SOUL CALIBUR VI Ring Out Event + Exhibition Recap

Namco Bandai held a special event for SOUL CALIBUR VI this passing Thursday in San Francisco, California. Fortunately for me, I was invited to attend and compete in the exhibition portion of the event. Though there was no announcements, or any sort of reveal, we did get to experience more coverage on gameplay.

VOD of the entire Event stream can be found here:

More gameplay footage was recorded for the event. Thanks to Calibur player @Nyawu for providing the video below.

Here's some pictures of various SOUL CALIBUR competitors enjoying the event!

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Sean Ruben


Podcast starting soon (next hour or so) here...

Covering the event. Will include Hates and Ceirnian, and #1 fan GreatOne.

will be covering some stuff about the event/SC6 in the podcast. Anyone have some questions or things you want us to go over, post here. Would greatly appreciate it!
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Sure. It might be cool to discuss the reversal edge system. The chip damage on soul charge and soul charge in general as well as new stuff.

Something we discussed in another forum that would be sweet to bring up would be Geralt's two swords and how one sword is a silver sword to be used on like spirits or evil things or something. It is more of a tool than a two weapon style.

Still it would be neat to see him draw the silver sword vs Nightmare, Cervantes, and maybe Astaroth and Lizardman. Dunno but it seems like a cool mechanic.