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    I prefer my CAS to be women with few clothes on. Sometimes they're mythical, sometimes they're modern, but the one unifying factor is they're female and they're not wearing much. It's what I appreciate in a good visual I suppose. Pictures to come soon.

    Haters, feel free to hate.
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  2. LargeBillsONLY

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    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_20.png
    I screwed up on the closeup on this one, as she was blinking. Her eyes are one of her cooler features right off, too. All black with bright-yellow irises.
    My rendition of Medusa. I added snakes everywhere I could, almost, except I almost did one on her thigh too, but then I didn't wanna overkill it too much. She's got extras in her "hair" and her neck and her arms. Her legs seemed bare so I threw on a chain and she's also wearing the ball-and-chain on her ankle. It's one of my better works I like to think. A closer look'll show the "tattoos" I put on her already oddly-colored skin, flashes and swirls of other greens and yellows to make her look more snakey.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_21.png
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  3. LargeBillsONLY

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    Similar to Medusa, this one's got a mythological feel to it, kinda Satyr/WC3 Dryad inspired. She's got three sets of horns on her head, very pink/magentaish skin, green hair and, y'know, hooves. Ivy's "rose" weapon seemed fitting (you'll notice almost all of my characters are Ivy or Patro style, by the way, as those are my mains). I tried to make it look as much like a rose as I could, giving it all a light-green stem color and a purple flowering so it'd kinda match her theme and also kinda stand out.
    Did some experimenting to figure out what worked best as far as patterns on the bikini (going for something "naturey") until I settled on snakeskin. It fits and kinda matches her armlets. I recolored the bandaging on them to brown, as it matched her hooves' fur best, which I altered to a lighter, paler shade of brown.
    She's also got some tribal markings/etc. Most of my characters aren't sporting a lot of clothes so I try to decor their skin a bit.
  4. Pocky-Yoshi

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    Trim down the hips a bit. Kinda scares me, but interesting concepts.
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  5. LargeBillsONLY

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    I'm a fan of the hips actually. Perhaps personal preference plays a part but also I don't want them to look like supermodels (not these ones anyway), but "strong", too. Medusa's got some serious muscle toning, you might notice. The Dryad less so.
  6. Pocky-Yoshi

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    Personal dogmatic ramble:
    I don't mind hips being a bit wide, but when it feels unnatural to me, it's a turnoff.

    Like I can't enjoy a skinny chick with giant racks for instance. Very unnatural.

    A body like Taki of Soul Calibur IV is my ideal fit lady. At least dressing her up for instance would be sexy.
  7. LargeBillsONLY

    LargeBillsONLY [09] Warrior

    The people have questioned whether or not I make "normal" looking women, so those will go up later.
  8. LargeBillsONLY

    LargeBillsONLY [09] Warrior

    Alright, I know I said normal, and this one's got wings, but other than that she's pretty normal. Again I was going for more of a "strong" looking normal, though. Though my CAS are indeed scantily-clad, I prefer them not be very skinny considering the kind of hardware they have to swing around.
    It's pretty basic work this go-round, but I do spend a lot of time adjusting the tickers on their dimensions and matching colors properly. On this one I actually found a skin tone that just seemed to "glow" in the right light, which was the goal. On Elysium's stage, she really seems to literally shine at certain angles, which was what I was really hoping for. I like this one a lot for its simplicity.
    Her name reads "Guardian", obviously short for Guardian angel.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_37.png
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_39.png
    I was also short on things to put on her. An angel wouldn't have a bunch of tattoos all over the place. So I tried my hand at a navel ring, and it came out pretty well in addition to giving me my next idea for a character, coming up soon. I also made a "modern, going clubbing " version, though that's kinda hard to pair with a sword.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_14.png
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  9. LargeBillsONLY

    LargeBillsONLY [09] Warrior

    Some quickies of some of my slightly more clothed ones.
    This one I was going for kinda a princessy feel, but the main highlight is her dress. The white patterning on it is about four different stickers layered, all in white to kinda blend together. It's still kind of a work in progress.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_46.png
    The two here are what I termed a fallen angel before and after her death. She's thinner than the others, with a sprinkling of tattoos and has a kind of ashen skin tone with red hair that kind of contrasts everything else and stands out.
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  10. What are you talking about? Hasn't anyone told you its always in the hips? It's all in the hips. :3
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  11. Pocky-Yoshi

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    Lulz. Not everyone has the same taste. I'm kinda like my fantasy girls to have some realism yet retain some fantasy.
    Seong Mi-na, Taki, Natsu, Hilde, Pyrrha, and Viola are prime examples on certain types I could like.
  12. Murasame

    Murasame [10] Knight

    I think that your CAS are indeed interesting. With their musculature, the wider hips can be fitting even though I feel they are a bit wide. However, it could be one thing to try just reducing them a bit and see what it looks like.

    The way the bones assignments for the hips slider make each side very "pointy" when going far, so if you reduce it slightly, it will round it a bit while maintaining that large look.

