Yoshimitsu Matchup Discussion


[14] Master
This thread is for anti-stuff. Basically, gather what you know and help us Yoshis come out on top against *insert character here*

Editing day by day. Any contribution would be appreciated. Of course, I don't mind corrections if there's anything wrong with my posts.

Vs Yoshimitsu

3AB: 6K
214A: WR K/ 6K/ 66B/ CE~(hard)
3B: AA/ BB
1B (close to mid range): 6K
6K: 6K
2K/ FC 2K/ BT 2K: FC 2A/ 6B
6KK: 3B (only close range)
22A: FC2A (close), 6B (close range)
66B+K, A+B: Interrupt with BB
66B+K, A+B, K: 6K
6B+K(first and second hit): 2A, 6B BE
Running K: CE, 4KB, RCC3B
Flea K: 2A+B
Flea [K]: FC2K
Flea 66:4B/ RCC 3B/ CE
Flea 66(hit): 6K, BB
DGF A+B(on hit and block): 2A+B
SDGF K no recover: 66A+B, 4KB
SGDF K recover: 4KB
SDGF K Just frame recover: CE, grabs

Vs Leixia
-This is essentially a big list of bad news. You can mostly poke punish her good tools if at all.
-Yoshi's poor range really hurts his ability to punish even in situations where frame wise he should be able to
- Lexia's 22K-22k.A series is a true mix up. Seeing the proper option to block on reaction is very, very hard and 22k, A series is a combo in it's entirety even on NH which is ridiculous. Cutting it down is the best option. Learn to see the start up and cut it off before you even have to deal with it.
-Anywhere you can 3B you can CE remember!
-As a strange little oddity, if you jump into Leixia and let her ground pound move hit you in the air rather than break your guard you can immediately get up and 6K her instead of taking the guard break.
A, A, B- 6K
6{A}- B, B but impossible on reaction essentially.
66k/ FC3B/ 1A+B/ 2B/ 1A- MCF on 1st available frame
3B- K/ A (2nd whiffs) or a:B+K on 1st frame
1B- MCF 1B forces crouch so you have 2 frames to punish
4B, bK- 6B on quake block or jump and 3B combo.
6K- 6K
6K,K- B, B
FC2K/ 2K- 6B close
A+B- B, B
{A+B}- step or 4B+K 2nd hit and 3B combo
2A+B- 4K, B
4A+bB- jump 2nd hit and 3B odd timing or cut off with 8K
2B+K- block quake 6B or jump and 3B combo
B+K options- 2K cuts them all off but can be blocked if she doesn't attack
3B+K, B- step after first hit and 22K or 22B combo. Leixia can block 22K if she cancels 2nd hit.
WSA+B- 6K punish first hit and cuts off all options for follow up.
WSA+bB- if you read the GC move early enough, jump and 3B combo.
7_8_9K- A, A
66A- A, A
66A,A- MCF
11A- 6B/ CE
11A, A- if you block the 1st 8B cuts off following options.
44A- MCF
44aB- step 2nd hit and 3B combo
22B- K
66B, B- 4B+K 2nd hit and A, A
66B, B4- 22B if she throws out the auto GI recklessly. Other stuff may reach depending on range.
66B, bB- step 22K combo 2nd hit
22B+K, B/ 22B- 6B if close or A {2nd A whiffs}
44B- 3B combo
44B4- 4K, B
22B+K, K/ 22K- 6K/ CE
22B+K, kA, A.../ 22kAA... Crap- 4B+K after 1st hit and 3B combo
22B+K options- MCF beats all for CH or 2A also beats all
44B+K- 3B combo close
Sliding K-4K, B universal for all I believe
A, A BE- step last hit 3B
A,A BE K- block quake 6B jump quake 3B combo
CE- 3B combo/ CE

Vs Raphael
-He is very linear and easily stepped from a distance.
-He can be harder for Yoshi to punish at tip distance of his pokes.
-He is flamboyant and irritating.
-His Prep pressure is essentially shut down by 214 A and moves that step to his right. Even his Prep A and K can be Quick Stepped to his right (against A a clean step takes a bit of timing but 22B TCs under it while stepping with no timing required). 22_88B can punish big but against Prep B,B you have to delay the attack slightly or you'll whiff up close.
-His CE can be stepped just by mashing step during it's zazzy start up cinematic for Yoshi's CE as punishment or a backthrow. I stepped to the right but you may be able to step either way.
-His 6B,B BE and it's Prep variant cant be JG'd pretty easily for Yoshi's CE or a 3B combo or just step the last hit and punish with 22_88B.
-Step PREP pressure to Raph's right, Step CE to Raph's right, Step 6B,bA+B+K to Raph's left just before final hit and punish with CE or 22_88B, duck 2nd hit of PREP kA+B+K for easy punish.
A,B- 6B
1A- 6K
4A- 6K
6B,B- 6B
6B,B,B- 6K
B,B,B- 6K
3B- 6B
FC2K, 2K- 6B
1K- 6K
A+B- 6K if you anticipate A+B,A, 8K beats it.
8A- A,A
66A- MCF
33A- 6K
44A- 6K
22B- 6K
44B- 6K
33K,B- 6B
11K- 6K
44K- MCF
BT2K- 6B
PREP A+B CE / 6K close recovery ie back to wall
SE K- 2A close




Vs Xiba
-Some stuff is range dependant and you'll whiff at max but typically it's not much of an issue. Fiddle around with it to get a feel for it.
-3{B} REM options are cut down by 6B and A+K If you block the 3{B} at far range A+K will miss REM A however. A+K gives you wake up though!
-Annoying 6B, K and 6A, K strings are evaded by 4B+K for 3B combo.
-214A beats all of Xiba's REM options.
General punishment

A,A,K- This isn't a natural combo except on CH so you can duck the 2nd hit and punish quickly with 6K. It will both punish the whiff and cut off the K. If you block the K, punish it with 6K also.
6A- punishable by MCF but it's tight and the K follow up dodges it. Use 2A to cut off the K follow up if you're opponent has the habit of throwing it out.
6A, K - K is evaded by 4B+K for 3B combo and can also be interrupted by 2A if you don't have the life for 4B+K
1A- 6K if you're close. It will push you out of range typically.
4A- 3B combo. Also be wary of range.
B,B- It's safe on block but in between hits you can step to Xiba's right and punish with a tasty 22_88K combo.
B, [ B ] - 3B combo
3[ B ]- REM options are cut down by 6B/ B,B
3B,K- A+K interrupts and send Xiba flying! Pretty funny!
3K- 6K
3kB- 3B combo
FCK/2K- 6B
A+B- B,B
A+B,B- 6K. It will cut of the final hit of the string too so no need to worry.
1_3 A+B- 6K
4[B+K}- 3B combo
FC A+B- step 2nd hit to Xiba's right and pubish
7_8_9 K- A,A
33A- 8_9K. Depends on range. If you are too deep in you'll miss the kick if he does the 2nd hit. Either way the jump kick will punish a single swipe and also avoid a 2nd.
22A- A,A
22A,B- B,B
22A, [ B ]- 3B
66B- 6K
66B,B,B- 3B combo
22B- 6K
66K, B- 6K
66K, [ B ]- step to Xiba's left and punish with 22K combo
BT2K- 6B
BT B+K- 6K
REM- 3B > everything if you are fairly quick.
OTG A+B- RCC 3B combo
33A, A BE- 6K
Xiba CE- 3B combo

Just Guard

4 B+K- 3B or CE

Vs Dampierre
3AAA.....: BB
1A: 6K
3B: 3B
3BB(2nd hit can be delayed): BB, 6K(Back to wall. Perfect timing)
1B: 4B, 4K(for wallsplats and ring-outs)
3K: AA(perfect timing)
2K: FC 2B
FC 2K: FC 2B
BT 2K: FC 2B
B! E!: 3B
1K~FP: WR A, 4B, FC 3K, 4K(wallsplats and ring-outs)
WR K: 6K(perfect timing), BB
A+B~PB: 4K, 66A+B, Deathcopter G, 8B+K~A+B(AT)
2A+B: WR A, WR K
8B+K: FC 2B
88_22A: 6K, BB
44AB: 6K
66B~PB: 3B
33B: AA
33BK(This one is random): If mid, 6K. If low, 4K, FC 3K
11B: 3B, CE
66K~PB: 3B(to hit grounded)
11_77K~random PB: 4K
11_77KK~random PB: FC 3K
Run K: FC3K, CE, 4K(for wallsplats and ring-outs)
CE(Whiff GI): 3B(if far to close range), 1K(if mid to close range)

