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Post all media related to Voldo gameplay here, including combo videos, tutorials, tournament/casual videos, etc.

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[08] Mercenary
Hi Voldo Players! Sorry if this is not the right thread to post this but I see the Q&A one is locked so... well I would like to ask you something, I'm totally new to this game (I don't know anything yet about the characters, mechanics, CE, BE, and stuff) but I would like to start learning and maybe someday play competitively. I'm familiarized with Tekken so I'm used to frames and punishes tho.

The thing is I watched this video (from min 26)

and I totally fell in love with Voldo! He seems too fun to play and I think he got interesting setups with all his stances. I must say this Voldo player is impressive in my opinion but it's clearly shown that he is also countered and punished so bad. So here's my question. Is Voldo a good char in terms of competition? Or he's just like Zafina in Tekken, fun but useless? What's the best way to start Voldo? Thank you!


[08] Mercenary
He used to be an undisputed top tier , but in scV i think he lacks all of his flexibility that he use to have in previous games. Im personally very disapointed at this point. But he`s still strong but no so cool and complex as before.

The Landslide

[13] Hero
Is Voldo a good char in terms of competition? Or he's just like Zafina in Tekken, fun but useless? What's the best way to start Voldo? Thank you!
Right now Voldo has fallen from grace a little bit. He isn't the worst in this game, but it will take a little while for Voldo players to get over the fact that he was a wrecking machine in the last game. He doesn't punish very well, and he isn't particularly fast in SCV, but he is one of the few characters with good low attacks. Because of this, he is a very mixup-based character. When you fool your opponent you can get some really good damage out of him, but if they catch on to your tricks you will get stuffed hard.

So yes, he is viable but he is far from an easy win.


[08] Mercenary
Sad true is it is hard to fool top-notch players with him, so many of useful moves were cut. CR is non cancelable, mantis is poor, slow and predictable, in BS 8WR A,B or K he has only one move [!] nine inputs for a one move this is pathetic. Comparing to SCIV he got 4 diffrent moves form BS 8WR . He has even lost his BS 3K kick instead of this he got the same move as BS 2K. And we still got quite useless moves like 44K [no mantis on hold version!] BS 6K [who uses that?]. Every day with new calibur strengthen my opinion that the cool, complex and crazy Voldo that we used to know is gone. I play Voldo from 2003 Sc2 premiere and this is the worst incarnation of V at this point, he is so limited i can`t even belive it. This is my opinion after about 600 battles and im afraid it wont change. RIP old Voldo.


Big Gimpin
I'm afraid, by and large, that I have to agree with the general consensus in Voldo's various downfalls in this game. However, I don't want to be too pessemistic. His damage is still very high (there aren't many characters that can do 81 damage in a combo without meter, wall splat, counter hit or clean hit) and, considering the extent to which ringouts were nerfed for all characters, Voldo still has a somewhat strong ringout game compared to many other characters. And his his gauge damage still seems solid.

Of all the things he lost from 4, I think the only one we have any chance of getting back is CR G cancel. They can't just give him new moves or even his old moves back, as it'd require move animations that just aren't in the game. I only mention this because, if any players here ever have a chance to offer a suggestion to Namco as to how to help Voldo, I think presenting a united front will help us get that message across. CR G cancel is something they could actually put back, and would help mitigate some of the hugely damaging nerfs Voldo received from 4.

That said, I am certain we'll find there are at least several other characters in this game worse off than Voldo. At least he still hits like a truck.

The Landslide

[13] Hero
What is interesting is that while I'm still relatively unimpressed with him, Voldo is a lot better than I thought back at NEC. Having viable low attacks in this game is huge, and Voldo has so many. No, he can't brawl and when you play against experienced players you will have some trouble with mixups but in reality, Voldo was a little too strong for his own good in IV. I don't agree with all the changes, but I'm still committed to making this guy work.


Big Gimpin
I'm not convinced Voldo has a ton of viable lows. I don't consider regular 2A+B or BS 2A+B super viable lows. BS 2A+B is still consistently reactable to those trained to do so (Zeroeffect and khent are still blocking it near everytime) and it's -22.

Regular 2A+B isn't as punishable (only -18) but still i27 and very easy to see.

CR A+B is slower than it used to be, and it can't be insta cancelled from CR. in 4, you could cancel it so fast the CR didn't even seem to happen. You definitely have to wait for CR to startup now. And it's as steppable as ever in a game that has vastly improved step (Though it is still a mixup, I'll grant that)

1A isn't as fast as people think it is (i20, which makes it reactable) does almost no damage and is -16 on block, and it's not even plus on hit.

