The Complete Outcast Odyssey Gallery. Now in our Wiki!

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Hey everyone! Over the course of a few weeks, I have been in contact with the Outcast Odyssey creators and have finally obtained all of the images that feature Soulcalibur characters. The images with the red borders have been inserted into the wiki of each featured character.

Since the weapons are not characters, Soul Edge was put in Nightmare's wiki while Soul Calibur was put in Elysium's wiki. If you want to support the artwork, then make sure to download the game or like them on their Facebook page. It is also important to note that if you choose to download the game, then you would be able to see these images as holographic cards with animated backgrounds. Enjoy the gallery (Click images to enlarge)!

Wave #1

ivyOOart1.jpg ivyOOart2.jpg ivyOOart3.jpg ivyOOart4.jpg

mitOOart1.jpg mitOOart2.jpg mitOOart3.jpg mitOOart4.jpg

volOOart1.jpg volOOart2.jpg volOOart3.jpg volOOart4.jpg

maxOOart1.jpg maxOOart2.jpg maxOOart3.jpg maxOOart4.jpg

kilOOart1.jpg kilOOart2.jpg kilOOart3.jpg kilOOart4.jpg

sigOOart1.jpg sigOOart2.jpg sigOOart3.jpg sigOOart4.jpg

nigOOart1.jpg nigOOart2.jpg nigOOart3.jpg nigOOart4.jpg

astOOart1.jpg astOOart2.jpg astOOart3.jpg astOOart4.jpg

nigOOart5.jpg nigOOart6.jpg nigOOart7.jpg nigOOart8.jpg

sopOOart9.jpg sopOOart10.jpg sopOOart11.jpg sopOOart12.jpg

Wave #2

lizOOart1.jpg lizOOart2.jpg lizOOart3.jpg lizOOart4.jpg

algOOart1.jpg algOOart2.jpg algOOart3.jpg algOOart4.jpg

sopOOart5.jpg sopOOart6.jpg sopOOart7.jpg sopOOart8.jpg

hilOOart1.jpg hilOOart2.jpg hilOOart3.jpg hilOOart4.jpg

minOOart1.jpg minOOart2.jpg minOOart3.jpg minOOart4.jpg

sopOOart1.jpg sopOOart2.jpg sopOOart3.jpg sopOOart4.jpg

takOOart1.jpg takOOart2.jpg takOOart3.jpg takOOart4.jpg

talOOart1.jpg talOOart2.jpg talOOart3.jpg talOOart4.jpg

tirOOart1.jpg tirOOart2.jpg tirOOart3.jpg tirOOart4.jpg

yosOOart1.jpg yosOOart2.jpg yosOOart3.jpg yosOOart4.jpg

zasOOart1.jpg zasOOart2.jpg zasOOart3.jpg zasOOart4.jpg

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Michael Stabile

Michael Stabile

Great art. Really drives home how much I miss SoulCalibur. I still remember before I had a PS3, I had really gotten into SoulCalibur with III on the PS2 and I saw some screenshots of IV in a magazine and I was like


I just wish I could have a moment like that again. It wouldn't be graphics wowing me this time though. Just seeing SC come back to life in a way that isn't horrible would do it.

And Yinkamiyoukai, I concur. Aeon looks baller.
these are pretty fking sick man, especially NM's. good job on getting these PW....*thumbs up*
Thanks a lot for these! They make great iPhone wallpapers! And some characters like Hilde and SCIII Sophie look epic!
the Hilde Artwork was done by WarrenLouw , the other are part of a patreon content release...which I have no idea how to work

the artwork for Hilde was done by an Artist named WarrenLouw, the 2 pieces of artwork I have listed are available on his DeviantArt.
The other 2 can only be obtained through his Patreon, some weird donation website that artists use...
incredible work.

Thank you and the art team behind outcast odyssey.

Are some of these images reversed ? Like Seong Mina SC4 it looks like the metal knee pad is on the right (instead of left).
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