Vs Ezio
6ABB: 6K, CE(Perfect timing)
1A: 6K
4B: 44bB(Close to mid range)
WR BB: 6K(Yoshi's back to wall)
Jump B: BB
6K2: 4B, RCC3B, CE
6K2(if it hits or CH): 6K, CE
2K: FC 2B
FC 2K: FC 2B
BT 2K: FC 2B
A+B: 2A, CE(perfect timing)
22_88A: 6K
22_88AA: 3B(close), 4KB, CE
11A: 3B, CE
44A: BB
33_99_66BB: 6K
66B: 6K
11K: 6K
Run K: FC 3K, CE, 4K(wallsplats and ringouts)
CE: 6K, CE(perfect timing)

Vs Pyrrha
-Some stuff is punishable frame wise but you will often be pushed out of range such as 3B. So know when you can and can't punish.
- Remember that anytime you can punish with 3B you can typically punish with CE as it is a frame faster, range permitting.
3A- a single B will land. So take the single and play a 50/50 afterwards.
1A- 4K,B
1A, A- 3B combo
4A,A,A- 3B will interrupt the second hit on block to launch. If you block the string instead, treat it like 1A and 1A, A
4A, B- 6B or you can step the B to either side to punish for bigger damage.
6B, K- 6B
3B- if you're close you can poke with a 3K if you are really close, like back against a wall, 6K.
2B,B- 6K
3K,K- really close 6K otherwise step and punish second K.
2K- 6B very little in terms of block stun so your retaliation must be quick!
1K- 6K
B+K- MCF really tight as usual.
B+K, B- 6K
6B+K- A, A when close.
2B+K,B,B,B- 6K after any. Can block after 2 second hits on normal as well to punish any following Bs.
8B+K- catch it with Flash out of the air
8{B+K]- also catch with Flash out of the air
FC1B,B- 6K
33B- BB
22B-3B combo
22B,A- 3B combo wait till landing
22B,A,K- 3B combo
11B- B,B
33K- A,A
11_44_77K- MCF
44K,A,B- just 6K the A out of the air to cut the string off for CH damage
44K,B- also cut off with 6K
66B+K, A- 6K
66B+K,A,B- 6K also can duck A and interrupt with MCF for CH combo
BT2K- 6B
Angel Step A- 3B combo
AS A,A-6K, can Flea [B} after first A to launch for bigger damage
***treat side step variants the same
AS B- 6K
AS K- 3B but it will whiff as max range
4A,A,A BE- back step last hit and the punish with 33B, B+K
AS A,A BE- can step last hit to Pyrrha's left but it's quite tight. Safer punish is jump it with 8K
66B BE- quick step and back throw
CE- 3B combo

Vs Astaroth
-range as always is a factor you'll need to get a feel for some of your options.
-CAN NO LONGER STEP CE TO ASTAROTH'S RIGHT AFTER ANIMATION STARTS AND NOW IT'S MUCH FASTER. Fortunately you can really spam MCF on Astaroth for free all day and cut it off before it starts.
A, A- interrupt 2nd A with MCF or duck and punish of course.
A, B- step B 22K combo or interrupt B with MCF
3A- A, A
2A- 6B
6A- A, A. MCF or 2A will interrupt 2nd A for CH
1A options are slow and best evaded and punished. You can jump or duck the 2nd hit for essentially whatever punish you want. Blocking pushes you too far away but these moves are easy to see.
FC A/ 2A- 6B close
214A- 1st hit can be B, B. 2nd and 3rd 3B/CE and 4th, 5th and 6th punished with 6K or CE
33B/ 3B- 6K/CE
2B- B, B
1B- 3B combo
1B, B- 3B combo
6K- B, B
WS B/ FC 3K/ B/3K- A, A maximum closeness
FC K/ 2K- 6B
1K- 6B/ CE or interrupt A with MCF on CH
4K- MCF will punish and interrupt 2nd K. 6B won't punish but will interrupt K and throw follow ups!
4K, K- 6B
4K, throw- just holding guard will cause throw attempt to whiff and you can punish with 3B combo any moves that are TC will get interrupted for the throw.
2_8A+B/ A+B- if used at anything other than max range you can punish with 4K, B or 3B/ CE if close enough.
3A+B- 3B very close or CE from further
4A+B- 3B
6B+K- A, A
2B+K- 6B very close/ CE from further
FC B- 6B
WS K- 6K but A follow up will duck it. B, B/ 3K/ CE will punish and cut down A follow up.
7_8_9 B- 2A
7_8_9 A- B, B
66A- 3B. MCF interrupts B follow up but step options do more damage.
22A/22A, A- A, A punishes both
66B- B, B
11B- 6K/ CE. B follow up whiffs a lot and you can land 4K,B or 3B combo after he sails past you.
66K/22B/44A- you can land MCF on 1st available recovery frame if extremely close.
BT B- A, A close
BT2B- B, B
BT2K- 6B
66K BE- can step 2nd hit and punish or A+K interrupts! MCF will trade but it's pointless.
Vs Siegfried
-Sieg has a bunch of holes in his strings and mixups for Yoshi to exploit.
-Yoshi's range is a factor in some punishment but not as much as you'd think.
-The property description for Sieg's 2K series is labelled as SHIT in the guide haha!!! That slipped through some type of editorial overseeing....but it's true...
-33B shuts down 3{B} pressure. After a blocked 3{B} 33B evades all stances options and scores CH on K,K and A follow ups.
A, A, B- 6B, so many evasive options with this string. On block duck 2nd A and 6K hit punish and cut off B. MCF interrupts between any hits and the whole string is easy to evade and punish. If hit you can still step B to Sieg's left and punish.
A, A, {B}- If you have been forced to block the entire string and Sieg does enter SBH 2A or MCF will cut off all options.
a:G: {A}- punish with 3B combo/ CE
6A- very close B, B
6{A}- 4K,B has the range and speed to beat stance options and punish. So does CE if you can buffer it quickly.
3A- K
3aA- K close
FC 2A/2A- 6B
1A- 6K/CE
1A, A- 6K/CE 2nd hit can be evaded and punished with DGF B and or interrupted with MCF with very strict timing.
4A- B, B
4{A}- 3B punishes and cut down all stance options except SCH to Sieg's left. B,B / 3K cut down all and punish but for less damage.
B,B- 6K/ CE punishes and interrupts A. If B,B hits Flea evades A and allows a fully charged FL B for launch.
B, B, A- 6K/CE. 4B+K, B evades A for 3B launch.
B,B, A4- essentially anything reasonable punishes and interrupts stance follow ups if you read the transition early enough. 3B/6K/ CE
B,B,K- can duck K if B, B is blocked and punish with 6K
B6- MCF on 1st available frame
6B- 3B close/ CE further away
3B- 3B combo/ CE
3{B}- MCF cuts down all options
2{B}- MCF cuts down all options
1B- 6K close/ CE
4B- MCF very close
3K, K- punish with 4K,B/CE. Flea will jump 2nd hit and Flea be will interrupt 3rd hit or CH launch. Flea {B} can punish 2nd hit for launch.
3K, K, B- 6K/ CE
2K...- Punish blocked with 6K. If Sieg pushes you out of range and whiffs punish with 6K also if he continues to stomp nothing.
FC K/1K- 6B
4K,K- B/ K also you can duck 2nd hit and punish with 6K
A+B- K follow up is not interruptible but MCF will TC for a normal hit.
A+B, A- 6B
2A+B- 6K/ CE
2{A+B}- 2A/ MCF cut down any stance options.
9K- A,A
44A- leaves Sieg +2 but MCF interrupts follow ups.
44{A}- 3B punishes and cuts down all stance follow ups.
WS {A}- 2A/ MCF cuts down all follow ups
WS A, A- 6K/ CE. 9K will jump second A to punish and eliminate mixup potential.
WS B- 3B combo/ CE
WS {B}- MCF cuts down all stance options.
WS K- B, B
Vs Nightmare

