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By Xeph on Dec 23, 2014 at 2:37 PM
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    Xeph #TRYHARD

    Welcome to the first ever "Xephavorites" article. Just for the sake of introduction... What to expect with "Xephavorites?" Well, aside from playing the game, much like a lot of you here, I enjoy watching matches. Whether it's for comedy entertainment purposes, or because the skill is potent in the match, I'm a fan of the 'sport' that is Soul Calibur. This particular "Xephavorites" article will revolve around NECXV's Pool Play matches that might've been skipped over and/or top 16.

    This isn't to say that "Xephavorites" article will only pertain to video play... but we'll cross that bridge when the times come. Also, as a bonus, every "Xephavorites" article will have a guest's input. This article @GreatOne1939 (will edit and add his favorite's when he's finished filtering through them) will be showing you his favorite matches from NECXV, alongside my top 5 favorite's. Without further due, let's jump right in!

    1.) @Blueboyb VS @GolD ShaD (POOL PLAY)

    2.) @Thermidor VS @Reptile (POOL PLAY)

    3.) @SCPartisan VS @Party Wolf (Top 16)

    4.) @ShinjiUrahara VS @Ninjaguy446 (POOL PLAY)

    5.) @Ringout vs @crna_ruka (POOL PLAY)

    @GreatOne1939 Favorites:
    1.) @ZeroEffect317 VS @GolD ShaD
    2.) @Fuzion VS @IRM
    3.) @JJJ VS @crna_ruka
    NECXV was definitely one of the most impressive tournaments the states has seen in a while. Many people put in time and dedication for this tournament, and it shows. After this tournament, I was very proud of the USA's skill level, and seeing a lot of people had leveled up. I only posted five, but there's many other videos that surprised me. It's sad since a lot of times (well, majority of tournaments) pool play isn't recorded, and as as a result, we miss out on a lot of high level matches, upsets, and generally funny videos.

    So, I think I can say, as a collective, THANK YOU AVYLON for allowing us to get all our matches recorded. Also, thank you Bifuteki for streaming top 16 for us.

    Stay tuned for the next "Xephavorites" article!
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Which is your 'Xephavorite' of the list?

  1. TNG | Bluegod VS GOLD | Shad

  2. SC|TSF| Thermidor VS Reptile

  3. SCPartisan VS Party Wolf

  4. Shinjiurahara VS Ninjaguy446

  5. MvZ | Ringout VS crna_ruka

  6. Other...



Discussion in 'Game Video Distribution' started by Xeph, Dec 23, 2014.

    1. Sangre_a
      We need more threads like this.
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    2. Sandman
      Other. Menace vs. IRM.
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    3. Xeph
      After reviewing all these videos again I have to say that Thermidor VS Reptile is just too damn hilarious to not vote as my favorite.
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    4. Party Wolf
      Party Wolf
      Thanks for making the article and nominating me! Will you be writing these for every tournament?
    5. Xeph
      No, thank you for the excellent match. To answer your question: Yes. I plan on doing more 'Xephavorites' articles in the future, some may not be specifically for a tournament. For example, possibilities to seeing "Xephavorites: Soul Calibur III!" are high.

      As for SCV Tournaments current, and on going, they get an automatic "Xephavorites" list.
    6. Menace
      Cool stuff. I voted for Ringout vs Ruka. That match has hype, bringing Ruka to the brink is no easy task. Good shit to @Ringout
    7. ShinjiUrahara
      Yeah Xeph this awesome ! I am proud to have my fight be announced as one of your faves out of the many fights. I'm pleased that this one become a 'Thing' among the community. Now players will look forward to making your top 5 list.
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    8. Maxou
      I voted Shad vs Blueboyb at first, but Partisan vs PartyWolf is too good so I changed my vote.
      Shad vs Blueboyb is great but it doesn't have that funny commentary.
      I love how that other commentator is so embarassed by that other guy who can't stop laughing at Xiba's 2B+K sound.
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    9. Reptile
      Glad I can still provide some entertainment, whatever the form.
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    10. Sandman
      LOL I think that was me (Bibulus couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes straight)
    11. Xeph
      GreatOne1939's Favorites:
      So, yeah holidays and all that has me running kind of late on this but I will try to do what I can now. While I won't/can't go in depth as to what moves these guys were using, and why like Xeph did, I will point out a few things that I saw in these matches that made them entertaining for me to watch personally along with maybe a few side notes and opinions on each players game play and what they were trying to do.
      1.) @ZeroEffect317 VS @GolD ShaD

      2.) @Fuzion VS @IRM

      3.) @JJJ VS @crna_ruka

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    12. Mage
      Brilliant start to a new fresh batch of articles, nice one!
    13. Ninjaguy446
      I voted myself because me. I won't let you down at Winter Brawl Xeph senpai ;_; I'll be sure to one touch and ToD everyone.
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    14. Fuzion
      I haven't watched through all of the matches yet, but one that stood out and flew under the radar imo was ZeroEffect vs Shad. Watch that one closely and the round counts W T F, Zeroeffect was in that ass for sure. Lost some unfortunate 5th rounds but honestly, with just a few changes I think he would've put Shad in losers in that set, playing very good.

      Menace vs IRM was nuts in person, I think I yelled the loudest besides anyone beating Frenchies.
      I've been meaning to look up Ringout and Sandman matches because I didn't get to see them play very much.
    15. ZER0
      honestly think it'd be cool to get an update on this now that NEC has concluded
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