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Discussion in 'Yoshimitsu' started by neorussell, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. neorussell

    neorussell [10] Knight

    Hey Peeps,

    I'll talk more yoshimitsu later but for now, i just have to say that his Parting Thrust (aB+K) is just impossible to do because of this bug in how the system reads the input.

    It's even worst than iMCF in SCIV. So hard to do and I found out why.
    And no, i'm not a noob. I've been using Yoshimitsu since SC2.

    The reason it does not work:
    When you do a:B+K, the system think that the "A" is held down.
    Watch the notation info in training mode.
    Because of how sensitive the system is (i'm calling it "Hold Bug" for now), it thinks that I am holding "A" down when I press "B+K". Making the freaking move hard to come out. I have to press it so lightly for it to come out. It shouldn't be like that.
    3 Variation of Parting Thrust that i've noticed though:
    -A guard break version that does not guard break (you heard me).

    Yoshimitsu needs fixing or atleast this move.

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  2. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    Hey NeoRussell, mad respect for your input skills (I very well know you’re not a Yoshi noob), but how exactly is the game bugged with respect to a:B+K? I mean, either A is being pressed or it isn’t, right? Are you saying that it maintains inputs several frames after they’re released? That would be horrible if true. Maybe the required timing between A and B+K has simply become narrower, and that doesn’t gel with your (or most people’s) technique for executing this specific move? Also, are you using pad? Stick? 360? PS3? Some more info would be good.

    There’s definitely been at least one other comment about a:B+K being very difficult in SCV, so I’m not skeptical, just trying to get a better sense of what exactly the problem is (and therefore, how it could be addressed). To be honest this has me worried because a:B+K is nowhere near 100% dependable for me (more like 80%, ugh), so if you’re having issues with it I’m in deep trouble.

    And a GB-looking a:B+K that doesn’t GB... say what? How does that even get triggered?

    Very strange.
  3. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    I wonder if it's like iMCF where you just can't have the button pressed at the same time. So a super small window to get from a to BK but never touching them together.... If they've made it more difficult, hopefully they give it the better recovery it had before the major SC 4 patch that nerfed it.
  4. PeJ

    PeJ [08] Mercenary

    I succeed in doing it more than 5 times in a row today.
    i use the pad and configure B+K on the "X" button.
    And it's just ok (have to slide very fast my thumb)
    It's not impossible but timing is smaller than than in SC4.
  5. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    Hahaha sounds just like iMCF!! I could pull that off like 90% but moving BK on to the face buttons would suck.... I hope I can get the feel by kind of bouncing off the left trigger set to A then quickly hammering BK together on the face....
  6. Joeshimitsu

    Joeshimitsu [01] Neophyte

    Neo: agreed. I thought my buttons were going bad or something. Only after mapping B+K to one button and used a sliding motion was I able to hit it. Also, does anyone find imcf a bit easier to do now?
  7. MarkMan


    No wonder I couldn't do it properly.

    I've been doing it in my matches online; you can see in the vids here:

    However! I've been mapping B+K, lol. I couldn't do it the old way. >.>

    So my button configuration right now looks like this:

    A    B    K
    G   B+K  A+B+K
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  8. lolo

    lolo [10] Knight

    Mmm... if it's as hard as in Broken Destiny, I got this...
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  9. neorussell

    neorussell [10] Knight

    Omg, found an easy infinite with Yoshimitsu. It's so easy even your grandmother can do it. Videos tomorrow.

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  10. funkpanda

    funkpanda [09] Warrior

    Care to enlighten on inputs? I CANT WAIT
  11. MarkMan


    Pare hit me with that info, I want to test/try ;)
  12. Supa

    Supa [06] Combatant

    I thought I was the only one getting infuriated by this.

    Even more infuriating is when A+B comes out even when button mapping and swiping.

    The input display says a then BK...... and poison breath comes out?!?

    Edit: for the record, arcade stick and I can earslicer circles in SCIV without the damned buttons mapped.
  13. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    OK, I haven’t found any pattern to the input displayed, my method of inputting it, and the actual move resulting when attempting a:B+K. I actually had B+K mapped to LB but weirdly enough had more luck (emphasis on luck) just doing the a:B+K input manually, with the face buttons. Still completely, utterly unreliable. I agree, either we’re all missing something subtle and important, or this move has been made virtually unusable. Which may have been PS’s design. Just makes me regret how long it took for me to get it semi-consistent in IV...
  14. neorussell

    neorussell [10] Knight

    I'll get a video out for Yoshimitsu infinite but you guys can try it.

    --POGO Infinite--
    Bring enemy to a corner
    Make sure that he is between two walls
    3b him
    He will wall splat
    Do POG (b+k)
    While he is falling down, press b+k again to do that POG hit
    Mash B+K for infinite
    If your in proper angle, you can keep doing POG b+k until they die.

    Try it out.

  15. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    So basically corner trap them and Flea Spark them to death? I did notice that they don’t fling away from Flea Spark as much as they used to. I’ll try this when I get home from work.
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    Jaxel Administrator

    Doesn't sound like a bug... sounds like they intentionally made it hard to do.

    It sounds similar to Akira's 1-frame knee in Virtua Fighter. In that game you need to do :K+G: and within ONE frame, release the G. Its very hard. However, with the Akira knee, if you don't do the 1-frame knee, you get a normal shitty knee. It sounds like Yoshi's :a-small:::B+K: doesn't have a "shitty" :a-small::B+K:version, so instead of simply missing the just-frame, you get nothing.
  16. lolo

    lolo [10] Knight

    I will test it in a couple of hours :)
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  17. Supa

    Supa [06] Combatant

    But you don't get nothing - you sometimes get A+B which is insane. It looks like there's a whacky framebuffer in here or something. Maybe training mode input display is on drugs.

    Here's the setup:
    TE stick with both rightmost buttons set to A and B+K. Swipe them moderately fast (slower than iMCF) and you will sometimes get A+B.... wtfbbq&$&#%@*@*

    Even the input display says you hit A and B+K at different times when a wild poison breath (a+b) appears.
  18. RedDjinn

    RedDjinn Dat Hillbilly

    Nope its def messed up... They will need to patch this game quickly...

    a:B+K reads {A}:B+K almost every time... I literally cant even use yoshi without this move, I really dont want to go back to just doing 6K or flea66 enders...

    Why arent the combo threads open yet? I have combos to list...

    Also when you swipe across A then B then K quickly you get A,A LOL seriously namco what the fuck?

    How do I find shit like this in 30 mins yet you guys test for 6 months and cant find it...

    his iMCF brave edge is dumb as shit? whats the point 6B,A+B+K

    Believe it or not best combo to do off iMCF ive found is iMCF RCC bA

    iMCF, 66B, 2{A+B},66 is easy as well

    22K, iMCF, 66B, 66A+B is ok

    It doesnt look like we get launchers after all after iMCF :( so shitty...

    you can do iMCF 4k,B but I think if you hold for the UB in this one its easily escapable...

    UGH I only played an hour but this yoshi is going to take some getting used to... ( If hes even worth it )

    Without a:B+K I duno if I can even play him
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  19. Supa

    Supa [06] Combatant

    Hm. I haven't gotten an AA a single time. No idea what easymode iMCF is supposed to do.

    For another weird buffer, try Multi input BEs. Example: Xiba 6B K A+B+K. 6B and just mash ABK. The whole string comes out.
    Same with Yoshis 3AB BE. Found that out as soon as I brought the game home. :(

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