-CE stuff as always is range dependant so check it out and get a feel for it.
A,A,B- can be interrupted with MCF at any point. 214 A will evade and punish 2nd A after the first is blocked.
A,2A- 6K/ CE. evade 2nd hit with FLEA {B} or FLEA K
A,2A,A-6B/CE/6K (close only) FLEA {B} or FLEA K will evade and punish 2nd hit and interrupt 3rd for launch.
6A- 6K
3A/3A, A-CE/ 3B(can whiff from range)
3A,2A- CE/6K. FLEA {B} or FLEA K can evade and launch punish 2nd hit.
FC2A/2A- 6B/ MCF for hilarity as Yoshi looks him in the eye and punches him in the face!
1A-CE/6K. FLEA {B} or FLEA K will evade and launch punish. All catch GS transition as well.
B,B- step to NMs right and punish
6{B}-3B/CE cuts down stance options
3{B}-FC 3K beats all options. Max range ads timing variable.
1B-CE/ 6B (whiffs at range) FLEA B or FLEA K evades and launch punishes!
4B, B- B, B. 4B+K evades 2nd hit for launch. Can also step to NM's left but timing can be strict. Evasion eliminates potential for stance options.
2K- CE(fast input)/6B/6K (close)
4K, K- can duck and punish 2nd or step and punish to NMs right
A+B- CE/ 3B combo
2A+B- 6K/CE
2B+K- 2A
WS B- 3B/ CE
WS {B}- 2A beats all options but NSS aB will cause a double whiff from which you recover much faster and can 3B or CE NM while he recovers. 3B can beat all options but the timing to TC NSS K is tight.
22A,A- CE. A+K can deflect 2nd hit if 1st is blocked. 6K if left close
22A, A6- can cut all options if read early with even 3B combo or CE
33B-3B combo/CE
33{B}-CE/2A cuts all options. 3B cuts all options but trades with GS K in Yoshi's favour. 6K beats all options but whiffs if NM does not attack from GS
22B-CE / 6B if left close
66K6- CE/2A cuts all options. 6K beats any attack but whiffs if NM doesn't attack out of GS
44K- if stepped 22A+B punishes
GS A- 6K/ CE
GS K- 3B combo/ CE
NSS B- CE/6K (will whiff max distance)
33B BE-3B/ CE can also step 2nd hit to NM right for slightly more damaging options.
Vs Mitsurugi

1A- 6K/CE 6K also cuts off 1A, B
4A6- CE/ 3B beats all options. MIST A+B will revenge 3B it but the follow up can be stepped to Mitsu's right for 22K combo.
B,B6- CE/ 3B beats all options. MIST A+B will revenge 3B it but the follow up can be stepped to Mitsu's right for 22K combo.
bA- 3B/CE
6B2 non JF- 2A close
3B- 6K/CE
kB- 6K/CE
2K,B6 HIT OR BLOCK- CE/3B beats all options. On hit MIST A+B will revenge 3B it but the follow up can be stepped to Mitsu's right for 22K combo.
BT 2K/FC K/1K- 6B
4K- A,A
4K,B- Yoshi can evade B with 4B+K for A,A
B+K- CE/ 6K close? 6B
FC 1B,B- CE or 3B interrupt 2nd hit
11A- CE/ 6B
44A- B,B
66B- A,A/ 2A. 2A punishes and cuts off delayed second B
66B,B- 3B/CE. A+K interrupts 2nd hit.
11B,A,B- Can pop duck 2nd hit and punish with 3B. Will also cut off third hit. If 1st and 2nd hits connect 3rd can be stepped to Mitsu's right for 3B
11B,A6- CE/ 3B beats all options. MIST A+B will revenge 3B it but the follow up can be stepped to Mitsu's right for 22K combo.
236B- 6K/CE
MIST B,B+K- can step 2nd hit to Mitsu's left and launch with 3B
MIST B,B,B- If first hit is JG then next can be ducked and punished.
3B BE- 2nd hit can be stepped either side for 3B/CE or 22K done early
2K BE- CE/ 3B
236B BE- 6K/ CE
MIST B BE- 2nd hit easily stepped for 22K combo or CE
CE- 4K,B/ CE
Vs Ivy
6A,K/{A}/ A,A- 2nd hit and be avoided and punished with 214 A quite late.
6{A}- CE/ 3B medium to close range
3{A}- CE/ 3B
1A- CE/FC B. If reacted to can evade easily and punish with FLEA K
214A- can duck and punish with anything is they are dumb enough to use it...
{B}- 2nd hit easily stepped and punished with 22K combo/ CE
bK- CE/ 6K
6B8- CE/3B
6B8, K- If predicted can evade and punish K with FLEA K
6{B}8- If 1st hit is JG can punish 2nd with 4K,B from medium distance
214B- B,B close
K,B,K- not that anyone is going to be dumb enough to use it, if you block the knee just 3B to cut off the rest of the string
22K/1K- 4K,B. Can be evaded and punished with FLEA {B}_K
A+B, A- 2nd hit can can't be jumped but can be avoided with jumping attacks.
6A+B- can be evaded with FLEA 6A+B/FLEA {K}/ 8A in situations that it cannot be backed out of. Also easily interrupted with 3B
1A+B- FC A. Can be evaded and punish with FLEA K
8A+B- CE/ 6K
8A+B, B- 4K, B
4A+B- after 2nd hit is blocked 3rd whiffs and you can interrupt with 6K
4A+B,B- 2nd hit stepped easier to Ivy's left for 22K or other punishment of choice.
4B+K- easily stepped and cancel fakes are very slow coming out.
FC {B}, B- 2nd hit whiffs and allows 3B/ CE
WS {A}- CE/ 3B
WS A+B,A- can duck 3rd hit and punish. Can quickly "pop" duck it and 3B
WS B+K- 6B close
66 {A}- can A+K 2nd hit
22A- A,A
11A- Can FLEA K_{B} to avoid and punish. FLEA {B} works from further distance.
44{A}- 3B close
22{B} series- CE/ 6K
44B,B,B- 4B+K can avoid 2nd hit and allows 3B punish
44K- FC B
44A+B- stepped to Ivy's right for 22K punish
44{A+}- must be stepped further to Ivy's right
44B+K- 3B/CE
44B+K,B- step to Ivy's right and punish
9B- B,B
8B- K close
1bA+B+K- can step 2nd hit to Ivy's left if done early

Vs Patroklos
1A- CE/6B/WS B. Can be evaded and punished with FLEA {B}_K
6B,B- A,A First 2 hits can be interrupted with A+K or evaded with B+K!!
6B,B,B- CE/ 6K
3B- CE/6K
3K,K- Can duck 2nd hit and punish with 6K/3B. A+K interrupts deflects 2nd hit. If hit while crouching 2nd hit will whiff and allow punish.
1K- 6K/CE. Though hard to react to, if evaded by FLEA can be punished with FLEA B_K.
A+B/{A+B}- Duck when shield glows and punish with 6K or if your timing is good 3B. Or step and punish with 22K combo or even CE if you're fast. MCF will cause crumple during reflect period also.
2A+B- CE/4K,B/6K close. Can evade and punish with FLEA {B}_K
8A+B- if left close A,A/ K
B+K- B,B close
WS K- CE/ 3B
WS K,A- 6K
WS A+B- 6K
22A,A- Can duck 2nd hit and punish. A+K reflects 2nd hit.
22A,{A} Can duck 2nd hit. MCF will interrupt 2nd hit. A+K will reflect 2nd hit.
33B- A,A
11B- B,B
66K- 6K
11K- WS B. FLEA {B}_ K will evade and punish
44K- 6K
44K,K- 214A will evade 2nd hit and punish. Can duck 2nd hit and punish. A+K reflects 2nd hit.
66A+B- MCF
44B+K- cannot be cancelled after started. if ever used against you, step and punish with anything reasonable.
214A/214A,B- CE/ 6K 2nd hit can be stepped for bigger punish
236B- 3B/ CE **regular and just have same frame data
236 K- 3B/ CE
1b BE- 4B+K if done quickly after 1st hit will allow string to be evaded and punished
66A BE- 2 hit can be stepped and punished to Pat's right
236B BE- 2nd hit can be stepped to Pat's left or interrupted with A+K
CE- 4K, B/ 3B is close enough/ CE is close enough

Vs Viola
- 33B or step BB is your friend. It will dodge the ball and beat out a lot of her pressure of spamming pokes endlessly.
-stepping from a distance can help if you dodge her 2A+B options you can punish with 22B or 22K from quite a range.
-If you hit her while she calls the orb it's not a CH... lame...
-3B can be blocked as a combo ender in many cases and has to be replace by 2K...
-orb summons are steppable
-JG can really do a number on her. Lots of 3B and CE opportunities.
-when close do A will TC orb recall and hit.

