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    What are your landmark gaming moments?

    some of mine: -finishing okami, one of the best games ever -goldeneye n64 multiplayer sessions with four friends for months, owned everything -impressive and creative boss fights like kingdom hearts 2, mgs4 or god of war, shit still owns -buying consoles and games at launch, massive excitement
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    Video editing programs

    the good ones aren't free: ulead video studio adobe premiere windows movie maker (not sure if it can do it, but it's free)
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    Have a question? Ask here!

    also consider
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    Darkside Community Project

    i can see the start of something new and great. too bad only a handful participated. well, there is always a next time. good stuff from everybody. keep it up!
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    Sister's EWGF: What is it?

    nice one. answered.
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    ...Has To Be Bogus...

    that's all bullshit.
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    720p vs 420i

    very well answered.
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    What's the easiest way to unlock all parts?

    more than answered.
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    OK...I Had about enuff of this bullshit

    there is no real need for this thread.
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    Tekken 6 PS3 Discussion

    both games are equally bad during online. and with today's internet connection you won't see lagfree online fighting for a long time. live with it.
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    Soul Calibur 5

    just wait ppl-
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    Your wife and soulcalibur

    i have the EXACT same problem. what can i do..??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The single BIGGEST downfall of Soul Calibur 4. . .

    The single BIGGEST downfall of Soul Calibur 4. these rants don't help anybody...!
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    Manliest Characters

    rock. /WIN
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    Question for PS pad users

    the ps3 dpad is different, inputs are more difficult. i use a converter and a ps2 pad for fighters on my ps3.