Siegfried Returns to Face His Nightmares

Michael Stabile


This has certainly been worth the wait! I screamed when I saw the notification!

Although his hair looks quite crap
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I'm not surprised at all at his return. I don't see how they can not include someone as iconic as Siegfried. As i'm sure they've learned from their past mistakes, cutting out iconic characters does no good.
I'm definitely not surprised either, and I'd say he needs some work... Some of you probably know that I don't like some things about the graphics, mainly the hair and skin - well Sieg's hair looks very low res and the way it moves is just quite bad. But the main thing is the clunky armour, I really hope they scale it down to fit him more - this way it looks like he stole it from some bigger bloke.
So, I'm gonna say it. Siegfried got fat.

This kid is supposed to weigh 110 lbs at the time of SC1. Who the hell is buying that number here?

In this timeline he looks like Brock Lesnar.
The heights and weights for nearly all the characters has been completely wrong since Soul Blade, probably because of them trying to convert metric to imperial and just not caring. Take SCIV's Starkiller and put him next to Siegfried, and you'll find that their models are nearly exactly the same height in or out of stance, even though Siegfried was listed as 5'6", and Starkiller 6'1".

I've found that the sooner you stop paying attention to amplifying data like that, the sooner the headaches go away.
Well, consider me now truly hyped for Soulcalibur VI! I was going to be fine with Nightmare because he's my second main, but nobody can top how much I love Siegfried. And given how good both characters are looking in these trailers (in terms of movesets and costumes), I'm glad I can have my Zweihander style both ways again.

Looks like I'll have to update my profile pic and signature very soon after so many years :D

"Taste... the power of my sword! GRAAAAAAH!"

I have a feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot when I end a round with Siegfried's Critical Edge
HELL FREAKING YES! I told you people, there's no freaking way Siegfried won't have a seperate spot, when I heard SCVI was a reboot, the first characters I knew I would see again were Kilik, Xianghua, Siegfried and Nightmare, because they are the main characters.
Also wanna note - I think Sieg's CE should've finished up with a massive vertical clash down. I was fully expection that when I watched the reveal for the first time, and I think it would be quite a bit more brutal and satisfying that way. Oh well, not gonna change now.