SoulCalibur Concept Art by Passion Republic

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By Party Wolf on Aug 16, 2016 at 12:40 AM
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    Passion Republic is a company that creates concept arts for popular video games such as Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat X, and Batman Arkham Knight. You can see some of their pieces on their website which will be linked at the bottom. If you own Mortal Kombat X, then you may have noticed that some of these concept arts are featured as unlockables in the Krypt.

    These images could potentially be official designs for potential characters in the next SoulCalibur installment. Enjoy the gallery!


    Update: These are confirmed by Passion Republic to be unrelated to a new game. They're just used for their portfolio.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Party Wolf, Aug 16, 2016.

    1. Nyte

      Sophitia is alive, Kilik has the staff back, we have two variations of Nightmare, and Natsu is wielding her weapons differently. What are the implications of this?
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    2. CorrectDefense
      where is my super like button
    3. Nyte
      Oh, and a concept of Natsu being possessed by her demon (forget the name) and one of her using a completely different weapon. How much are they going to differentiate her from Taki for when she returns too?
    4. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
    5. Nyte
      Yeah, that's it. If I actually cared to remember the backstory of the Naru- err, I mean Natsu, I would've remembered the demon name. This is very interesting, so the idea of Taki and Natsu being in the same game looks to be a reality.
    6. Marginal
    7. Master_Thespian
      Please sweet baby Jesus let this be indicative of a forthcoming Soulcalibur 6.
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    8. Macaulyn
      I'm impressed with Natsu's return, but not with the rest. The arts look cool, and I really hope this is an indication of SCVI.
    9. T.Rex
      Amazing Natsu[​IMG]
    10. Ryuhza
      Eww Natsu

      Thought honestly, none of the designs are really speaking to me. Still, SCVI, right?
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    11. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
    12. Soul
      Sophitia looks gorgeous.
    13. xragnarok645x
      Love these works! Waiting for more characters that Passion Republic releases. <3
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    14. darkwings13
      I have to say, Natsu's design looks amazing! But what I love most is the art for that stage. Soul Calibur's stage has always been much more amazing and detailed than other games in my opinion, and this definitely is a good reminder <3
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    15. hwang24
      The idea of Natsu and Taki being in the same game does seem good as long as the Arahabaki demon possesses her that may give her a somewhat varied movelist from Taki. Plus it would give Taki a reason to travel back to the Eastern Hemisphere to track down Notso.

      Now I would REALLY like to hear and read about Sophitia's fate at the end of SCIV. I heard from different sources that, 'Oh, she dies...' -- yeah, and?... 'Tira kills Sophitia.' 'Sophitia gets kills by a malfestate' (malfested -- my bad), or (the latest) 'She's with Cassandra floating around in Astral Choas'. Why would she be alive still? Maybe it's for the fan service. ..or she'll be resurrected by the Soul Calibur..

      People including myself would like to see Kilik back to 'normal', but for that to be, I don't know what story can explain him from being TOTALLY "enlightened" ... and then just go back to fighting as just one-style Kilik...though I'd love that. Kilik fans are loyal, but on another point of view, some Kilik people would like that just for the sake of having an excuse to GET RID OF XIBA. I'm indifferent about Xiba; it doesn't matter to me so much. How about that Kilik still?

      Nightmare's look through the series has been either cool, grotesque or menacing just like the drawings from Passion Republic. That Outcast Odyssey pic of Nightmare however,... nice stuff.

      ...and that's only if all these characters will come to be.
      EDIT: Great concept art.
      New legends will rise soon...
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    16. JohnMcKee
      *tries not to get excited*
      *failed miserably*

      I really love Night's 4th design, with a "new" weapon. Also, his appearance looks less human. Raphaƫl was freed, yay (or at least never a host) :D

      Kilik might NOT have gotten his staff back: remember that his SCV art also included the staff. Yet I hope he's not a mimic anymore... I love his 2nd design, he looks so mature and some kind of "mentor". I really hate that mask btw...

      Natsu's designs are all good, especially the 1st and 2nd, I like to imagine here using Arahabaki as a weapon (Necrid-like?), or wielding a different weapon thus differentiating her from Taki.

      And I love all three Sophitia's designs! :D
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    17. Nyte
      Even in the third one she's using different weapons. I've examined them and they look completely different from the dual kodachi from SCV and she's holding them differently too. It seems to me that she's adopted a new style, which is good, because that means Taki can retain her classic weapons.
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    18. JohnMcKee
      I'm not too familiar with Natsu, so I do believe you :D what I meant was "the further the better", because I don't trust concept arts that much (Elysium's floating sword, EM's sword, etc.) ^^
    19. Nyte
      Yeah, but it doesn't seem like Natsu would be like that compared to them, they are kind of on different leagues if you know what I mean.

      I'll show you:

      See the difference?
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