[Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

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If anything I'd be flattered since homosexuals are some of the nicest people I've met. I don't think I've ever met an unpleasant gay guy.
That's good.

Because there's 300+ members on the Toronto GayGamers Facebook page and I've been hyping playing competitively to them, online and in person. A few of the guys play stick and even organize tourneys in smaller Ontario cities.

Homosexuals love Soul Calibur.


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I agree that there are some mods who act too much of an elitist but let's not forget there are also some new players who act incredibly rude and deserve to be justified with an elitist shutdown.

Let's just say some ppl got what they deserve and thus they deserve it w/o mercy.


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that depends what part they are controlling and what type of mod you are.

SA mods control certain characters in the Soul Arena and not in other generalized threads, that's for the general mod to take control over. Furthermore SA mods aren't mainly for disciplinary action that's more towards General mods.

If a SA mod posted his opinion on a generalized thread and gets attacked for no reason by a newbie or anyone, then I say the attacker deserves to get stomped. The starter has no reason to pick on the person thus I say it's a good reason to attack back even if you don't have to.
If a newbie is out of line, even to an extreme degree, is it so hard to be calm and collective when dealing with them? Being elitist and "stomping" them gives them more reason to dislike you and retaliate even more.
If a newbie is out of line, even to an extreme degree, is it so hard to be calm and collective when dealing with them? Being elitist and "stomping" them gives them more reason to dislike you and retaliate even more.
exactly, well out of topic: I asked Jaxel if we could have a sub-forum called Canada instead of the rest of america's, We are the biggest country in america after all. And we got some of the best players.


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Well tough luck they act this way they deserve it. So what... let them hate you. They started it, it's their fault.

And I tried being patient with them for the record but things just get worse. You can only do so much.

Not to mention this happened back at Soul Calibur Universe. I tried to be nice do the best I can to explain situations as calmly as I could but it doesn't work. Vints was there as well and tried to help out but got banned in the process.

The only way for them to learn is to actually be there and see for themselves.
Russell being a bro again.

Oh boy, you've just opened up an ugly can of worms, Mandritti.

There are certain people on this forum that have an irrational resentment towards me. And seeing my name used in such a way, whether it's true or not, will bring pain and rage to their hearts. Who knows what will transpire now.

Yeah, I am thinking maybe I could have not put your name there. Tying this to views you expressed was an afterthought, really.
But then we wouldn't have had hilarity, drama, and ponies.

(bottom line is it was the only intellectually honest thing to do)
j1yeon - Bro. Ask our Good friends Wallace and Russel what happened during Calibur Forums when Canada was dominating and WCMaxi Chicago et al were butt hurt.

Abyss doesnt get Banned. Russel takes advantage of said non-ban. Russel runs the train through Chicago Regionals. [...]
I like these posts where you run through the history. They are valuable to me.

mannn... this is a video game thread for god sakes.... were all here to have fun... same as if we play the game..if we play the game... i'm not going to sit there and say lovey dovy things to your face all the time...



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Hey guys, so im playing an unexpected show Feb 3rd at The Rockpile. Was wondering if anyone is interested in going. Would appreciate it! :) let me know if interested.
fk!!! make it a saturday man.... i work late on fridays... like i finish at 12-1am

By the way I just finished a new single with my band in the studio today. Check it out.

New album coming out in the summer
when the album comes out give me a copy... i'll buy k thanks!!!
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