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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Dec 8, 2010.

By Jaxel on Dec 8, 2010 at 4:54 PM
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    You may already notice... 8WayRun.Com has been updated and completely overhauled! I think we can all agree that the upgrade to vBulletin4 a few months back was a mistake; it should never have been done and it did nothing but hurt this community. Thankfully, some new software has just entered it's beta stages, and it's already so polished that I'm taking the risk and upgrading our community to it.

    With any new software, there are of course some changes you will have to get used to. The biggest change you will notice that when you click on a thread name, instead of it bringing you to the beginning of the thread, it will bring you to the most recent unread post (as far back as 28 days). It will take a bit to get used to this, but before you know it... you'll be browsing other forums and wondering why the feature is missing! There are other small changes that you will figure out in time.

    The chatroom has been temporarily replaced with Mibbit IRC until Addonchat brings up support for XenForo. The Wiki is also relatively empty as I will be working for the next few days in converting our data to the new format. The Events RSVP system has also been completely overhauled... in which case, all existing event information and RSVPs has been lost. If you have an upcoming event, just make a new event thread, then send me a message and I will merge the old thread with your new one.

    You may also notice that "premium" membership has been disabled. I'm working on ideas for the new premium membership system that will give higher incentives for people to join... things like physical goods and prizes, as well as true motivators. If you are a current premium membership and wish to get a refund for overpaid months, message me. Of course, I ask if you would instead kindly chalk it up as a donation for 8WayRun.Com and let it go.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Dec 8, 2010.

    1. ShenYu
      Good shit!

      Down with that cursed vB4!
    2. Tyberius
      I like. But yeah, it will take some time to get used to. It's a lot faster too.
    3. AriesWarlock
      Hmm was there a problem with vB4?

      Jaxel, any chance to get a RSS feed for the media section like shoryuken's?
      To me it works great on google reader to keep track of new videos, I think it woul dbe great for 8wayrun too.
    4. Esura
      Its not bad so far.
    5. Jaxel
      seeing as how I wrote the media library script that is used on Shoryuken... yes, that will return in the future...

      As for VB4... it was GOD AWFUL. It got patched every week because of how buggy and insecure it was. And each and every patch would break the skin of the website. Not to mention it was slow and bloated. I'm so happy to be rid of it.
    6. Mandritti
      Does the site still have the tiny Main Cast image codes?
      If not, how can I use the images anyway? Thanks.
    7. AriesWarlock
      Awesome, thanks.!!!

      Oh, I see, didn't know.
    8. Hot Rod Dave
      Hot Rod Dave
      Love the new format! Feels A LOT smoother. Im just sick of seeing yoda at the top of my page and cant figure out how to change it...lol

    9. Tiamat
      I can't figure out how to edit posts and I can't find the soul arenas >_>
    10. Jaxel
      XenForo is still in beta... right now I have disabled post editing...

      Soul Arenas are exactly where I left them... as children of the Soulcalibur IV Tactics forum. I will try to make them easier to find.
    11. DmanXIIX
      I never minded the old format and I'm not one who likes to adjust to change but after a matter of minutes poking around I already love the new format good stuff.
    12. Digital_Doctor
    13. Hot Rod Dave
      Hot Rod Dave
      Someone tell me how to get yoda off the top of my 8wayrun pages!! Seeing him makes me wanna smash puppies with a brick!!

    14. Jaxel
      hold CTRL and hit refresh or F5
    15. Malice
      If you mouse-over a sub forum, you will see a menu of all of the child forums. I like that.
    16. ShenYu
      Hey edit function is back. What was the reason for disabling it in the first place Jaxel? I'm thinking about migrating to XenForo for my own forum eventually.
    17. Jaxel
      There is no transparency on editing in the current version of XenForo...

      No "edited on:" message... nor is their an edit countdown (as in, can't edit after 6 hours).
    18. JustKill
      Jaxel, what is the 'alert' box at the top right of the forums page, after logging in about?...
      and what are the 'trophies' that act as an award for?

      EDIT: ok i kinda see what they are for, though, is that for new comers to the site AND already existing members?
    19. Jaxel
      The "alert" box is your notification window...

      It alerts you to EVERYTHING (Except for private messages, that has it's own box). Someone quotes your post, it gives you an alert. Someone responds to a thread you are watching, it gives you an alert. You earn yourself a trophy, it gives you an alert... etc...

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