6A,A- 6K/CE. Even on hit is neutral so MCF will beat her options.
6A,B- Can pop duck it and land 6K but timing is tight. Duck it in anticipation of 6A,A and punish with WS B if they use 6A,B
1A- WS B/ WS K/ CE WS K isn't as damaging as WS B but put you right ontop of opp forcing a throw mixup on them.
4A with orb- A,A
3B without orb- B,B with orb has too much push back.
BT 2K/ FC K/2K- FC B
1K- CE/6K
A+B,A- 3B/CE
A+B,A,B without orb- 2A punishes and cuts off orb call
2A+B with and without orb- step and punish with 22B even from a good distance
8A+B- 3B/ CE just make sure to wait for the second hit.
4A+B without orb- A,A
66A,A,B- can duck 2nd A and punish with 6K. If you are fast enough to hit them as they attempt the 3rd hit, 6K scores 73 damage. You can step 3rd hit and punish with 22K to either side.
33A without orb- 6K. At max range use WS B as 6K whiffs.
22A- MCF
22A,B with orb- many attack can punish orb release up to 6K speed
22A,B without orb- step orb and pressure with mix ups. Nothing guaranteed....
44A,B without orb- 3B/ CE
44B- B,B
33K- A,A
22K,B with orb- if she releases the orb 3B can punish. 44K, B will also punish and be safe on block if she doesn't release the orb.
44K- WS B
66A+B,B with orb- 6K will whiff at max range...of fucking course...
66A+B,B without orb- 3B will also whiff at max range...OFC
Without orb A+B BE- FLEA K avoids 3rd hit and punishes
Without orb 44A BE- Can GI 3rd hit or use 4B+K to avoid and eliminate mixup.
Without orb 66K BE- Can step 2nd hit and punish with 22B/CE
CE- from a bit of distance 8A+B sails you far away to safety. Also a quick transition to FLEA makes you airborn not sure if that helps minimize damage potential or not. 4B+K can also evade with a bit of distance.

Vs Pyrrha Omega
1AA: 3B, 4K(for wall splats or ring)
3B: 6K(close)
2BB: 3B, CE
FC 1BB: 3B, CE
1K: 6K
B+KB: 3B, CE
2B+KBBB: 6K(close)
33B: BB
33_99_66K: AA
11_77_44KK: 6K
66B+KAB: 6K, 214A (TCs under the second hit of Omega's 66B+KBB).
Run K: FC3K, 4K(for wall splat), CE
NS A: 6K
DNS B: BB(Yoshi's back to wall)
NS B: 3B, 6K, CE
NS K: BB(if close)
CE: 3B(Close to mid range)

Vs Cervantes

aB- 3B/ CE
3A- 6K
1A- 6K
1A,B- 3B / CE
4aB,B- 6K / CE
B,B- K
B,B,B- 6K/ CE
bA- K range dependant
6B,B- A+K interrupts, can step 22K either side, can 4B+K 2nd hit for backthrow
3B- A,A / K from range
4B,K- B,B
6K- 6K
BT 2K/ FC K/ 2K- FC B
1K- 4K,B /CE
4K,K- can 4B+K 2nd hit for B,B
3A+B- 6K/CE
8 A+B- 3B
4A+B- 3B/ CE
2B+K- 6K
2 {B+K}- 6K . Can avoid and punish quake stun with FLEA {B}
9B+K- FC B / Can step 22K/ JG allows 3B
4B+K- B,B
WS A,B- 6K
WS A+B- 6K / CE
WS B+K- can actually punish with 22K not that it will ever be used against you. If they happen to do it by accident....
66A- Can A,A if close enough, best to try to duck it.
33A- A,A
22A- 6K
22A,A- FC B, can evade and punish string with FLEA K
11B- 6K /CE
214:B- 3B/ CE
214A- duck and punish with 4B/6K/3B...
214B/ 214 8_2B-6K
214K- 6K/ CE
214 {B+K}/ 214B+K- step 22K / CE
2146- if he dashes MCF will beat anything he can do speedwise TJ attacks not counting necessarily
6B BE- 6K / CE If you JG or step 2nd hit Cervy rings himself out from a long distance.
4B BE- JG gives CE / 3B
WS A+B BE- step 2nd hit 22K / CE
22A BE hit or block- step 2nd hit 22K. MCF/ a:B+K/ 3B interrupts 2nd hit. Useless BE.
CE- from point blank range FC B will land when ducked. Pretty damn safe CE.

Vs Maxi

-Maxi is left at a serious disadvantage if he tries to block after many techniques so the key is finding attacks that will both punish block and cut off his options from transitions.
A,A- 3B both punishes and cuts off all RC options.
6A- a:B+K/ A,A punish and cut off RO options.
3A- 3B combo punishes and cuts off all LI options.
1A- FC B
4A- 6K punishes and cuts off all options aside from BL A which it whiffs on but it's only 22 damage so it could often be worth going for. 2B will beat all options and catch BL A as well. If you are a bit late and 2B misses 4B,K will reach and beat Maxi's A,A
B,B- 2A punishes and beats all options. 3B punishes B,B but only a completely insane Maxi would use B,B with no follow up.
6B,4- 3B punishes and beat all LI options.
3B- B/K
1B-is safe but 2A cuts options aside from RO K which will jump it.
4B- is a trap nothing can interrupt LO B
2K,B- 6K /CE
BT 2K/ FC K/ 1K- FC B
236K 1 hit- 3B/ CE
236K multi hit- 6K
A+B- 3B/CE
A+B,G- 3B/CE punishes and cuts off all options
2A+B-4K,B/ CE/ 4B, 2{A+B}, 66 combo
4A+B- 2B/CE but will whiff range max range. 6K should hit on frames but you are left too far.
B+K:B: B:B: A- 3B/CE Given this is a series of 4 JFs, I can't believe punishable by almost anything. Even 4B
8B+K/ 2B+K- 3B will punish stance shift and cut off any stance options if recognized early enough.
FC 3A- 6K/CE punishes and cut of RO options.
FC 3A,A,A- 6K/ CE
WS B- 3B/ CE
WS B+K- move is safe but MCF/ B,B will cut off follow up options while remaining safe on block and safe from evasive BL A
RC B/8B- WS K punishes and catches all options from LO for CH. 66B punishes and will catch all options from LO for CH combo but clashes with LO B.
22A- gives Maxi plus on block if he transistions but ALL traps are EASY TO DEAL WITH. Step to Maxi's left and guard. If he does nothing after 22A 3B, if he does LI A it will miss respond with 3B, if he does LI K it will miss respond with 3B, if he does LI B guard it and 3B will punish and cut off LI follow ups. If he does LI {B}, continue stepping and punish with 22K combo. CE can be used in every instance here too with moderate speed. This is one of Maxi's main traps and is solved easily upon recognition.
22A,A- 3B/ CE
11A on block- 6K/CE punishes and cuts of BL options.
11A on hit- 4K,B will beat any options from BL and is safe on block if Maxi goes on the defensive.
44A- 3B/ CE
66B- FC 3K/CE
33B- A,A will punish but lose to BL A on distance. WS B won't punish but will cut off all BL options. 66B won't punish but will catch all BL options on CH. Trades with BL A but still allow 66A+B combo follow up.
22B- 4B/ 4K,B / CE punishes and cuts off all follow ups
11B- 2B
44B- nothing guaranteed. Can step RO B and K options for 22K punish to Maxi's right but RO A will catch you. RO A,K is unfortunately safe. 214 A will beat RO A and RO K options but lose to RO B occasionally depending on spacing. Stepping to Maxi's right beat 2 out 3 options, 214 A beats 2 out of 3 options. Figure out which trend your opponent is using most.
RO K,A/ 22K,A- 6B. A and K finishers can be GId with same timing.
66B+K- step to Maxi's left.
RO B- 3B/ CE punishes and cuts off all RC options.
LO B- 3B / CE punishes and cuts off RC options.
LI A- 3B / 4K,B/ CE
LI B- 3B/ CE punishes and cuts off all LI options.
BL A- if you are ever close enough 3B/ CE will punish
BL B- 66 B+K will punish and cut off options.
BL BB- 3B/CE will punish and cut off LO options
A+B BE- refer to LI punishment for follow ups. If they for some reason don't follow up 3B/ CE
LI A BE- 3B/ 4K,B/ CE
RC A, B BE- refer to LI punishment for follow ups. If they for some reason don't follow up 3B/ CE
BL K BE- Duck 2nd hit and punish with 4B combo/ CE
CE- 4K,B/ 3B/ CE if within range

