SELLING Soul Calibur Animated Avatars.


Yes, a guy.
It's cool, I'll let you make the call (do what you think is best).
Tried doing my best here to keep the full animation and the color as best I could.

PM me back if you wanna help me pay off my premium; I'll just do free GIFs for everyone if you're going to be so kind.

Talim JP

Talim & SoulCalibur supporter
Thanks- and now it works! ; )

Yes I wasn't jokin- PM me your PayPal info/amount and it'll be done.


oh riri
cool thanks mandy, I sent $2 again

maybe you can cut off a bit from the sides to make it square? so it won't be stretched? ;P

thanks again ~!


Animated Avatars can be 192px in width...

Any larger and they lose their animation.


Yes, a guy.
I'd just like to personally thank both Talim_JP and Kane for helping me reach my goal!

In celebration, I'll be offering free animated avatars to Premium Supporters for 2 days (5/9 & 5/10). Feel free to post requests here or PM me.


[12] Conqueror
Can I has one with Aeon doing the SW ABK cancel over and over around someone's head with the words "Swag Winger" in a bold font at the bottom? :3
Around 55-105 plz or 130-134 plz or 222-228 plz
Sorry im kinda picky..
The video you provided is low quality and it has subtitles enabled, so the GIFs might not look as good as you'd like them to. Here they are, however.




They should all work as an 8wayrun avatar. If one doesn't, let me know and I'll fix it.