Zasalamel combos


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My man crush on 6BA is official. It catches all but right tech after moves like 33B4.

What other moves might you be talking about? I don't find 33B4 all that practical... And whenever I do score a hit with it i go for 66B+K tech catch.


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33B4 stuff:
Oh hey I guess y'all knew about iWR B catching all tech...
8B catches right
A delayed 3AB catches all tech (catching back is kinda difficult, though)

I'd assume these'd work with 2[B+K] too.


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Evil_Zutus: Almost any techable KND. Like bK STN for example.

Been havin fun with 9G lately but I couldn't find much for Zas. All "catch" side techs.

bK/b:K STN late 9G back throw
CH 4B 9G back throw
22_88KK dash-in 9G back throw

All can be avoided by crouching but there's much mixup potential here.


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Eh, I don't like the term Lurk, makes me sound like a creep. I can't deny that I don't participate much though, so I guess I have NO CHOICE but to post more before I get labeled.


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Hey, I just started picking up Zas and had a question. I like using the 66A+B but in the forums here I see people talking about 66A+B4 and can't seem to tell what they are talking about. i tried it in training and didn't see much of a difference.


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66A+B4 = draw version of 66A+B.
In SC4, you can only do that after a succesfull CH 3B4 or succesful CH iFC_FC3B.
As the others says, 66A+B4 create an occasion to place a BT B+K (maybe RO)**
In SC BD, no need to palce it as a CH, just do 3B4 or FC 3B and 66A+B4
Up : Can you confirm it on SC4
In SC BD : CH CCB, 1AB (big bounce), 66A+B4 BT B+K = 114


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Sorry :

CH 66B, 1AB (big bounce), 66A+B4, BT [B+K].
Someone can test it on SC4 ?


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Of course it's a stun combo ;)
The main problem with Zasalamel is that :
All heavy damage combo are stun-shakable combo :s
I try many moves to set uop the 66A+B4 BT B+K

Here are teh starter moves

CH 1AB (1A blocked/whiff, B = counter) -> 66A+B4
CH FC 3B -> 66A+B4
3B4 -> 66A+B4
66B+K -> 66A+B4

Can someoen test is 66+BK and 66B+K4 are different ?

About 66B+K, the timing is VERY STRICT (I tried it on Hilde)


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Haven't seen this mentioned yet but I might've missed it. Off a CH 4B if you miss the JF you can tech trap with 6B,A. Catches everything except right. It catches all but right after his UB too. 44B+K, 6B,A, Back Throw-R.O. has to be an ego killer, and I just did it to a Mitsu ^_^. Has anyone found a near guaranteed use of b:K that doesn't involve a shakeable stun?


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hey ya'll i know this is an old thread but i may have found a new combo for zas.

NH FC 3B 66A+B4(character specific) BT B 66A+B/1AB

CH 3B4 66A+B4(character specific) BT B 66A+B/1AB

*1A will whiff on some characters. can set up a mixup because of 1AB

*i have only tested it on a few characters, so far BT B will not cause AC because they hit the ground right after

*on CH FC 3B, BT B will whiff or the timing is just very critical.

*84- 85 dmg. if mid armor is broken it is 90 - 91

*so far the only thing that will cancel the combo is a JF ukemi when 66A+B4 hits or a JF ukemi when BT B hits.

I need to test it on more chars


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The timing on this is very strict it seems. Still cool that you found something new after all this time. It even gives a use for 1A B :p


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The timing on this is very strict it seems. Still cool that you found something new after all this time. It even gives a use for 1A B :p

yeah on some characters like maxi and lizardman timing 66A+B4 for the relaunch is hard or needs to be at a certain distance and BT B must hit right after 66A+B4 any spare time can cause the window to be canceled.

it does more damage than 66A+B4 BT [B+K] which is 78 if i recall. whats sucks is that BT B whiffs on a CH FC 3B. then again on a CH FC 3B the 66A+B4 BT [B+K] is able to be preformed on all characters.