Soul Calibur IV: Dark Powers of the Sith

As we need any more proof that Starkiller is broken XP.
Nice job on the video editing. Nice combos too. What's the name of the song btw? pretty badass.
Good work guys.
I'll pass this on to a good friend--- keep up your great job!
This shit is so badazz!


Dec 2, 2008 at 3:12 PM
Posted by ShenYu
Watch in High Quality or fail at life. DECIDE YOUR DESTINY.

Sith combo project.

Movelist Kararoke takes up a little too much space. Was going to change it but decided to just upload it so I can work on our next super sekrit super kool projekt.

HQ Download:

For benefit of people who keep asking (it's in the video lol), song is Disintegrate by Gravity Kills
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