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good stuff, arnboku and 2ndface! really entertaining matches!
that is one scary Rock...


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It's too bad, because you were hitting a fair number of 2A+Ks, looked like you started to give up on them since you weren't getting much from it.

Just try 2A+K, 5, GT. Or for max range, 2A+K, 6, GT. You have plenty of time, so there's no special hurry.

4[A+B] JI is the kind of manly shit you want a Rock player doing.

You probably could have thrown more. He was blocking a lot, and you weren't playing for gauge damage.

There were a few times when I would have gone for Rock DOOM COMBO after 3A+G, but to each their own.

Not a good idea to back away from Astaroth. He's much better at range than Rock, but it looks like you figured that out eventually. :p

Other than some command issues, looks like you did pretty well for yourself. Keep it up.


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You are right I should definetly have focused more on Rock's CF game in this case. I didn't throw as much as I could because I was fearing those blinking JF-Commandthrows.


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NY Casuals:

Something-Unique (Rock) vs. Nuez (Lizardman)
Part 1:Part 2:
Something-Unique (Rock-Setsuka) vs. ShadowFox (Cervantes)
Part 1:
Something-Unique (Rock-Setsuka) vs. Serge (Zasalamel-Xianghua)
Part 1:Part 2:
Something-Unique (Rock-Setsuka) vs. InsaneKhent (Seong Mi-na)

Part 1:Part 2:Part 3:
Comment and Critique please as this is a Rock in training!


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Poor lizardman never knew what was coming.

I didn't watch any of the others because anything short of 100% manliness is unacceptable to D Matt Ma


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I think your Rock did pretty well but your opponents had no idea about his groundthrows it seemed.

What I noticed:
-After CH 66B you've always done a crouchthrow. You could followup with 6K instead for some guaranteed damage and still have the 50/50 game with the groundthrows.

-Maybe you could use more iFC 3K, you only used it against Mina I think. (that Mina was crazy good btw O_o)

Entertaining matches :)


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Watched the Lizardman and Mina vids so far.

After 2B+G you should try other stuff besides A+B. A+B if you can get a RO, otherwise use the 9B, 6B+K combo. It's way more damage.

Good use of ground throws vs rollers.

Definitely mix in some 6k after 66B. It gives you more options and better damage.

Nice command throw whoring. :o

His crouch throw is WAY faster than his normal throw. You should try and punish more with it, especially vs Lizardman.

More bullrush for sure.

It seemed like they didn't quite know what to escape, which is pretty lucky for you. But, I suggest some Rock Doom Combo! It's so much fun.

I still think Mina is a bad matchup for Rock. If Khent had been escaping throws he would have had those matches, imo.

Overall, good job. You're whoring the command throw, which is good, and you're making good use of throw loops and ground throw combos, which is great.


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I will make things more manly for you in the future lol.


Add 4K in after 66B CH and use more Bullrush. Thanks!


See the main reason that I came in here is for stuff like your post. My Rock is based off of SC:BD and that doesn't work in that game so I just used what worked in that for SC4.

That brings me to another concern.... The follow up ground grab after command grab in SC:BD is so much easier to do and 100% guaranteed. Is that the same for this game because I couldn't get it to work on Lizardman after the JF. Also 214A:A:A I notice has some issues even in SC:BD like the last hit whiffing on hit. Is that normal and the ground grab is only guaranteed at close range right or am I wrong?



General Comment!

Thanks for the general advice and I will be running Rock in Koga's and Bone's. So look out for some more videos outside of some more casual videos from NY that will be coming up soon.


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First, you guys were right about Lizardman. He is fucking weird when it comes to that throw. I had a guy JF tech out of the command throw BEFORE I let go of B, and I got the JF. Whatever.

In general, though, command throw -> ground throw isn't that reliable unless you're at the edge or near a wall. The timing is very exact. Better off going for 6B+K if you need damage.

