The Last Priestess of the Wind


[09] Warrior
I'd speculate that during soul charge Talim stays in WC as long as she's linking moves that are accessed during WC. Maybe gaining auto-evade against verticals? It would allow her to access this kind of offense against RE.
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Developer commentary on Talim's gameplay (translation from Flying Wonky's Twitter):
Talim is described as a 'tricky' up close and speedy fighter with special movement stances and a flurry of chained attacks. SC6 reworks her special Wind Saults to be more easier to use in her gameplay.

Talim also gets a new 'Air Rage' stance that can be used offensively and defensively this time in SC6. She's now capable of doing big damage by borrowing powers from the wind.

Whether it is using her Critical Edge which can actually restore her health in battle or by activating Soul Charge that augments her offensive tactics even further making for a more refined character to use in SC6.


[04] Fighter
Wind charmer (0:26 and 0:35) looks identical (speed,range) to SCIV. Not a good thing, since wind charmer wasn't very useful in SCIV

Wind sault (0:21). In the trailer, WS B+K seems identical to the old version (with the short version here), but we know it has been rework "to be more easier to use in her gameplay". Maybe invulnerability frame to help to get closer versus characters like Ivy or Kilik?

Wind leap : no news. I hope it's still in, it was the better of the 3 imo.

New 'Air Rage' stance : could it be what we saw at 0:22, just after yhe aGI? some kind of backward wind charmer?
In the trailer we see Talim evade Xianghua's 3B with windcharmer after her tornado-spin. That looks promising atleast that it will work on non-tracking verticals.
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That was Reversal Edge graphic. The launcher looks like a variation of her SC2 3B[Gust Hook] Launch only it creates Backturn follow ups

Ill type my View Point in a bit was "Focused on Maxi". Then when Tira comes out, then maybe Zasa