SC5 Playstation Network Matchfinder


[08] Mercenary
PSN: voxanimus
Location: Southern California

I main Patroklos. I am a noob, and suck. I'd love to play with you, but I'd prefer to not be used as cannon fodder by a veteran.


[09] Warrior
Location: North Central Louisiana/U.S.A.

My main is Pyrrha; Yoshimitsu and Tira are a huge toss up between my secondary characters. Feel free to contact me at around 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every weekend if you wish to fight against me.


[08] Mercenary
PSN: jack_accrual
Location: Kansas

I main pryyha, with siegfried as a second. I'm on anytime after 11PM central time, and sometimes in the morning between Noon and 2PM. Looking to get better against all characters. Anyone of any level welcome. I'll gladly give and receive beatings for the sake of getting better.


[08] Mercenary
PSN-ID: ZanFighter54
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

My main is Siegfried. And I know that I always use him but oh well... At least I tried to use some other characters like Leixia or Mitsurugi. It's been long that I haven't played but I wanted to comeback to it as possible. If you want to add me, it would be appriciated. ^_^
Contact me if you can, so hoping that I or we don't feel left out. XD


[08] Mercenary
PSN: ShadowSlayer0

Only playing Aeon and very very lacking in knowledge right now, so longer sets might make me angry but I'll learn something as well. Any character choice is good since I just need to learn what I can do, send me a message on PSN and I'll try to set something up with you!


[12] Conqueror

PSN: Draggonnfs

Location: Europe

(I'm on wifi most of the time, and my connection is quite crappy, so it would be cool for me to find players from Europe, would be less laggy)