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Four New Characters Revealed!
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Last night, Namco had a press event in San Francisco. At this event, they revealed four upcoming characters for SOULCALIBUR VI. In addition to the expected staples of Nightmare, Xianghua and Kilik... we also got our first look at a brand new character: Grøh.

Since SOULCALIBUR VI takes place before other titles in the series, there remains some questions about a few of the characters in this trailer. Obviously with Nightmare and Kilik. Are Siegfried and Nightmare still one person? Is Kilik currently being possessed by the Kali-Yuga; though he appears to be wearing the Dvapara-Yuga. Screenshots to follow.

SOULCALIBUR VI now available for pre-order!

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While an official release date for SOULCALIBUR VI has not been announced, you can none-the-less pre-order the game from Amazon. Pre-ordering now will ensure you will receive the game as soon as it is released sometime in 2018. You'll also generate some revenue for 8WAYRUN by purchasing using the link we've provided in this post.

New Trailer from Playstation Experience...
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Yesterday was The Video Game awards, where SOULCALIBUR VI was officially announced for the current generation of consoles. Today however, was the beginning of the yearly Playstation Experience convention. During the event, they released a new gameplay trailer for SOULCALIBUR VI.

What we learn from this trailer is that SOULCALIBUR VI is set for release sometime during 2018... which of course means, in less than a year! In addition to that, we have some new gameplay which you can all try to break down and speculate. We will try to get more news to you as quickly as possible.
SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!
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SOULCALIBUR 6 was just announced at the The Game Awards.

No other words needed.

Soulcalibur.com is Gone?

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As of today, Soulcalibur.com no longer exists. It instead forwards do BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America's brand website. What does this mean? Did BAMCO take the website down because they are prepping a new website in preparation for an announcement? Or did they just ghost us?

There have been rumblings during the past few months about an upcoming announcement for the series... especially with the attention BAMCO was giving the series last year during it's 20th anniversary. What's happening? Only time will tell... Discuss.

Will We See Soulcalibur VI at E3 This Year?

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Another year, another E3. Another year where we wait for an announcement at E3. While previous years we've been grasping at straws, I think this year we could actually get some sort of hints of a new release. Allow me to explain why I think you guys should get your hopes up and why I think Namco has yet to abandon the series...

Firstly, depending on which game (Soul Edge or Soulcalibur), and which release you are talking about (arcade or console), we're right in the middle of what could be considered the 20th anniversary for the series. This can be seen with the the activity on the Official Soulcalibur Facebook all last year celebrating the 20th anniversary. If Namco had indeed abandoned the series, why spend the effort to conduct polls and keep readership alive on Facebook; a platform which companies primarily use for marketing.

But you may be asking: why have we been waiting 5 years? Traditionally, we get a new numbered...

SOULCALIBUR V and II HD Coming to Playstation Now

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The official SOULCALIBUR twitter account (@hoshino_calibur) has confirmed today that the PS3 version of both SC5 and SC2HD are currently on sale in the PSN store. They will also be available for streaming play on Playstation Now (at least in Japan) on April 14.

Playstation Now is a cloud based service that allows you to play older Playstation titles on your PS4. With PSNow, you should be able to play various PS3 games on your PS4, with your PS4 peripherals. I can't speak for the quality of this for fighting games, since fighting games are far more sensitive to lag than other genres... but it's been relatively successful for other types of games.

Harada Teases SOULCALIBUR VI on Twitter?

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Katsuhiro Harada is the executive producer of fighting games at Namco-Bandai. Take that as you will...

8WAYRUN is now ad-free for ALL members!

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So there was a time when this website needed advertisements to maintain itself. We tend to see a spike in traffic when a new game is released, so back then, the ads were actually paying to keep this site running. But now, with the lull in traffic, the ads barely pay to keep this website running; in fact, they only account for about 40% of this website's operating costs.

However, even though the ads aren't doing it anymore; doesn't mean this website is closing! Those non-forum sections of this website, the calendar, streams, media library, etc... are all add-ons I've written for this website and then have gone on to sell licenses for other websites. And those license sales more than enough pay to keep our home warm and cozy!

Because of this, I've decided to remove the advertisements for all registered members! If you log into your account here at 8WAYRUN, the ads will go away; they will only be shown to guests, as an incentive to get them to register and join our community. That being said, there are still advantages to becoming a Premium Member, such as username changes, animated avatars, signature images and more...

Guide: New Calendar and Event System!

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A couple of days ago, I disabled our old event management system here on 8WAYRUN.com. Some of you noticed, most of you didn't. The reason for disabling our event system was that I was working on a new one! There were several issues with our old one... mostly that it was poorly programmed.

This new version aims to fix many of the issues with the old one, as well as add several new features. This post is not only an announcement of the new system, but also a guide on how to use several of the new features.