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We've already got more than 40 Astaroths clones running around canonically in the story, so hurray for those future wishes.

Give me back Olcadan and Charade!


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Since this thread is quite active, the guy running EVO is asking for people to tweet him your perefect EVO lineup for 2014. Make sure to include Soul Calibur ;)

As with most points of discussion, everyone is certain to have their own opinion on what games should be included in Evo’s lineup next year. Co-founder Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar recently took to Twitter to ask everyone just that: what six games (or less) would make up your perfect Evo 2014? Feel free to send him a reply through the tweet below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Tweet me your perfect lineup for Evo 2014! ( 6 games or less) #Evo2014

— Joey Cuellar (@EvilMrWizard) October 1, 2013


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Lizard versions of all missing fighting styles. Make Lizardman Setsuka totally cute <3. Give him an umbrella and a kimono with a beautiful floral pattern.

Problem solved, everybody wins.
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