SC4 Sophitia Videos


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I don't see a thread for this yet, and I want to watch some videos of good people, cause I'm really bad ;D

Post videos of Sophitia in action!


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Hi, I'm pretty new to this site but thought that you might want to check these vids out.

A very solid Sophi imho but kind of predictable with the 4A combo starter. Flashy and entertaining to watch though.


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Here's a vid of my sophie: (this was from weeks ago however)

Here's a long vid of 4 of my matches. 3 of Cassie and 2 of Sophie:


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LoL didnt realize, yeah I really like your combos off the [4]A. BTW, just a general question, does anyone have any combo vids for sophie. Heres a good one for cassie, and was wondering if anyone had posted anything similar.



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You should use 4B+K. It's great for the soul gauge, goes under highs, it's fast (but bad tracking).


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this is my first time using sophie in real match

Need advice as usual from sophie player here
I'll be waiting for it
THX :)


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I'm no expert so take what I say with the proverbial grain of salt...

Against rugi when you block his 1A, kB, 66BB(if you weren't pushed too far) 2KB(hell even if it hits you, if you're still standing) you should 236B 4 immediately after. In general sophi punishes amazingly and you can prevent your opponent from wanting to use a lot of strings by making sure your sword is in their gut by the end of it.

On Ch 66B+KAB if you buffer G to turn around quickly you can get 236236B(which does a heck of a lot more than btB+K) on them before they hit the ground. Also for 66B+K, remember you can hit confirm for the first hit before inputing the last hit, so if you've got people sticking to their block and they haven't figured to duck the second hit, you can terminate it there to go into whatever other favorite string you have; I like 11AA or 11A[A], grab, or go 4B+K/BB for the reset. The last hit of 66B+KAB is not safe on block, but as you show sometimes it should be thrown anyway.

66K, 3A+B and 236K (or 236B for that matter) have huge cooldown and shouldn't be thrown unless you're resonably certain of connection or you have enough range afterwards such that the opponent can't get a fast enough poke out. Even 3B isn't safe on block.

I'm fairly positive that her A+G grab leaves them in front of you and you have slight frame advantage so after it you can try to play some mix up games with BB, 66A+G or whatever else you might've thrown after connecting.

You might want to try adding 236236AA to your repetoir as well. While it's not a particularly safe string unless you're tech trapping with it, a lot of people unfamiliar with it seem to have problems blocking the second hit, plus it comes in really low under a number of attacks.

Otherwise looks pretty good to me.


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This carries over to a degree but its the concept behind my SC3 sophie (for the first year at least) and it directly relates to using GI in your offense. Now everyone has a window to attack and how they choose to do so is entirely upto them... so how do you make the opponent attack quickly? You force the opponent to attack quickly or get hit in the face.

So how do you then know when to GI? you guess... its a combination of factors but when you use the threat of sucessive attacks you force an immediate response or your opponent yields to your offense.

Now when they are forced to attack at speed or to lose they have 2 options that they can mixup against your GI high and low. Now most opponents dont even have lows worth considering because not everyone has mitsu 2K,B so you can pretty much just high GI and take the low hits if they come because few lows in the game force you into guessing high/low so few in fact that I cant think of any because while mitsu has a scary 2K,B he doesnt have a high counterpart that does a ton of damage... So basically find a point of small disadvantage and either keep attacking or parry their interupt... when your opponent starts using mixup tools in that situation after seeing you GI its time to start attacking again and back and forth however the match turns

The other key to knowing how/when to GI is just reading your opponent.. everyone has tendencies and realizing them will give you a point to use GI until they realize it and change their game up... so alot of times you want to pickup on a tendency and not capitolize on it immediately so that you can use it in the clutch. Another thing to keep in mind is that the more the opponent is reminded of this the more likely he is to change so if you use it once a round it might take him 5 or 6 rounds to stop himself from his bad habit... but if you do it 3 times in a row hes going to catch on quicker because you keep reminding him while its still on his mind. Many times 2 good warnings will get a player to change their tendencies and the better players will adapy on the 2nd time around alot of times so when you KNOW your opponent will adapt that quickly you can mixup faster and ultimately less on them.

IE mitsu 2K,B and you 3B combo them in wakeup... then the next time you use 2K,B 4x in a row and see how many times it works on the best players in the country. This preys upon alot of things tho. First is their recognition and adaptation. Then the immediate mixup will make them think towards guessing and the 3rd time around is anyones guess but the 4th wakeup 2K,B will almost certainly hit because now that the opponent has given you credit for adapting fast they wont expect you to be that predictable and the 5th wakeup is usually the same if you mixup elsewhere and make the opponent guess and 2nd guess themselves by showing different adaptation in different situations... I probably lost most of everyone there... like you will think you udnerstand it but there are ALOT of underlying factors to getting a really high level player to 2nd guess themselves


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oh against mitsu you get free 236B after guarding RL B as well... one of the BIGGEST strengths to sophie is her punish game so when taking a matchup you have trouble with the FIRST thing you should do is to see what you can punish and how and then start seeing where the opponents tech traps have weaknesses... Basically when your working on matchup mechanics you want to start with defensive so you can regain initiative after you give your opponent a point to attack because IMO in tourneys not being able to regain momentum and initiative after guarding is one of the worst faults there is


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yo guys
thx for the lecture
taking some time to read and understand it LOL

This is my first time using her in real match
I didn't use 236B because I don't know which move I can punish with it
236B is unsafe now LOL. so I don't throw this move a lot.
thx for give me some guindance

about the combo, I should practice and see sophie forum more
because I didn't know her combo at all LOL

I also haven't practice her JF :p
THX for the advice guys
really aprreciate it :]

I hope I can do better next time