Soul Calibur VI on Steam

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This could be in the wrong section, but hoping nobody chews me out for it, like someone on Steam did. Now that we know when the release date for SC6, will Steam be posting a preorder page soon or will I have to go through gamestop? I hope I don't because they stink.


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Steam put Tekken 7 up about a month before release, so I'd expect to see Soul Calibur VI around September.
It was up well before that. Just looking back through my purchase history, I pre-orded Tekken 7 on February 8th, so it was up at least 4 months before release, because I remember not pre-ordering it right away.
Considering I just realized the copy of Soul Calibur VI that I pre-ordered on amazon (15 dollars cheaper) will be unable to be played online (I don't pay to play) I guess I'm also waiting for it to drop on steam.