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i wish i could join them. but i live in sydney and they live in melbourne, which are in two different states. so us playing eachother would probably only happen if there was a tournament or if we played online. in sydney we have our number 1 player in australia, and around 4 other competitive players including myself. maybe some day we'll have a sc session day which we would use ustream to show you guys how we play. i do have a few vids on my youtube account, but im playing pretty casually.

@euphemiaques, i very much enjoyed that video, especially the overdrive part :).


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a ivy matchup doesnt really go down too well, especially up against a top player like malek. but this tira player does hold his/her ground at times, which is pretty good for a final score of 10-4. whereas an ivy match up against my tira ends with a 10-1or2.

here's just one of the five videos.


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im in the middle of watching these videos and as far as my little experience lets me judge, i think its a really great Tira performance. I like his pokes, surprise throws and usage of various combos - it keeps things interesting. Good 6K punishing, too.


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Okay, so me and my friend recorded some Tira-Yoshi matches. We had to play it on monitor and because of tv-tuner it ran on 30fps, so where was issues with reacting to some things, but nevertheless there is still some bad options choose (like not punishing Yoshi 3B with GS 6A), but oh well. Need to get some action to this thread :)


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I'm no Tira player (though I do plan on picking her up one day), but I like how both you and your partner play the edge of the ring.


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Not much to say there. Surione doesn't know Tira so Fuzzie got to do whatever he wanted. But I will say:

Step against Lizard Crawl. If I'm pressured by LC I look for LC A+K. Makes the stance much less threatening. Don't forget to punish LC B. He jumps back but it's unsafe.

You missed an 88K BF 66B combo around 3:40. Buffer your BFs during other moves. I overbuffer most of the time to be sure I get them when I want them.

Ick A+K use mid-match. I hate the move but if it works for you keep doin' it.


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This weekend we had a major with a plenty of russian players including Belial.
Here is my match against him:

More to come.