Vs Natsu

-4A+B forces a true mixup. On block it pushes back too far to punish. And it's various cancel options make your evasive punish a guessing game. JG is the only solid way to score damage. This move is gay.

A, A, B- 3K/ B but 2nd B will whiff...
A,A6- 6K
A6- B,B
A:6- B,B
6A,B- B,B can step 2nd hit for larger punish. 214 A evades both B and K follow ups of 6A
6A,K- 214 A avoids K follow up. Can pop duck K for 3B punish.
3A- A,A/ a:B+K
1A- 4B,K/ CE/ can evade and punish with FLEA K_{B}
4A- WS B beats all options on block. B,B beats options on hit due to A whiffing. From range B may whiff and B+K will land on you.
B/B,B- MCF. Must be done on 1st available frame
B,B,K- 214A evades and punishes K. A+K deflects K and knows Natsu down if close enough.
B,B, 4A+B/ FLEA K evades and punishes 4A+B. Can step 4A+B to Natsu's left and punish with 3B. Can interrupt 4A+B with MCF.
B,B, 4A+B,A- Can duck A and punish with WS B or 6K. 6K is very tight timing.
B,B 4A+B,A (slow 4hit) version- You can still step the ground pound to Natsu's left and the A follow up will not track.
B,K,A/ B,{K}, A- 214 A will avoid K and punish. A+K will interrupt K. FC MCF will cut off A. WS B will punish ducked A.
B,K4- MCF/2A/6B cuts off all options on CH. 214A evades K and cuts off POS options.
3B- 3B/CE
2B- B,B
4B- B,B
K,K,K- B,B. 214A evades and punishes 3rd K. On hit can still block 3rd K and punish with B,B
K,K,2K- FC B. FLEA K evades and punishes 3rd K
6K- 6K
3K,K,K- B,B. Can 4B+K evade 2nd hit but 3rd tracks and forces you to block it anyway.
3K,K, B+K-2_8B+K- 3B/CE cut off wind roll options
2K,K- MCF cuts off 2nd K for CH very strict timing however. Can 4B+K evade 2nd hit for A,A but you are essentially trading life loss at par...
4K,K- FC B Can jump and punish 2nd hit with 9B or 8A for SDGF options
A+B- A,A. Natsu can block at max distance
A+B4-3B but whiffs at max range
6A+B- 6K /B,B punishes for less damage but covers POS options
2A+B- FLEA K evades and punishes of course
4A+B- can't be punished on block unless left close. Using jumping or FLEA to punish though 4A+B A would cut them off and POS transition may avoid them.
FC 3K,K- MCF can cut off 2nd K. JG 2nd hit for 3B.
WS A,A- MCF. If you hold 2 the 2nd hit will whiff but still leave you standing and you can land 3B to punish. The threat of the 3rd attack follow up must this less viable that it may seem however. A+K will interrupt 3rd hit after 1st 2 are blocked.
WS A,A,A6- 3B will interrupt all options if you react quick enough. You should already be thinking 3B to punish 3rd hit anyway.
WS B A+B options- A,A will clash and then punish WS B, A+B,A. MCF will punish WS B and hit follow ups for CH stun.
9K, A- 3B. A+K will reflect the K for knock down.
66A,B- 6K will punish is back is to wall to avoid push back
66A,B6- recommend 2A to cut off POS options due to speed and TC.
11A- If you block the dirty deceptive low, the 2nd hit will whiff and you can punish with 6K.
44A- K but it will whiff at max range
66B- 6K will punish if left close enough.
66B6- back step out of POS range
66K- 6K
DB K, A/22K,A- CE/3B
DB K, A6/ 22K, A6- 3B will cut off POS option if read in time.
DB K, A, B+K/22K,B+K- Wind Roll option can be cut off with 3B
44K,K- 6K/CE
POS A:6/A6- B,B
POS B- step to either side for 22K combo or JG 3B combo
POS K- 4K,B easier stepped to Natsu's right.
BT POS K- is safe but A+K can interrupt it easily. All other BT POS
POS A+B- stepped for 22K. If stepping to Natsu's right delay K or UB will still hit you.
Hover- all options stepped to Natsu's left and punished with 3B /CE
Wind Roll A- B,B
Wind Roll B-3B
Wind Roll B,B- 4B,K
Wind Roll B,B,B- Step and punish with 22K/CE
Reverse Mill Lightning POS K- can be cut off with A+K
66B BE- 2nd hit and punish with 6K or even CE if you're quick enough.
CE- If you're feeling particularly zazzy you can JG the first 2 hits and punish with 3B/CE if Natsu tries it up close. From about 1.5 character lengths away distance you can step and punish to Natu's right.

Vs Aeon
3A- B,B
1A- 6K
B,B,B series- can step between any hit and punish with 22K combo yikes.... Also just for info, you can A+K between 1st and second hit but it's pointless when you can step to either side and take a nice chunk of health.
6B,B- 214A evades 2nd hit and punishes. Can duck 2nd hit and punish with 6K.
6{K}- zero tracking. step punish with 22K.
BT 2K/ FC K/ 2K- FC B
1K- CE/ 6K
8B+K- CE/ 4B combo
1B+K- interrupt this really slow unblockable. Even 66A+B interrupts it.
4B+K,G- 66A+B / 2{A+B}, 66
WS A,B- 6K/ CE
WS B- K close
22A- 3B / CE
22A,B- CE/ 6K
44A- 3B / CE
44{A}- B,B whiffs max range.
66B- 3B / CE
66B, K- step 22B or if you're extra greedy, you can time 22K so that it lands just as he's standing for way more damage. press K just as Aeon's feet touch the ground.
33B- B,B
11B- FC B
44B- CE/ 3B
44B,A,A- can 214A 2nd or 3rd hits.
66B- 6K/ CE
33K- MCF
11K- CE, 6K. Can evade and punish with FLEA K
44K- 6K /CE
A+B, K- can step 22B or time 22K just like 66B,K string.
6B BE- Step last hit for CE for 22K combo
AB BE series- step and punish
CE- 3B/ CE

Vs Alpha Patroklos

ag:B- 3B / CE
agB- 3B/ CE
6A,A- CE / 6K
1A,A- 4K,B
1A- 6K/4B combo /CE
bA- 3B/ CE
1B- 3B / CE
6K- A,A
2K- 6B
2A+B- can only punish on block with 6B. You can evade and punish with FLEA K however if you learn to read it fast enough.
B+K, B,B
FC 3a:B/ FC 3aB- 3B / CE
FC 3B- 3B / CE
FC 3A+B- 6K but will miss it blocked tip distance
22A- B,B
22A,A- Can A+K 2nd hit. Can evade and punish 2nd hit with 214 A
11A- WS B. Can evade and punish with FLEA {B}_K
22B,A- Can A+K 2nd hit. 214A evades and punishes 2nd hit.
22B- 6K, CE
11K- WS B. Can evade and punish with FLEA K if spotted early enough.
44K- MCF
44B+K- B,B
BT B+K- 6K/ CE
BT B+K:B- A+K nullifies 2nd hit. 214A evades and punishes. Can step and punish with 22K
2A BE- CE/ 3B
FC 3B,B BE- Can JG 2nd and 3rd hit for 3B/ CE
CE- 3B / CE

