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  • btw, me and my friend figured out 3a:b's timing so you dont have to mash. i meant to tell ya before i quit. they key is to press B right after the A connects. Delay by about a fraction of a secong your timing, or he'll simply swing A. The timing is just like 3b:b except slightly delayed. mashalook :D
    yeh like after regular 214B i sttarted doing B2 for pickup into 71dmg or extra in a wall combo pick up. I generally do this combos: iGDR, 22/88_B then 8A+K, 3AB JF into B2, wall combo etc. However if i TP behind the opponent and pull of tht iGDR combo, after the 3a,b jf i can get in an extra 8A+K before i have to B2 grab them. which comes very useful since it gives you about an extra 40dmg than the first version.
    yeh same like with 6A+B,B the jf is nothin offline but u have to mash b again like 5 times extra to get the jf online. same with 3a,b offline the timing isnt too hard i just mash B when i see the blade through his coat on the other side and thts my visual clue. however, online i have lotsa trouble buffering it but its my favorite combo, and iv pulled it off about 20x online this past week, but thx man cuz its helpful to kno coming from u ^_^
    i have
    L1-A+B(for appy)
    L2-A+K(appy jumps & cervy gun shots)
    and the rest is normal as far as a,b,k, and g go.
    baba im gonna need some help in consistently buffering that mash of a move FCA+BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB and 3A, B. i havent hit the FCA+B Guard crush but i can buffer 3A,B to pull off a few of your very damaging combos. However i'd like suggestions plz bro. O btw im working on my 3B:B jf and its hit or miss any tips like visual clues i could look for? Or maybe the time i should press B by to get the jf?
    trying to see that cervy combo vid and wondering HTF to did everything so consistently lol 3A,B is my favorite JF but u made it look so easy tho i kno ur using it as a Tech trap. iv only hit it once on KingAce
    Sweet, hit me up when u get the controllers down... seems like you were having hella hard time last night, lost all ur powas couldnt JF chit
    Yo I hear you gettin yo Ps3 tonight, just wanted to confirm this with you dont wana be getting all excited for no reason... XD
    tanhausser u can't fight his cervy it's too pro for human eyes...he only picks cervy when he feels the need for divine FC A+BBBB judgment
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