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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    This is basically why I'm not sold on DOA as a tournament game. It's fun as hell for casuals though. And like Drake said I think playing it will help you be more conscious of reading the opponent in other games as well.
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    "SoulCalibur: Unbreakable Soul" Trademarked

    Dear my friends, I have regained hope.
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    VF doesn't have instant crouch. Considering DOA is somewhat based off VF, I'm not surprised it also has a crouch animation.
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    [Sep 21, 2013] Richard "WingZero" Warren Fundraiser Tournament! (East Point, GA)

    Will toss in a few bucks by paypal when the option becomes available. WingZero was always a player I enjoyed watching and he seemed like a cool dude from when I've talked to him. Rest in Peace. Your loss is felt even in Singapore.
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    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    I'm having a tough time being positive about this. Daishi halp save us.
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    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    I forgot to post this but: RIP
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    Soul Calibur 2 HD Wishlist

    Just give training mode a record/replay function and call it a day. You can't ask for SC2 then say I want SC2 BUUUUUT. SC2 was SC2 because it was SC2. Don't change it.
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    Talim General Discussion and Q&A

    Things to spam: 33A, 1A, 1K, 44K, 1A+B/FC1A+B, BB and I guess chain throw. The rest are of nebulous value compared to these tools (although a lot are good.)
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    World Game Cup 2013 This Weekend!

    Hahaha hahaha. Dat hubris. Go Japan.
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    Videos from Singapore

    Here's the Singapore vs Indo set as promised. They have some talented players there as well so do check it out.... or you could also watch to see random Singapore players wearing mechanised brain-reading cat ears. One or the other.
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    Soul Calibur V: Singapore vs Jakarta Online Exhibition Match

    10 vs 10 Exhibition between Singapore and Jakarta. Thanks to ISCC for helping set this up as well as Yusuf for commentary.