Vs Algol
6A,A- A,A. Can duck and punish end hit with 6K will also cut off 3rd hit in string. Can evade and punish with 214 A if predicted early enough.
6A,A, B- 6K /CE. Can step 22K punish last hit. Can A+K 3rd hit if close.
3A/ A,A- B,B. Can A+K second hit.
1A- 6K/ CE
4A,B- pushed too far to punish with B,B but if 1st hit is ducked can beat 2nd with 2A or MCF
6B,B- B,B. Can duck second hit and land 6K/ 3B /CE/ 4B. Can evade 2nd hit with 214A
6B,B:B- 33B will evade and interrupt Algol's fastest retaliations after protectile. Other neat things like 9B+K will hop over. 8A+B will hop over. MED B will evade easily.
3B- 6K/ CE
33B,B/3B,B- B,B. Can 4B+K evade second hit for 3B/CE
1B- A,A close. K will land from a bit further than A,A
4B- 3B/CE
4B,A- 3B/CE A+K interrupts 2nd hit.
623B- 3B/ CE
6K,K-MCF. Can duck 2nd hit and punish with 3B/CE. Can evade and punish with 214A. Can interrupt with A+K.
1K- 6K/CE
4K- A,A
4{K}- duck 6K/3B/ CE
A+B- K close. GI balls stuns him into a lauchable state.
6A+B- easily interrupted or stepped to Algol's back for launch.
2A+B- techincally punishable by 3B or CE but being in range is unlikely. Projectile is jumpable with 9B+K/ 8A+B
4A+B- K close
214A+B- run under launch for 3B back launcher into aB+K, 2A+B,66 or CE
B+K- 3B/ CE/ 4B
4B+K- 3B/CE/22K
2B+K- can evade protectile with 4B+K and launch with 3B. Can evade and punish kick with FLEA K
8B+K, B series- 3B upon landing
8B+K, K- step and dash in for 3B
FC A+B- WS B can evade protectile in same manner as others
WSK,{K}- easily steppable for 22K /CE
66A- A,A
33A,B- 6K/ CE. Step 2nd hit for 22K
44A,B- CE/2B
22B- step 22K punish
11B- 6K/CE
11K- 6K/ CE
66A+B- can be stepped to Algol's left for 22K/ CE
41236A- Can be ducked for CE/ 4B/ 3B.
41236K- CE/6K
41236A+B-4K,B/ CE range dependant
41236A+B,B- can step 2nd hit and CE/3B/4B
4A+B BE- can 8A+B4 over projectiles to punish
2136A+B,B BE- Step 2nd hit and 22K/CE
CE- 6K/CE range dependant.

Vs Hilde

A C3- can A+K 2nd hit.
B C1- A,A if within range
B C3 ,A- If blocked you can punish with 66A+B
6A,K- A,A
6A,K,A- 6K/CE. Can A+K the 3rd hit to repel if close enough. Can evade and punish with FLEA K.
6A,K,B- can interrupt 3rd hit with MCF comfortably. Can step 22K 3rd hit. Can A+K 3rd hit if you delay to allow Hilde to get close enough. At closest distance the 3rd hit will whiff if you are ducking.... odd...
3A- A,A. Can't step but and early enough 4B+K will put you behind Hilde.
3{A}- can 4B+K evade and punish with 3B/CE
1A- WS B/ CE
6B,B,B- can duck and punish 3rd hit with 4B/CE
3B,A- can duck and punish 2nd hit with 4B/ CE
3B,B- B,B. Can step and punish with 22K
4B- can step and punish with 22K.
1B- 6K/CE
1K- 6K/CE
1K,K- A,A. Can 4B+K between hits but benefits are negligible.
A+B- 2B/ CE
{A+B}- Can step 2nd and punish with 22K. Steps seems better to Hilde's right. Can interrupt with MCF.
2A+B- CE/ 6K
2B+K- CE/ 6K
9K- A,A
22A,A- can duck 2nd hit and punish with 6K or CE if you are fast enough.
11A- 6K / CE
44A- B,B
44B- 4K,B/6K/CE. options are range dependent.
44K- MCF
3B BE- can step and punish with 22K to Hilde's right.
66B BE- can step and punish with 22K to Hilde's right.
CE- CE/ 4K,B/ 3B. Can QS G glitch during animation to evade. Glitching to Hilde's right will give you her back for different options.

Vs Z.W.E.I.
Punishing ZWEI

A Note on EIN:
When fighting ZWEI it is important to know what direction EIN is coming at you in. There are two ways ZWEI players will use to get EIN out - 4A and 3B. EIN can be charged to come out at different timings.

Ideally, I believe you want the opponent to delay EIN as much as possible. This gives you some extra time to recognise how to avoid the incoming attack, as well as providing interrupt opportunities by hitting ZWEI himself.

Yoshi has a great tool to make the opponent 2nd guess his EIN timings in his auto GI. It repels EIN in both vertical form (charged 4A) and horizontal (charged 3B). You'll also get some IFP charges to use at your discretion. Do this enough and the opponent will probably try to bait your GI with delays but that's fine - because now you can interrupt him. If you are paying attention to the move ZWEI used to charge EIN you will know whether you need to duck or step when he does make an appearance.

There is one EIN attack that isn't worth Auto GI-ing and that is (A). Duck 2nd hit if blocked the 1st.

One final note - ZWEI can be hit by deathcopter in a grounded state - so playing dead in deathcopter traps is not good for him. Use it plenty in this matchup.

Punish List:

6A (-14) -- B/K
1A (-20) -- FC3K, FC1KKK, 4KB (4KB 46 dmg, can punish tip range. Step-able to either side at point blank. Slow, susceptible to FLE or DGF stance punish of choice or 8A… which could be worth it because SDGF B can hit ZWEI grounded.)
3A (-17) -- 3B/6K
4A (no charge, -16) -- 6K. Not punishable at tip range.
3B (-16) -- 6K. Step-able either side.
1B (-13) -- AA
4B (-14) -- BB, AA
2K (-14) -- his 2k pushes you out of range for punish, 2A whiffs, as well as 6B
1K (-16) -- 6K, AA, BB, 2A (2A not at tip range)
4KB (-18, -16). 2nd hit comes out very fast so if you see the start of the animation, wait a few frames before punishing with 6K (first hit only you can 3B punish but not worth the risk, you'd have to confirm the 2nd hit wasn't coming in a tiny amount of frames).
A+B (-16) - 6K, 3K, single B, 2B. Be wary of range.. 2B best at distance, will punish anything but max. Difficult move to step (advances enough to catch back step).
8A+B (-11) -- iMCF punishable but difficult. A rare move. ZWEI has to be careful of distance he uses it otherwise 2nd hit can whiff and lead to big punishment. Also, if both hits blocked, the distance between you is identical as to before he did the move so you are within throw/mid mix-up territory with opponent at -11. Linear, step to ZWEIs right for consistency.
4A+B/4(A+B)(-24!) -- you probably wont see this much outside of combos, but on the odd chance, if it's not the full charge version you can punish with practically anything within reason. Charged version has a lot of pushback but 4B will still reach.
22_88A (-17) -- CE, 3B, 6K. This move can sometimes throw you out as you end up side/BT almost
44_11_77A (-18) -- CE, 6K, FC1KKK. No pushback so If you've blocked this you are in CE range most likely. You have to be able to block this on reaction. It is slow, FLE and DGF punishes also possible . Might have to be weary of where EIN is in relation to punishing this.
66B (-12) -- iMCF on block. A+K will interrupt with body hit if he is close because of the amount of space he is advancing by.
Dependant on spacing, you can also use 9B+K to either land on top of him or go straight over.
It is possible if the opponent is telegraphing the move to go into IND stance and use a cancel into throw just as the move is about to hit. It seems that cancelling gives you a slightly lower profile to evade this move. It looks pretty damn swagtastic if you pull this off.
However, I digress - the move is easily step-able to either side, just don't attack too early or it can track slightly.
33_99B (-14) -- AA
22_88B (-16) -- 6K, BB, AA
22_88BB (-16, -15) -- 6K, B, A. A+K Trades with 2nd hit. Depending on range used, the 2nd hit of this string can whiff even if the first hit hits. 2nd hit very step-able to ZWEIs right for a punish of your choice.
22_88K (-12) -- iMCF. A+K-able.
11_77K (-17) -- FC1KKK, WRB, 2B, 2A. Range dependent. Slow move, block/DGF/FLE-able on reaction.
66B+K(-24) -- CE, 6K, 3B. Step-able but as the move tech crouches do not use 22K. You cannot duck it but you can IND stance out of it if you predict it's coming and there's also enough time to go straight into IND K for a launch combo.
Because it’s so punishable though you may as just block it unless you're feeling fancy or protecting a badly damaged guard.
Running K (-22) -- CE, 4KB, FC1KKK
BT A+B (-18) -- too much push back, if you want to punish you will have to JG it.
214A (-14) -- BB, a:B+K, AA, 3K, K, iMCF
3aA+B+K (-17, -16) --6K, WRB, WRA, WRK, 2A, 2K. JG 2nd hit for bigger punish (not a hard JG at all). You will be ground stun if you get hit though.
CE (-31) -- 4KB if close enough.

