND Leon...together...? Action packed...Dark Stages...zombies every where!!!! @___@
    Omfg I am getting light headed from the excitement!!

  2. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    Look's like you can do much more then just walk and shoot.
    I'm also curious as to who this new guy is...looks like he has a couple of Wesker's moves...Maybe the new wesker?
    I'm also hoping that Ada, Jill and Claire make an apparence!
    I can't believe Ashley is in the game....hopefully she's as at least bit useful as Sheva was. I'm also happy that it's back in a City then in the jungles/islands.
    So friggin hyped!!! 3 RE games in 1 my friend said...this year is a baller year for RE. ;)
  3. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    Why hasn't this series died yet?
    (pun not intended)
  4. Age_of_Truth

    Age_of_Truth [12] Conqueror

    Oh wow...!
  5. Iceweb38

    Iceweb38 [10] Knight

    As one of the biggest RE fans, I'm officially hyped!
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  6. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    Right there with ya buddy! ;D
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  7. Echo01

    Echo01 [06] Combatant

    Just played the RE:Revelations demo today, loved it. Few hours later, I come across RE6 reveal?! What. A. Day
  8. BAD ASS! I just hope Rebecca is in this. that blonde haired girl looked sort of like Ashley but sounded and had the hair of Rebecca. but seeing that the president was involved and leon is in this then it is probably Ashley. Dammit where's my Rebecca Chambers!
  9. Reave

    Reave [13] Hero

    I almost threw my iPad up in the air I was so hype.

    JAGTHEGEMINI [10] Knight

  11. DRAGOON320

    DRAGOON320 [09] Warrior

    Zombies? Chris? Leon? MOVING AND SHOOTING?!? My hype level is overflowing!
  12. Rekano

    Rekano :O



    Huge Fan of RE myself. CAN NOT WAIT!
  13. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    Tag, by the time you end your topic with "Motha Fuckas" you just made my day.

    And definitely I'm hyped for that game.
  14. Alpha

    Alpha [12] Conqueror

    I never got into the resident evil games. I know it's a very popular series though.

    Which one should I start at?

    I have a PS3, PS2, and Wii.
  15. Snowman

    Snowman [08] Mercenary

    Skin head guy - I like the theory that he's HUNK without the mask or armor. Note in the 3 minute trailer at about 2:12 you hear a piece of dialog "I was better off a mercenary". Not going to know until the cast are all confirmed but I like this current theory going around.

    Also, will this game be sneaky and add a certain A.Wesker? And no, I'm not talking about Albert.

    @Talisman - if you can find it cheap it's worth doing the main games. RE1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Zero only goes into minor details about Rebecca Chambers and the Bravo team from RE1 so it's not majorly important to know all that.

    RE1 will give you back drop into Chris, Jill and the Wesker situation. RE2 starts of Leon and Claire's story with 3 being set just before 2 which focus' on Jill in Raccoon City and the Nemesis program. 4 continues Leon's story a few years later and 5 brings it back to Chris/Jill/BSAA.

    You can ofc read all the back drop on the Res Evil Wiki's which have very good information.
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  16. MikeBreezy92

    MikeBreezy92 [10] Knight

    You forgot Code Veronica sir.
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  17. Rekano

    Rekano :O

    You can get the entire series off of Playstation network. Granted. RE1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica HD are older games and controls are awkward if you never played though before. RE4HD and 5 Gold Edition are more modernized controls and are also much more forgiving.

    RE1 was remade (Referred as REmake) on the Gamecube...however, I believe dual disc games didn't work on the REmake, RE Zero, and RE4 are on the Wii. (REmake is what got me into the series with updated visuals and various changes)

    So my recommendation? Get REmake and Zero on the Wii(if you can find them), everything else on the PS3.
  18. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Road 2 EVO!!!

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  19. TagYouRPregnant

    TagYouRPregnant Team Ceddy Bear! ♥

    I like your theory's and I was actually thinking the same thing about this new guy being Hunk, but then you also hear Chris saying "after what she's done to many more of my men have to die because that bitch?" (Ada maybe?) and then one his buddies is like "But your personal vandetta isn't going to get us anymore"
    So I'm thinking hmmm...some Wesker will be in this plot?
    All I know is, I'm fucken stoked and hyped, can't wait for them to announce the rest of the cast!!
    Cmon Claire!!!! *crosses fingers*
  20. Alpha

    Alpha [12] Conqueror

    Cool, cool. Thanks a lot. I heard the were great games with the evidence that the series is lasting this long, so I thought I'd try it.

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