214AAA is so wonky in SC4. It'll whiff if they step, since it doesn't always track, but if you're whiffing the last hit don't forget that you move while you spin. Hold 6. The followups are much less reliable. On block your throw will beat everything but they can still duck, on hit a few characters yield free crouch throws (iirc Amy, sets, mybe sk?). The rest you should get a 50/50 crouch throw/ground throw mixup, depending on how they fall (if they're off axis you won't get the ground throw).

But, yeah, the BD changes for Rock were really good, but you should be able to adapt. 2B+G, B+K is good in BD, but it won't work against most characters in SC4, everyone else can tech. But the 9B, 6B+K combo doesn't work in BD. Also watch for less RO range on his ground throws.

And if you spam more crouch throws vs Lizardman they'll probably stop going into crawl altogether. It's pretty gross; I think you get a crouch throw on crawl A even if it hits.

After 3A+G, B+K ground stun if you dash you can catch tech with a crouch throw. 3A+G, B+K -> 2B+G, A+B = Rock Doom Combo. See if you can land that, cus it's manly as fuck.


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So besides Lizardman the 63214B+K (JF) is guaranteed but exact timing is required? As long as its guaranteed I will go for the mixup ground throw then since exact timing doesn't run me off. I will get it down.

I didn't know you could hold 6 during 214A:A::A: lol. Nice!

So 2B+G, 9B, 6B+K is the combo in regards to anything but ringouts and 2B+G, A+B/8A+B is the combo for ringouts in SC4?

Is 3A+G, B+K guaranteed or is that a tech trap in SC4?. I will still incorporate the combo but i'm just curious.


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You can also use other directions instead of 6, but I have no idea why you would. I know you can go backwards, fowards, up, and down (not sure about diagonals).


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2B+G, 9B combos vs everyone but Hilde and Vader. It won't work properly on them. A+B/8A+B is for ROs, yes, because the damage is much less. I'd say not to underestimate the RO range, but it looks like you've got that down.

3A+G, B+K is guaranteed. 1B+G, B+K is only guaranteed vs Amy, everyone else can tech.


johNNy blaZe
3A+G -> B+K is not combo vs a few ppl, can't remembe roffhand though...i am getting old, and haven't played since probably April. I suggest mix with stuff like 6B+K etc if you're having difficulties


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I see some awesome usage of post block jf dash (eg. by Arnboku and Something-Unique).


I apologize if this annoys anyone but when I talk on the forums I specialize in post block jf dash haha since everyone else knows more than me about other things. I just tend to learn from others about other things while I mainly experiment with post block dashing.

consider the video.

Xianghua vs. Rock.

Serge definitely knew how to counter the usual tactic---post block dash and grab. He usually uses attacks that auto crouch right when Something Unique blocks a punishable attack that pushes Something Unique backwards. In order to counter the slower auto crouch moves, press 6, wait for the dash and enter 6B in order to use 66B right after the dash. 66B is almost as useful as 6K as an interrupt move since 66B is almost as fast as 6K (correct me if I'm wrong). So, block dash BANG!...hopefully. Xianghua also, has moves that allow her to dodge to the right and duck. In this case use 6 dash 6A or 66A. 66A catches people dodging to the right mainly. You can even dash forward right after 66A hits (post hit jf dash :D). Dashing forward for a close range mix up opportunity may be safer than commiting to 66AA from the beginning ...I'm not sure though; just an idea to increase our unpredictability. Let's see if it works.

(Edit: 6B changed to 6K as an interupt move.)


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where's the love for RAWK?!

this is after ~4 months of not playing at all... so watch this shit, make fun of me, yada, yada.


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I now love Genver even more. Thanks for bringing some life into this forum. It's just as bad in the Tekken Ganryu forums. I must like characters no one gets hyped about.

I didn't find too much to comment on. I'm a bit surprised on the lack of bullrush. I would use it at least a little bit more, even if you play safe.