And then there's BS CR A+B which actually is pretty solid as it's safe and catches step, but it's still i29 which is 100% reactable with a little training to spot it

Maybe I just haven't seen how bad other people's lows are, but Voldo's lows seem kind of crappy to me overall. Against somebody who has good reflexes and is trained to see them, Voldo will get *hurt* for using them


[08] Mercenary
There`s easier way to preform CR A+B, it is WR A+B its faster and more suprising. I totally agree about CR G cancel but honesty i dont know how to contact with namco. Maybe some petition will work :]


[08] Mercenary
While i know Pyrrha is very safe to begin with, fighting her as voldo is a joke. Im pretty sure no matter what you do, you can get hit by a 236+b after. I think its funny on the chart they show him being a faster character....


[08] Mercenary
Yesterday i`ve played with Ring and actually Nastu mashing buttons style was more efficient then when i was fully focused playing Voldo.

We are recieving both positive and negative comments, but we take all comments seriously. We are working on readjustments.

I think its the best time to tell Daishi about what we want in new patch:
I`ve send him 2 messages about Voldo, so you ppl can do it also, the more the better. Especially people that are worldwide known Voldo players should do it.

Nation of Voldos arise! xD


Big Gimpin
Remember, gimp-brothers. Unite, ask for as little as possible but most importantly, we need to all ask for the same thing so that they realize that this is an obvious handicap to the character that most competent Voldo players immediately recognize.

CR~G cancel. That is what he is badly needing, far more than anything else.

Edit: Anyway guys we are getting way off topic here. Later tonight or tomorrow afternoon, depending on when I finish the wiki, I'm going to merge all these posts somewhere more appropriate. Let us not forget, this is the videos thread. Let's try and leave the posts related to videos and video analysis


[08] Mercenary
Ok sorry for offtop but i have to post it somewhere :D I ask Daishi about CR G and i said that he has really bad frames on block.

The Landslide

[13] Hero
I enjoyed it, and it will be a great help and index for new people who don't want to learn combos through notations. A big service, thanks.


[10] Knight
I seemed to have figured it out myself, but I'm unsure whether 66[A+B] needs to be CH or not:

666B, 66B, 66B BE Damage: 081
666B, {B+K}, MCHT 66 Damage: 067
A+B{3}, CR {B}, MCFT 66 Damage: 054
66{A+B}, A+B{3}, CR A+B Damage: 076
CH BS 4B, 1{K}, 2B+K, MCHT K Damage: 093
CH 66{A+B}, BS 6BB, 66B Damage: 089
66K, BS WS B Damage: 057
22_88B, 44K, 8WR B Damage: 073
BS 8WR BK, BS 8WR B Damage: 065
CH BS B+K, 2A+B Damage: 053
1{K}, BS 2B+K, MCHT 66 Damage: 049
1{K}, BS 1{B} Damage: 040
666B, 1{B} Damage: 046
BS 8WR BK, CE (one hit), MCHT K Damage: 090
6{K}, MCFT 66 Damage: 038
CH CR AA, 66B Damage: 061
CH CR AA, 66B BE Damage: 070
BS 6ABB, 2K Damage: 075
BS 6ABB, 66B BE Damage: 096
CH BS WS A, BS 4K, BS 44K, BS 8WR B Damage: 078
CH BS WS A, BS WS B, BS 4K, BS 44K, BS 8WR B Damage: 106


666B, 1{B} Damage: 040
CH BS WS A, BS JMP KB Damage: 066
1K, 66B Damage: 042


CH BS 4B, 66K, BS WS B, BS 4K, BS 8WR K, BS 8WR B Damage: 158
66K, BS 44K Damage: 080
CH 33_99A, 2A Damage: 035
CH 33_99A, 3A Damage: 044
CH 33_99A, 11_77A Damage: 048
66K, BS WS A Damage: 050
CH CR AA, 666B, {B+K}, MCHT 66 Damage: 101
CH CR AA, 666B, 66B, 66B BE Damage: 114
CH 66{A+B}, 44A+B Damage: 096
BS 8WR BK, 2A+B Damage: 091
CH 66{A+B}, 666B, 66B, 66B BE Damage: 114
666B, 66B, 44A+B Damage: 118


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