SCVI Tira Edits


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Tira, reimagined as a seafaring and plundering villainess pirate rather than an assassin.



It was kinda hard reimagining her as a pirate while still being in character, and even more difficult to do so with the limited options. But I think I did a good job with what I had.
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Might i add something? I like how she also looks battle-hardened too, given that you added the damaged pants to her. Really loving this reimagination, looking forward to more! 👍


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She looks cool like that.

Funny enough the custom Tira OC has her damaged hair with a black and red scheme. She looks pretty freaking badass as a pirate.


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I did a Jinx Tira from League of Legends.
Though not a big fan of the game itself but interested in the characters and their stories, Jinxira (just came up with it, sorry) looks spot-on and even more so with Tira's crazied ecstatic personality, a trait she also shares with Jinx.

Hell, i'm starting to think that Riot based Jinx off of Tira!
One is just a random idea I had, the other is trying to make her SCIII 2p, emphasis on trying...
Here are just two color edits I made of her in SC3 and 4
SCIII 2P and recolors are looking rad. The random one actually looks good and well-polished for a random idea, gives off an even more wilder vibe with the red/black combo.
Overall, good stuff! :)


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I thought parts of her Raven outfit went well with the Ancient Tribe set so I used that as my base and came out with this.View attachment 52410View attachment 52411View attachment 52412View attachment 52413
I didn't care about Tira in the previous games (though she had merit as SCV's main villain, i give her that much). But why, just WHY does the character feels and looks better this time around? I'm very excited about this CaS of her, that barbaric costume she dons with those tiger details and the dirt and scars on her body is lit!!


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@OI : What a beautiful Tira, from a beautiful person, glad to have you back miss Orange (remember the tiger CAS from SCV) :)
@Gaahl, this is what i call strong theme and concept, i had a prehistoric CAS in mind as well, as i did some in 5.
@Windup : i never saw you steal anything without politely asking first, you are the most courteous forum member (and admin) i know of
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Incredibly cool as that is Feldrassil, it's not possible to edit Tira in that way, which is the intention of the thread. I enthusiastically suggest starting your own thread where you're free to post whatever CaS you want however, as I'd love to see more of your stuff.



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Thank you! I finally have a Calibur game on PC now, which means that I can take all of the pretty screenshots that I want. :3

There's so many beautiful screenshot opportunities between cool glowy effects, the fact that you can choose between several expressions, and over 30 poses. Hopefully we will get some decent DLC packs for the CaS pieces. Keep up the good work!

Agreed, indeed there are. There is so much creative activity on this board you don't know where to look, nice reunion of CAStists :)