SC5 Good Games Thread


I don't know.
GGs to Alf, Gordo, Jon, markman, Nitron, Party, Bstrd, Wabbit 12(a completely different Wabbit!), Akill-whatsit(I seriously can't remember or spell that name), Hodin, and Raijin.

Donut + Party: You guys are cowards. Going to sleep before I do and letting me take someone elses invites? Fucking cowardly.


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The wife says we're getting fat and got us a gym membership...I'll still be around us much as possible on XBL. Just, with less of a potential for clogged arteries.

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So after finally getting a mic, I jumped on the stream yesterday and had a shit ton of fun. Even though I was butt raped by several individuals whos names are as follows:

IRM (i still dont think you are black)
Fenris (yes even Fenris can be fun to play with)
Party_Wolf (I have a picture in my head of you being a curly haired little jewish kid)
M216shanimiolasdkdfuasdvnaeri (whos Hilde I couldnt fuck wit)

There are a few others I forgot. But all in all I play this game for fun. I never said I was any good!! And last night truley was a great time. I had forgotten how much fun you can have playing calibur with a good group of people and a mic to talk some shit with!!



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Ggs LP and Partisan. My internet apparrently dislikes north america though, who knew?

LP, stop ducking against Alpha :P

I just realised it only got screwy after Partisan joined... I can FINALLY blame Canada for something! ^_^


Holy Moly
More GGs to FinalLifeG, JT-Boogie, Benihan, Melfice/Juandysanchez, Stryder, MONEYMUFFINS and anyone else I forgot.

Save for the enraging D/Cs, this whole online thing isn't so bad :P


I don't know.
GGs to Alf, markman, Nitron, Bastrd, Pyrrus, HRD, and all the ragequitters in Ranked & colosseo like this raging weeaboo:


Ugh, seriously. I wasn't salty until the ragequits T.T


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^you ran into that guy too? He ragequits on me all the time. I also found a common ragequitter in global. This guy is even worse than that Donutscrub


I'll make you submit!
GGs to Kinetic, best Ivy mirror since I last played Ring! Which was a while ago actually :P