3AA -- 2nd hit duck punishable. 214A evades, as does 1K - which if followed with 8A can lead to a 90+ damage meter-less punish combo with 8A, SDGF A and great oki. Can A+K either hit, mid string too.
4bA+B+K (-14, -8) -- This BE can be delayed and most likely will be, to act as a frame trap most likely. There are a few options:
- React to the delayed flash to time your just guard and punish
- If block first hit and spacing is ok, back step to whiff punish
- You can also side step to either side after first hit blocked on delay.

The non-delayed version is pretty obvious because the flash comes out before the first hit so just block both hits if they do that.

Vs Tira
Big Punishes:
JS 33_66_99A, A - 3B/CE
CE - 3B/CE if close enough, 4K,B otherwise.
JS 2A,B - 3B punishes just the same as for the complete string (below). Can JG the second hit if you blocked the first for 3B.
JS 2A,B,A+B - The A+B aGI doesn’t catch 3B/CE, so interrupt before A+B with 3B/CE. Can also 4B+K after the first hit for 3B. Can JG the second hit if you blocked the first for 3B.

Other Stuff:
1A - 2A/iMCF. Better avoiding it with FLE B, 8K etc.
JS 4A - B,B
JS 2A - 6K, but risky as she can do 2A, B.
JS 1K - 6K
GS 1K - FC 3K (6K will whiff, as her GS 3K TCs).
236K - FC 3K
4B+K,B - iMCF interrupts, or can sidestep second hit
FC K - 2A
GS 3A - B, B
GS 3A,A - A, A. Can JG the last hit (or last 2) for 3B. Can A+K in between the 1st and 2nd hit and then 3B (but bear in mind she doesn’t have to input the second A which means your A+K will whiff). This A+K also catches the BE version, which is otherwise unpunishable.
GS 3B/GS 33_99B - B,B
JS 11_77B - FC B
JS 11_44_77A, A - A,A
JS 11_44_77A, 2A - 6K if close
236K BE - iMCF
Updraft A - A,A
Updraft K - B,B

Vs Voldo
Punishing Voldo

None of Voldo's moves are 3B launch punishable. A lot of his moves have push back that needs to be taken into account.

On the plus side, a lot of his moves that are technically punishable (if not for push back) leave him at -10, -12 frames - and I do mean a lot of moves. If you can JG well, all of these moves not only negate the push back that Voldo has but provide enough advantage to 3B launch.

It's pretty essential to be able to block his strong lows (BT 2A+B, 2A+B, CR A+B) - all CE punishable.

the 2nd hit of his 66B BE can be stepped left or JG'ed with practice.

Callisto Rush BB (the online srcub killer) 2nd hit can be stepped right then 3B will interrupt anything coming after.

You can also work the push back spacing to your advantage so bear that in mind. In a lot of situations Voldo ends up putting himself at risk of counter hits or at the mercy of your own mix-up options because of the disadvantage he puts himself at even on safe moves.

Punish List:

aBBB (-12, -12, -12) Pushback too great for iMCF punish and all WR follow ups whiff. 6K also out of range, so avoid trying to catch a Voldo step as well after this. Move impacts in i23 so might be react-able with 8A, 8K, FLE

6ABA (-8,-10,-14) BB, a:B+K, AA, 3K, 6B, 2A, iMCF. Not punishable at max range. 1st hit can be A+K'ed. 3rd hit can also be A+K'ed but not mid string (i.e. first 2 hits must whiff). 1st hit high but not much use duck & interrupt with 2A.
Timing on 2nd and 3rd hit is good for an option select JG though so if you can JG the 3rd hit, the string becomes 3B punishable.

6AB(A) (-8, -10, -10) JG 3rd hit for launch punish. Pushback too much for iMCF.
3A (-16) Pushback too much, therefore only punishable on JG. Can be A+K'ed.
1A (-16) WRB, FC2B, WRA, WRK. 8A will evade but whiff if not close enough.

6B (-12) Too much pushback for iMCF. Use evade punish (A+B, 214A) or just duck it.
3BB (-12,-14) Again, too much pushback. JG to punish. However, you are at good range/advantage on block after this to fish for CH on 44A, 3B+K, 4B, bA (example, tested with Voldo following with BB, all of those CH his BB). 2nd hit GI Interruptible.

2BB (-10,-10) iMCF but tight/hard to do. Better to step 2nd hit and punish heavily with 22K combo. Can also interrupt with A+K but this can also clash and be beat if not timed properly.
2nd hit also easily GI'ed.

1B (-16) B, 3K, 2A. Safe at max range. Can step and punish with 3B, 22B.

6K (-14) Too much pushback. Fish for CH.
6(K) (-14) Same as above
3K (-12) iMCF close range.
2K (-14) 6B
1K (-10) Too much pushback, mixup/fish for CH

A+B (-15) 6K. Safe at range.
6A+B (-14) BB, AA, a:B+K, 3K, 2A
6(A+B) (-14,-14,-14) BB, 3K, 2A. Safe at range.
2A+B (-18) CE, FC1KKK, WRB, FC2B, WRK, WRA

B+K (-16) 6K, BB, AA, a:B+K, 3B, 2A, iMCF. However, beware (B+K), as punish options cannot interrupt transition. However, the transition into MCHT can be stepped and surprisingly, 22K will hit MCHT.

BT 3B (-16) BB, 3K. Only punishable up close.

WRAA_CRAA (-14,-16) 6K, BB, a:B+K, AA, 3K, 2A, iMCF
WRBB_CRBB (-13,-15) B, K. Step right to evade punish 2nd hit (22B). JG 2nd hit for 3B punish
WRK_CRK (-10) Safe due to pushback, can be A+K'ed, JG relatively safely (low damage, no stun) for 3B punish. Can jump over if close and attempt for back throw.
66A (-14) BB, a:B+K, AA, 3K, 2A, iMCF. Can be ducked, can be A+K'ed
22A (-12) More pushback, safe from iMCF

66_33_99B (-10) iMCF. JG for 3B/CE punish
666B (-10) iMCF, JG for 3B/CE punish

11_77K (-16) WRB, FC 2B

Running K (-22) CE
MCFT B (-26) 4KB

MCHT A (-14) Too much pushback, JG to punish
MCHT B (-26) - 4KB
MCHT A+B (-16) BB, AA, 3K, iMCF, 2A, a:B+K
MCHT 66 (-14) WRB

CR A+B (-26) CE, FC3K, FC1KKK, WRB - very unsafe. Jump over for ring position change or bait it out at ring edge for CE punish (very risky as this can ring out).

