More SCII Nationals Matches From Aris

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Yesterday, Aris uploaded the remaining matches that were captured from round one of the winners and losers side of the bracket at the Soulcalibur II National tournament.

These matches are without commentary, and some matches may be without sound, but are still worth checking out as I’ve never seen these matches before myself.
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Soulcalibur II Nationals Ep. 1 by Aris

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As we gear up for the release of Soulcalibur II HD Online sometime this fall, Aris has been producing content for people to become reacquainted with the game. His latest video covers his first ever recorded match at the Soulcalibur II National tournament held in Las Vegas on February 8, 2003, where he faces Misato in the first round.

I wasn’t around during the period when SCII was active, so I really enjoy hearing from the players who were around during that time and hearing the backstory to these videos. And if anyone else has details they would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments section of this article.
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Midland Warfare Schedule & Stream info
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Midland Warfare (hosted by mkl) will be starting this weekend in Lincoln, NE at the Holiday Inn Lincoln Airport. The event will exclusively be a Soulcalibur tournament on Saturday, October 12th, along with other fighting games on the 13th.

Expect to see great players from and outside of Nebraska fighting for first place and that lovely $300 SCV pot bonus thanks to mkl. The stream will be provided by IRM on his twitch channel, so be sure to watch!
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Summer Jam VII This Weekend! Stream + Schedule Info

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Summer Jam VII (2nd of the 3 majors presented by Big-E Gaming each year) is taking place this weekend in Philadelphia, PA at the Sheraton Suites Hotel! SCV is included in the line up, so expect to see a number of new and familiar faces from the East Coast in addition to a few outsiders. It's looking to be a great start to the upcoming saturated tournament season that is this fall,
so be sure to tune in to the streams!.
The Fall Classic 2013 Bonus Prize Poll - Vote for SCV!
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You have the power... The power to vote!

It was recently announced that OneFrameLink would be providing various pot bonuses for the new and upcoming major "The Fall Classic" taking place in Raleigh, NC, September 14 - 16. As if that wasn't already extremely generous of them, they have also announced that the remaining amount of funds (SSF4 and UMvC3 amounts are already determined) would be divided based on feedback from a voting system OFL created just for this announcement. SCV is included in this vote
so let's not waste this fantastic opportunity for our game and community!.

[Jul 23, 2013] "DeusMentes" The French Online Tournament

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Hello/Good Evening everybody! How do you do? I'm here to talk a bit about the French event, which shall be set up Tuesday the 23rd, called the "Deusmentes"!

The "Deusmentes" is an online tournament organized by the French community over at SCFR. 13 players (previous victors of a set of weekly FT10s) will be competing two single elimination brackets where they will face off against one another in a FT5 set. This event will be taking place tomorrow at 7:30 GMP (+1) and 1:30PM EST/12:30AM CST/11:30AM MST/10:30AM PST.
Be sure to check out the two streams available for the event!.
Kinetic Clash Wins EVO 2013 SC5!
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It has been a long and exciting day of gaming at EVO 2013. Whether you got to be there in person, watched the live stream, or just checked online occasionally for updates, today's tournament has held most of us captivated and eager for results.

Coming out of the losers bracket, passing Norcal's Manta in losers finals and winning two straight 4/7 sets against Signia's Yoshimitsu in grand finals, Kinetic Clash (Viola, Ivy) of Arizona takes home the victory.

Full results
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EVO 2013 SCV Side Tournament Stream & Schedule Info

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Hey all! EVO 2013 is just about here and I figured it would be a good time to centralize all the information about the upcoming SCV event.
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CEO, SCV by Cycom and Toronto SCV REVIVAL This Weekend.
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Hey, everybody! In case you haven't noticed or forgot a bout them, there are a number of events going on this weekend for SoulCalibur V that you ought to check out.
Here is everything you need to know about said events this weekend.

South East Asia Major 2013 (June 21st-23rd) Stream Schedule & Info

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SEA Major 2013(also known as South East Asia Major) is the final international Road to EVO event of the year taking place this weekend at the Alienware Arena in Singapore.

Brought to you by Tough Cookie TV, SEA Major 2013 will feature some of the best from in and outside the region in a number fighting games including SoulCalibur V. With players such as DM.MCZ ShenYuan, EVO 2012 runner-up DM.MCZ ShenChan, RZR Itazan and more, it will be an interesting event to say the least.
Be sure to tune in this weekend to catch some of the action!.