SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread


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I actually thoroughly enjoyed SCIV Yoshi movelist. It was so goofy and fun especially with his 4A+K that was tied to the timer. Pulling out those UB uppercats in clutch moments was more than satisfying. I can't stand what they have done to him in SCVI tho...


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SC6 is in a good place when it comes to moves, there is now a logic to it that all characters have a unified setup that certain buttons with certain directions have the same type of behaviour. On top of the obvious commands that have been here since the first game the unified moves are that everyone has a break attack move on A+B, 3A, 3B and 3K are mids with 3B being a launcher, 1A, 1B and 1K being a low and B+K being the command for special moves or stances. If you keep this in mind to learn characters in SC6 you will have a much easier time coming to grasp with the more unique tools of a character without being overwhelmed.


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Me leaving 8wayrun and join in Kayane new website:


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Kayane’s site would have to be pretty spectacular to cause a mass migration, I think. Not sure that it will be, or that it has much in mind aside from the tournament crowd.