Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread


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Oh I mixed up my fighting games, Marie Rose from Dead or Alive, it’s what that apparently Asuka costume made me think, especially when they gave her very much non-Asuka hair in the still image later in the trailer. And I blinked and missed Lei.


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I think the intro and the end of the Setsuka trailer is actually an epilogue of what will happen in the future, if not mistakenly someone mentioned that her story is before the events of SC 3, when Shugen Kokonoe dies and she decides face Mitsurugi. 'Obviously' she can have a specific dialogue for him as Hilde has for Siegfried/Nightmare even she isn't envolve so deep in story.


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did anyone in one picture with Josie? next to her, some guy has QUIVER on his back! and bow too! so i will update my Bangoo CAS and add them to him!



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I think this already exist in SC5. As far as I could understand they thought of bringing Bangoo, but I think they didn't know how to differentiate it enough, since they didn't want to bring the movement similar or 'worse' than Rock.
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Yeah, not sure about Broken Destiny, but they definitely were already in SoulCalibur V. I used the bow when I was making Gisele for Dampierre's entourage. The quiver I actually already thought was in SoulCalibur VI, but maybe I'm being racist towards elves Hidden Village Clan.


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  1. Ugetsu Kageuchi
  2. Ridicule
  3. Shiranamigasumi
  4. Sword Umbrella
  5. Hidden Bamboo
  6. New Weapon
  7. New Weapon
  1. Ugetsu Kageuchi
  2. Suitou
  3. Ridicule
  4. Shiranamigasumi (Yakou)
  5. Hidden Bamboo or Sword Umbrella
  6. New Weapon
  7. New Weapon
The way that I managed to predict 4 weapons, while their fans wanted several random weapons, the Lisa power.. Kappa
  • Ugetsu Kageuchi
  • 三諸
  • 酔桃 (Suitou?)
  • 夜光 (Shiranamigasum?)
  • セニョーラ (Ridicule?)
  • とかげ傘 (Lizardman Umbrella?)
  • 伊留満 (The Ancient?)

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Mustache might be undestructable by default, we don't know yet.
Unless I've somehow missed something in all my CaSing, no ExEq are indestructible by default and I'd be surprised if they start now. Or perhaps you were thinking the mustache might be part of a new facial option? As intriguing as that concept is, it's would involve about a hundred times more effort than just adding the mustache as an object, which the DLC website has now been updated to confirm.

Looking forward to seeing how beards can be made from the moustache.
What, you're not satisfied with just being able to create Ron Jeremy? You've got to be able to render facial hair for non-pornstars? Well la-di-da, look who thinks they're fancy, ma!


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I HATE the balance changes.

The game was well balanced. Unnecessary nerfs across the board.

See what happens when dumb nerfs arrive? If one thing SC6 had well was good balance.

Now is all over the place. Back to the shit you go Seung Mina. Also, hello Raphael as well.