SC5 Good Games Thread

Discussion in 'Online Mode (PSN/XBL)' started by SCPartisan, Jan 31, 2012.

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    SCPartisan Holy Moly

  1. Beep boop, son. Beep boop.
  2. Tyberius

    Tyberius [12] Conqueror

    GGs to IdleMind and a bunch of other scrubs I've met in the last day or so.
  3. Xeph
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Good Games;

    online; Destinizish
  4. Sora

    Sora [11] Champion

    GG's to the people I played randomly on ranked from yesterday. Not inclusive, since I played 24 hrs straight essentially but:

    Tsao Pi
  5. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    GGS to Pocky Yoshi... Ohwait..

    GTFO online and playme in the improved netcode so we can finally have a lagfree fight XD
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    SCPartisan Holy Moly

    GGs to Static, Dest, Ramon, Heaton, Greatone, Wen, Senzait, Gw8t3st, Stryder, Schlep, LP, Hawkeye, Malice, Idlemind, Saion, and Shinji

    Might have forgotten a few names lol
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    LP Premium Member

    Where are all of you people playing?
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  6. Inori DWF

    Inori DWF [10] Knight

    Inori DWF
    GGs to Partisan, Idlemind, Esom, karl, Xeph, Ramon, NYC_Fab, Dest and the online players running around.

    Blocking low has never been so satisfying in my life. I need to play everyone in this netcode. Hit me up for some games if you see me! I'll gladly face you :D

    BEENEEWEENEES lookin nice

    awesome game to Chaos1x, who still fucking 11A's, but they've now made his CE comboable off the 11A for about 70% life. yall better start blocking with this good netcode, Chaos comin for that #1 spot
  8. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    We'll play soon.

    Aside from that ggs to Landslide, Docvizzo, A Rusty Lamb, Landslide's buddy, Goofy Grazel, Moldaiver, and Angelsama...

    Edit: GGs to Wonton Rogue, FuzzieViking, and A Rusty Lamb.
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  9. Kamiaka

    Kamiaka [09] Warrior

    GG to ppl I've never even heard of on ranked today. Serioulsy. Not even a single familiar name. OhwellXD
  10. AnitaLife

    AnitaLife [10] Knight

    ggs to HRD and LesPaulPhoenix

    also global colloseo = GREATEST PLACE TO TROLL
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  11. Soul

    Soul YĆ“ma kanryou!

    GGs to Wany707,AlphaChojin,and Dralaced.
  12. novastar

    novastar [09] Warrior

    GGs to Enkindu, ProvesaDark, Nemesis Kamden, Zero Rose_X, Badass99, ShinjiUrahara, Tyfu123, Anbumee, Dade305nigg, Guard_Impact, Paraboss, and anybody else I played this week.
  13. Awestruck

    Awestruck [09] Warrior

    GGs Anbumee and Rikuto-san
  14. DeathWarden

    DeathWarden [05] Battler

    GG to Fatal Exodus, as usual. I'LL TWIST YOU APART.
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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    i can't ever find anyone to play with .. kinda ridiculous. did you guys set your settings to something other than N + S america ?
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    Mage The Soul Still Burns

    Most people set it to just "other", leaving the search settings to default.

    Btw, GGs to anyone I played on Ranked last night.
  15. Eli123s

    Eli123s when it rains, it pours

    GGs to Ring, dam I am so far behind....

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