Tekken Tag Tournament 2


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If you're a Tekken fan right now, you have got to feel seriously loved right now...as an SC fan who has no liking for tekken...yeah...not so much. not at all in fact :(


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look after tekken 7, tekken tag tournament 2, tekken vs street fighter, and maybe 2 or 3 more tekken games, we're bound for some Soul calibur developement. Stay positive guys!
I'll be honest, I couldn't give 2 shits about the Tekken Street Fighter clusterfuck.

Tekken Tag always had a place in my heart as being my personal favorite tekken title. So Im pretty excited about Tag2, though I REALLY wished the announcement had been SC5(like all of you).

Mishima teams round 2, fight.


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I gotta say, Im also excited about TTT2, Loved the first one and have been waiting for the 2nd forever. I bet they have had this in development for a while and decided to unveil it now especially with all the FG's activity and competition with Capcom. I have a lot of faith that an Sc5 will be made...If its done right. I imagine it being a long ways away from now but it'll get here ;)


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I'm FUCKING excited for this.

That Leo/Kaz juggle was SICK. But like the OP said, it'll most likely get the T6 treatment and get released on consoles 500 years after it's arcade release.


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Just how many piece of shit Tekken games are they going to announce now? That's 3 so far by the end of next year, but Harada wants to tell us "Oh it's hard to get a game approved and going"



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I don't care how good the Tekken Tag 2 game is, this is friggin epic fail on BN/Harada. I feel shat on as well, but whatever I knew it wasn't SC5. I am becoming greatly discouraged. The thing that ticks me off is SC fans are being treated like crap... Puh, make us sign a petition to get our game made that sold over what Tekken did? That's bs. Half the SC fans still don't know about this petition and probably won't no matter what bc they're patiently waiting for 5 while playing other things. Am I not the only one that feels like this is complete garbage? They must think were stupid trying to placate us with false hope while spitting in our face.... I say we riot, lol. Pitch forks and all, whose with me?

PS- sorry for the rant and bad typing.... I typed that out on an iPhone. Yes, I'm angry but Im keeping up hope even if I am very disgruntled right now. Sorry for the negativity.


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While i really liked TTT, i think it´s maybe too much with all that Tekken VS Street fighter development.

I mean... Really, when is it even possible to develop/release a new SC during the next years, when Namco is focusing so much on Tekken...?!
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I feel like a hot Asian broad with a phat ass just dropped a deuce on me. The orginal TTT has a place in my heart since I loved Tekken 3, but this will be hot juggling action times 2. Get them DF+2 and random hopkicks into 50% juggles ready.

I think Tekken 6 is the best game in the series, but it took forever to come out on console, had serious issues, and died in a month. The same will probably happen when it reaches console in 2013.

This news also does not rule out the possibility of another SC because it's going to be a while before any of these projects hit console, unless they plan on releasing nothing until then for the console. But we'll probably end up in the same situation with that game.

But whatever. I still love SC4, and there's still alot for me to learn in that game and master. This news is disheartening, but it's not the end of the world for me at least.


I have said it before, these guys in Japan are going to cluster fuck the video game universe with fighting games...it will bite them in the ass.


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THIS ISN'T SC5!!! Seriously, if it plays like T6 (with the Dmg boost) I don't care. I even hared that T7 might be in the works! ... The only Tekken thing I'm looking forward to, is the SF engine version of Tekken x Street Fighter!