Facebook Support Coming to an End...

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Yesterday, Facebook disabled our connected app here at 8WAYRUN. They claim we are "creating a negative user experience that is in violation of our Platform Policies". Naturally, that vague accusation doesn't mean anything. Trying to get in contact with Facebook about this returns canned responses which in no way give us further details on the problem. As Facebook, like many web platforms have no real customer service; it doesn't look like this problem will get fixed anytime soon.

As such, Facebook integrated features on this website, such as single sign-on may be broken. If you use Facebook to log into this website, please make sure your account has been updated with other login methods. Definitely be sure to add a password to your account so that you can login without depending on third-party services. If you are having problems logging into your account, please use the "Contact Us" form in the footer.
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

Owner and Operator of 8WAYRUN
Well, would ya look at that! Facebook, keep doing you!!! Whatever makes you happy! 🙄

That really stinks... thanks for the heads up, Jaxel.
Fuck'em*. They're just mad about how you nonchalantly walk in the rain.

* 'em = Facebook, not any 8WR users.

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