BT 6ABB (-12,-10,-12) too much push back, best option is to JG 2nd hit and either step 22K combo to evade punish 3rd hit or for a more riskier option, interrupt 3rd hit after JG of 2nd with iMCF.

BT 6B6B (-10,-12) too much push back, JG 2nd hit to punish with CE or 3B combo.
BT 2B (-16) BB (sometimes 2nd B whiffs), 2B
BT WJ BK (-14,-22) You can interrupt the 2nd hit with anything. CH 6K is a good option for 66dmg. If you react to the jump you can DGF to avoid 1st hit then air grab for 73 dmg. Can also step 2nd hit and punish with 22B. You can even evade 1st hit with FLE, 2nd hit with IND and A+K suicide from IND for 80 dmg.
BT 4B (-11) too much push back, need to JG to punish. Block and use space to advantage.

BT 2K (-14) 6B
BT WJ KA (-15,10) Lots of options. 8A to avoid and punish for 61dmg. Duck and punish 2nd hit with 6K for 55dmg (requires timing not too strict). Interrupt 2nd with with a:B+K to smash to ground and follow up with move of choice (2A+B66, etc). Can also step 2nd hit left.
BT A+B (-16) 6K, BB, AA, 3K, 2A
BT 2A+B (-22) CE at anything but max range. If expecting/no meter, can evade punish with FLE B+K B combo. WRB range dependent, FC1KKK also works.

66bA+B+K (-10)JG 2nd hit for CE/3B punish. 2nd hit can be stepped left (88 from P1 side).

Vs Devil Jin
AAB: 3B(perfect timing)
6AAB: 6K
1A: WR A, WR K
11A: WR A, WR K
77A: WR A, WR K
10 hit combo: 6K, WR K(duck 3rd hit)
46AA3B: 3B, CE(difficult)
22AA3B: 3B, CE(difficult)
6kB: 6K
2K: FC 2B
FC 2K: FC 2B
BT 2K: FC 2B
1K: FC 2B
11K: FC 2B
77K: FC 2B
4K: AA(close)
8_9K: 6K, AA
B+KB2K: 6K, WR K(Block 1st hit, duck the 2nd hit, interrupt the 3rd hit)
2B+K: 6K(perfect timing), BB
22_88B: 6K
66KA2K: 6K, 214A or 1K(block first hit then interrupt)
66KAK: 214A or 1K(block first hit then interrupt)
33{K}: 6K
44K: 6K(close)
Run K: FC 2K
623A: 6K, BB
623AK: 6K(Yoshi's back to wall)
623A2K: 6K
623K: 6K
623KK: 3B, CE


[08] Mercenary
Yoshi vs Natsu:

:A::+::K: = Amazing.
It will take some practice with timing and spacing, but usually Natsu's will use 66B to get in, and AAB to keep pressure. Both of these can be A+K GI'd. You can't really react with it, it's more of a predict, but that's why i recommend using only when the Natsu player is at a certain distance. Also 66B usually hits deep enough on the GI to put them into knockdown, which gives you an amazing turn around in offense.

Edit: Also, worst case scenario with doing A+K is you will eat a 66K or AAB. AAB not a huge deal, can't lead to anything more. 66K won't be that big of an issue if you stay on the ground a bit, since most likely the Natsu will try to setup ninjacannon afterwards.


[11] Champion
Pocky, thanks for being pro-active. Having an anti thread for everyone would be great, but a general discussion now works. Apologies for the earlier thread lock.


[14] Master
It's no problem. Feel free to edit my first post when everyone collects info on anti-*insert character here*


[08] Mercenary
I guess ill add what was in my Yoshi vs Pyyrha matchup topic.

You can punish 236B with 6K, and you can 4B+K after the first hit of 66B BE to end up behind them for a back throw or 3B launch.


[14] Master
I would guess that the same general principles apply. Punish with 6K, quick step the quick-steppables and launch with 88_22B, etc. []
I think we need to do trial and error quite a bit before we get any concrete evidence of how to play against Leixia for instance.

6K is great, but I'm pretty sure Yoshi can utilize something more like 3k, AA, and BB for instance.

@Red. Record your matches with this Leixia. I think a vid would help if you don't mind. That way, us Yoshi mainers can dissect it and figure out the best punishers and form a list. As for tips against Leixia? I don't know anything more except pretend it's Xianghua lol. We're counting on you.


[10] Knight
Is it just me or does Hilde give him a hard time. Did they beef up her tracking or does Yoshi deal with step badly?


[08] Mercenary
Just from what I've dabbled with in training, I'll post what is guaranteed on block against leixia specific moves.

A,(A) - need to be close for the second hit to connect.


B,(B) - second b whiffs

Jump K:

Sorry for such a short list. Seems leixia has a plethora of safe moves. Hope this helps as a starter. I also tested a little with yoshi's teleport against leixia's 3B+K,K, seemed to connect a back throw up close but only a side throw at a distance.


[09] Warrior
I'm having ridiculous trouble vs. ZWEI...I'm starting to learn where I can sidestep, but all of his combos that end with an EIN attack leave me too far away to punish on block (if it's even possible), and I'm never certain of interrupting because of variable delay (especially tough online). Best I can do right now is look for places to sidestep and high strings to crush with 214A. He seems to eat them pretty well, but one mess-up and it's a 7-hit combo with his BE and CE (and then possibly BE again, if the opponent has the meter...it seems to pick up whether I tech or stay grounded).

Any tips? []


[11] Champion
Be patient. I wouldn't be worried about punishing him if it's a string that involves EIN. Step when you can and use 33B B+K to get inside. From there, just apply pressure. Then be patient if he pushes you out again.

It's probably best to know where ZWEI can access EIN from as well so you can recognize the strings.


[00] Signia's Cheerleader
I always have problems with Asta (who I'm going to counterpick Algol against like a pussy at Final Round) and incredibly good Natsus. Hilde gave me problems before I learned how to step a few of her charges and bnbs. Anyone else having problems with that Asta matchup?


[11] Champion
Some general tips, since you weren't specific in your request.

- Know Asta's maximum range and punish with 66A+B when he whiffs. On that note, know which moves you can and can't punish when he whiffs. But, even if you can't punish him, getting him to block a 66A+B takes down his guard meter.
- Don't forget about 8A+B as a counter to all of Asta's step killers. Especially Asta's A+B (SCIV input. Is it the same in SCV?). On the other hand, don't get baited into 8A+B too often. Asta catching an air throw is quite painful. Which brings me to my next point....
- MED appears to be quite useful for closing distance against Asta. When an Asta player throws out a long range poke and you're out side of range, MED A_K can actually punish him this time around. Again, not something you should do randomly. Use it intelligently.

General tips here, too.

- Know her starting strings and when she's vulnerable. It's like fighting Maxi. There are certain points in her strings where she can choose a riskier, but more damaging option. You have to interrupt or punish accordingly. 2A, 2B, and iMCF are your best friend here.
- 214A is also your best friend. Natsu's can't help but rely on their AAs and step. 214A neutralizes both. Again, use intelligently. Force the Natsu player to adapt to your 214A abuse and then change tactics.
- Punish bombs with FLE K, DGF A+B or DGF K, DNK, 3B. Your greatest opportunities come when you're grounded and the Natsu player is slamming down occasional bombs and/or 1As.
- React to the UB with iMCF. Which is to say, be aware of the UB option. Alternatively, if you can't do it in a panicked state, 6B BE works nicely.

Sounds like you got Hilde mostly figured out. So, one tip I have is....

- Her anti-step, full charge A has two hits to it on block. You can A+K the second hit without fail. Your other option is to JG it. I haven't tested JG punishment afterwards.

Good luck!


[09] Warrior

-After blocked 4BB, BBB and AA , Maxi will go into Right Cross - 3K or 6B will beat all options out RC if you block and he transitions into stance.
-After FC 3AAA he goes into RO(even if he stops it early he will go into RO). 214A will beat all options even RO KK. However, he can cancel the RO and block the 214A before it hits him. At least its an option.

Ill post more as I figure it out.