    Looking forward to more scantily clad ladies ;D
  13. LargeBillsONLY

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    Whoops. Was busy yesterday. I'll post more soon. I've got a modern alt-rock type chick coming up in awhile.
  14. LargeBillsONLY

    LargeBillsONLY [09] Warrior

    Alright, this is maybe my raciest entry overall, because she kinda screams "sexy" in ways others don't. Heavily tattooed and inspired by a girl I met through Craigslist (she later became a stripper, no joke - I live in Vegas), this is "Cherry".
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_58.png

    My goal here was to stick as many tattoos and piercings on her as I could while still showing her core, mostly unimpeded. She wound up with tattoos on both her thighs, hips going up her sides to her arms and back down, and also covering her back. She's got BIG earrings on as well as eyebrow rings and a navel ring. I did a nose stud on another character, but didn't have enough equipment spots to put on one her, sadly! The navel ring can look a bit misplaced at certain angles. I might have to redo its placement.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_53.png
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_56.png
    She's still got a "toned" look, but she's not as strong as the others and indeed leans a touch more toward the modelly side. She's Ivy-height, and chesty, but maybe not as much as her top makes her look. That top just makes them look a bit bigger than they are.

    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_57.png

    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_29.png
    I've also been undecided on her hair, mostly between the pigtails and the Natsu-style "updo". Definitely have to have it up in some way to show off the tattoos on her back. She's also got an alternate "surfer" version I'll put up later that's a little more conventional. Cherry's definitely got a hardcore/alt-rock thing going on, but she's too "sexy" to have a modelling/runway look even outside the tattoos.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_44.png

    Overall, pretty proud of this one. It's heavy on details and very garish, but I really got the look I was going for.
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  15. LargeBillsONLY

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    And now for the "surfer alternate" version of Cherry. Same body, same tatts, but maybe some time apart when she had a change of scenery. She's got a tan and her hair's bleach-blonde.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_60.png
    She also became a Chargers fan apparently. What can I say? The colors just looked good on her.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_61.png
    I've been wanting to find a way to use the western boots. These seemed to fit well enough. The gradient pattern on her arm warmers and her thigh-highs is one of my favorites. Can really blend almost any color scheme well with good use of it. The bright colors really strike a nice contrast against the suntan, too. I could go on and on about how much I liked the colors on this whole outfit, really.
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_65.png
    I've also been back and forth on whether or not to keep her glasses on. She's got very blue eyes and they match her outfit, actually. But sometimes her glasses get knocked off anyway, right?
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_62.png
    SOULCALIBUR Ⅴ_67.png
    Her sword's also in on the color scheme and this picture maybe doesn't do it justice. The Dream Blade's got a natural gradient to it on the blade and it just looks cool. I sometimes have to force myself to use other weapons just for variety, but it really is the coolest looking - particularly if you give it some really standout colors. Guardian's golden one I need to take a picture of, because it's friggin awesome.

    Anyway, not sure what I'll put up next. I've got a very leggy asian I was kinda shooting for a "modelling" look with, kinda "car show girl" inspired. I've also got a sorceress/witch type girl. Stay tuned, and click that you like these if you like them. Keeps me going when I'm feeling lazy.
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  16. Murasame

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    Hm... You make me want to make scantily clad versions of my female CAS. Though they have minimal clothing, I'm quite appreciating the color scheme you give.
  17. LargeBillsONLY

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    It's always a certain consideration of mine how a character will look when you knock their armor off. Most of these don't lose much but accessories, thankfully. Usually, it keeps my beloved color schemes intact, and it also retains all the hard work I do tweaking their figures for the exact look I was going for with each:

    Medusa's got a very strong and alien look to her, but she's also very womanly of figure.

    Satryx (the horned-hooved pink-skinned girl up there) still looks strong but she's also got that mixed with a certain girlishness, especially if you throw how I tweaked her voice in. I also really, really like her color scheme. Pictures don't quite do her justice. I need to do some alternates of her, too.

    Guardian has almost nothing but her body to show and I was going for something very statuesque, the pinnacle of health and feminity. Her "glowy" skin tone is one that's hard to portray in pictures too.

    Cherry, obviously, is a maximum-sexy-tomboy thing.

    You don't lose any of that stuff above by getting your armor knocked off. Except Guardian's wings and halo. THAT annoys me. I wish you could manually mark a thing or two as "essential".

    (Also, I've got a rendition of Kanye West, but I don't think he belongs in this thread.)
  18. brucege

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    As a friend of mine once said, "If you're gonna be lookin' at an ass for the next 40 hours of gameplay, it may as well be a female one." I couldn't prove him wrong. Sexy designs all around, but that satyr in particular is gorgeous. She really pulls off the sexy-cute look well. Unless it really is just the camera as you say, the colors could stand to be significantly brightened. I would saturate the hair and eyes, darken the hooves and tattoos, and color in the arm equipment. This is me treating game fashion like theater fashion. It has to be blatant and exaggerated to attract audiences with far seating, poor vision, and low attention span. Whatever you decide to do, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!
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    Wonder where'd you get the undergarments? Unlockable? DLC?
  20. rdmunhoz

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    this surfer alternate is awesome

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