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Discussion in 'Yoda' started by RiBu, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Mystery Drips

    Mystery Drips [09] Warrior

    Hey, did you know all SW are broken garbage?
  2. Papy_Danone

    Papy_Danone [09] Warrior

    Garbage yeah.... broken I'm not sure :/
  3. FleshMasher

    FleshMasher [12] Conqueror

    I liked the movies. NOT THE PREQUELS. And the books are pretty cool.
  4. babalook

    babalook [10] Knight

    i think they shod make a update were all launches, stuns, and combos work on him just high attacks dont work unless hes lauched fist so hes fun to play against then give him a jf force push or somthing like that and make his force meter run down slower so hes more fun to play as
  5. XOmegaGold

    XOmegaGold [08] Mercenary

    I would agree to a change for Yoda in that regard, I hate that launches don't work right against him, I mean if anything they should send him flying more, right?
  6. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    Not broken in the least, plz provide evidence?

    What your describing for Yoda would actually make Yoda broke, if his force meter ran down slower then you can expect half life combo's (No Joke)

    Combo's work on Yoda they just require slight changes, as for the launch thing majority of launchers hold different properties vs Yoda where he launches and if he hits the ground he takes more damage.
  7. babalook

    babalook [10] Knight

    Well then i just want the just attack and combos to work on him cause it's anoying not to be able to grab him and then you cant do your combos on him it just seems like when i play against him it's never a serious match cause i dont care about looseing to somone i cant grab or do my most damaging combos on while they can so they should atleast give us the ability to do our combos
  8. Soupy

    Soupy [09] Warrior

    There ya go, Ribu already helped you.....

    ZOMBIEBEAR666 [09] Warrior

    Yoda is fine the way he is, have you seen his matchups??? He looses to almost every character (no joke) at high level play... Besides when you're playing him at a tourny (while everybody is boo'ing you) the "fun factor" doesn't really matter since you're both playing to win (you and opponent), it's all 3K's, 2K's and punishment ~lol... (that isn't very fun)
    Yoda balances himself out, he can't be grabbed (yay), high's can't hit em' (yay), some normal staple-combos don't work on him (yay). But, he can't step for shit (foward, side, or backward), his damage isn't that great, Asta, Zas, Apprentice, etc... = death to Yoda, there are glitches on him that turn into infinites (or spot-on 50/50 mixups), oh almost forgot he uses a force meter thats drain by about 1/4 for each force attack... Probably forgot about some other stuff like his sucky frame data and bad soul guage, but a win as easy as Yoda should be legal in all tournaments (what's the problem, can't beat Yoda?)... Play Yoda, fight the system!!!
  10. Psylocide

    Psylocide [09] Warrior

  11. InfestedLoli

    InfestedLoli [09] Warrior

    shut up no one cares.
  12. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    why play such a shitty character in the first place?
  13. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    oh my god that card is godliek
  14. Nofacekill3r

    Nofacekill3r [10] Knight

    Well seeing as how there are about 10 people who play this game competitively anyway, I'm going to have to agree with loli and say:


    ZOMBIEBEAR666 [09] Warrior

    @Noface + Loli:
    You mean nobody besides me cares... ~lol
    (I find that untrue, btw)

    @ Bubbles:
    Why? It's a challenge to beat people with such a shitty character it makes a win that much more enjoyable...
    Enter Rock, Yoda, Talim, Seong Mi-Na... If it's agreed that Yoda is such a shitty character why not allow him to be used in tournaments???

    @ Tiamat + Psylocide:
    Yeah, that is certainly original...
  16. WARUI_NE

    WARUI_NE Prettier than you

    its not called a challenge its called impossible to win.
  17. Papy_Danone

    Papy_Danone [09] Warrior


  18. InfestedLoli

    InfestedLoli [09] Warrior

    You obviously don't care or otherwise you would know that Yoda is legal already.

    So once again, shut up no one cares.

    ZOMBIEBEAR666 [09] Warrior

    No I didn't, sorry for my ignorance... He's legal in ALL tournaments including Nats??? Didn't know until now... Hey, would have been nice if this was posted at the beggining of this thread...
    Loli, your first sentence doesn't make much sense to me, if I didn't know that Yoda was legal already, but am still stating why he should be etc... then I don't care??? Makes no sense, man...
    And, once again, I still do... (and many more probably do too)
    I feel satisfied in knowing this now, thank you...
  20. Organous

    Organous [01] Neophyte

    Um, the phrase "no one cares" is almost never meant to be taken literally, because someone usually has to bring up the subject and therefore care. It means that so few people care about it that it's not a constructive area of discussion, but "no one cares" is much easier to say. Do you understand the concept of a figurative meaning? Ok, moving on.
    I remember when reading the SSF2THDR balance articles that T. Hawk was supposed to be a rather awful character (originally), because all he had was an infinite grab loop, but no real way of getting himself over there. Yet, people still won tournaments with him, no doubt because they capitalized on the opponent's mistakes. Yoda's not quite that drastic on either end, but it's this concept that makes me welcome him. Sure, he's horrible, but it's for just that reason that I would not at all mind losing to a good Yoda.

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