SCVI Tira Edits

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Incredibly cool as that is Feldrassil, it's not possible to edit Tira in that way, which is the intention of the thread. I enthusiastically suggest starting your own thread where you're free to post whatever CaS you want however, as I'd love to see more of your stuff.



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Thank you! I finally have a Calibur game on PC now, which means that I can take all of the pretty screenshots that I want. :3

There's so many beautiful screenshot opportunities between cool glowy effects, the fact that you can choose between several expressions, and over 30 poses. Hopefully we will get some decent DLC packs for the CaS pieces. Keep up the good work!
Agreed, indeed there are. There is so much creative activity on this board you don't know where to look, nice reunion of CAStists :)


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Dusting off the ol' CaS skills with a quick, spoopy Tira edit:


SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ_20181025095141 -.jpg

SOULCALIBUR™Ⅵ_20181025095341 -.jpg

Pretty simple, but it was fun to crack open the system again. I had originally planned to make her top orange for contrast and to keep the stitching consistent, but they unfortunately kept the limited underwear palette from the last game, so I had to keep it black. I experimented with stickers to make the hat appear more stitched-up to match, but I feel like it could use some feathers or bones to really mesh with the rest of the outfit. (It kinda looks like it's sneering? Like a grouchier Sorting Hat... or Oogie Boogie. Appropriate either way, I guess!)



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I love Tira's design so much I can't stop playing with it, the Raven set is easily my favourite set in the game. Anyways nothing too special here was just having some fun and figured I'd share.
I've seen a lot of Christmas Tira recolours on ranked with gaudy over done patterns all over them and decided to try my hand at a more basic Christmas Tira without the cheesy striped stockings.
I'm really upset the elf ears aren't an item anymore, I tried using horns but it didn't turn out. Any suggestions?
Already posted this in another thread but might as well do it here as well.
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I posted this for the contest before reading it’s only for US/Canada so i am posting them here now lol.
Tira as Harley Quinn, obviously not the exact same but heavily inspired by Harley.