Talim Force Techs, Wake ups

There are no real tech-traps in SC2 because of the 0 frame wakeup.

There are many places where you may THINK its a techtrap, because when you tech normally, you get hit for free. However, if you get up with 4G, instead of just G, you get up perfectly fine and can block.
@ryu at the moment im using it to refer to soulcharge
@Jaxel, Yeah I know about wakeup situation, so I changed title to force techs, wake ups, and frame traps. Surely due to the fact Talim is a char with strings that don't do too much pushback, using the SoulCh in some places will act as frame traps. Plus also by force techs I'm talking about forcing opponent, E.G Helena BKO 2, safe will force opponent to wakeup due to ground hitting.
If it is such an issue, i'll take the thread down.