Final Round XVI Stream & Event Schedule

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We are just one day away from the start of one of the largest, longest running, and hypest competitive gaming events on the planet in Final Round XVI, taking place this weekend from Atlanta, Georgia beginning Friday, March 29th through Sunday, March 31st.

There will be three streams broadcasting throughout the weekend with Team Spooky handling the main stream duties again this year. The Soulcalibur V action will all take place on Friday with top 8 action being streamed by sixfortyfive beginning at 7PM Eastern. Make sure you tune in to the action.
Click here for the stream and schedule details.
SCTier: Pre-Final Round XVI Podcast
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It’s time for Final Round coverage! This is a very dense podcast this time round with guests LP, Hawkeye, HumanTyphoon, mkl, Woahhzz, and IRM with some later GreatOne action. What made this podcast so dense aside from the massive guest list are the topics covered. Besides the upcoming event we got a bit in depth concerning how the game is currently evolving, how high level play is presented and opinions on who is on the top of the game character-wise.

[Apr 26, 2013] Norcal Regionals (Sunnyvale, California)

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This year Norcal Regionals will not be officially holding a Soul Calibur 5 Tournament. There was a voting contest between SC5, DOA, and VF for which game would be put into NCR. DOA happened to win, so we decided to plan a side tournament in one of the bigger hotel rooms for Soul Calibur and VF.

We will have a dedicated stream station, commentators, the whole nine. This side tournament will be in the same hotel as NCR for your convenience also.
SCTier: Winter Brawl 7 Aftermath
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After an abnormally long wait, here is SCTier with the post-Winter Brawl podcast! This time we have the top three from the event, or in other words, kAb, IRM, and MTFighter.
Click here to check out the podcast and some of what's new from SCTier.

Videos From World Game Cup 2013

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A lot of people have been asking to see videos from World Game Cup 2013, which took place this past weekend in Cannes, France. If you happen to miss the Soulcalibur V action, you can now watch the direct feed matches from top 8 singles courtesy of WorstGiefEVER, as well as off-stream matches from various uploaders, and now the videos from top 4 of the 3 on 3 tournament and the 5 on 5 World Team Cup tournament.
Click here to view more videos from World Game Cup 2013.
Register For Final Round XVI
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If you have yet to register online for the hypest tournament in the world, then you still have a few days left to register for Final Round XVI which ends in 7 days. Online registration is still available. After the deadline, you will have to use the emergency registration on Thursday evening on March 28 or Friday morning on March 29.

There’s also still rooms left at the venue for those who have yet to book a room for Final Round. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your plans in order for Final Round which takes place on March 29-31 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Click here for further details for Final Round.
Help get SCV to CEO2013
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Jebailey, host of Community Effort Orlando, Florida's own major, has stated that SoulCalibur V will be a side tournament at CEO2013, provided there is enough support.
If you want to see/support SCV being held at another Major this year, be sure to take a look!.
World Game Cup 2013 Results & Aftermath
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The Soulcalibur V action at World Game Cup has concluded with lots of amazing matches that have taken place over the weekend that will be discussed and debated for some time to come until the next major tournament at least. Congratulations to all of the competitors who attended and to all of the staff who helped put on another amazing event.
Click here to view the results and discuss the aftermath from World Game Cup 2013.
World Game Cup 2013 This Weekend!
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World Game Cup 2013 in Cannes, France is taking place this weekend and as usual, is looking to be a huge event for Soul Calibur in Europe. Players from a number of countries in and outside of Europe will be in attendance, making for a very interesting and unique event.
If you're interested in viewing this event via stream, continue reading for more info!.
SCTier: Pre-WB Podcast
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After about a month of inactivity SCTier is finally back to provide the community with some pre-tournament coverage. This time we have the Northeast major, Winter Brawl with the veteran kAb as our guest. In the context of the current competitive scene this event can seem like a warm up, or a precursor to the upcoming Final Round. On the interviewer side of things there is Partisan, Jimbonator, and that one nameless desperado.

SCTier is currently getting back into gear and has things such as post-tournament coverage and other non-podcast media on the way. Once again, this project has massive potential and would love to hear any form of suggestion and feedback.

So without further ado, here is the pre-Winter Brawl podcast featuring kAb.

Offical Winter Brawl 2013 Thread:

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